What is why is the fbi here? The history and origin of the dad F.B.I. memes

Hello Internet!! And welcome to behind the meme! Today we have a look at “ Why is the FBI
here?” Thank you so very much to each and every single
one of my amazing viewers who suggested this video. Your comments help shape this channel and
the videos that I make. So thank you for all Your love and support,
it means the world to me!! And the world means a lot! You guys wanted it now you have it!! Here !! We !! GO!!!! The internet… It’s a pretty cool place right? I mean Aside from the selfies, and annoying
people and needless opinions and identity theft and kardashian instagrams. Other than those things it’s pretty cool! It has more upsides than it does downsides.We
now have the ability where we have every single piece of knowledge ever known to man at our
fingertips! No need to go to the library. No need to pay attention in school. All we have to do is go to google…or bing
if you’re one of those weird people… simply type in any question or piece of information
we are curious about and in a matter of seconds we have our answer. When Im curious about how to make a paper
origami swan. Bam! The internet has my back. When I wonder when those weird bread tie things
were invented . bippity boppity boo. The internet comes through. 1952 by the way. When I wonder whether or not my penis will
grow anymore at my age. The internet has the answer And sadly it is
no. I guess 2 inches is gonna have to do. That last question I asked kinda leads us
to the “why is the fbi here?” meme Be honest. How many times do you ask google things you
more than likely wouldn’t wanna admit to others. I’m gonna guess pretty often..we all do!Damn
it frank…I don’t know who you are but I know damn well that there’s a frank out
there watching this video right now acting like he doesn’t google kittens doing the
macarena dance…you know what? Kittens doing the macarena dance was the first
thing that came to my mind for some strange reason but now I have to know whether or not
theres a video of a cat doing the macarena dance And the answer is yes, The internet never
fails! But…Sometimes it tricks us. You see many people feel that in this digital
computer age we have the ability to remain anonymous while online. Which is a key reason to why there are so
many trolls and lost morals when people interact with each other on the internet. But as we as a society have continued to evolve
and adapt to this digital world some of us tend to do or search for things online that
could get us in a bit of trouble. Now although many feel that they are safe
because they are anonymous on the internet.Time has shown that big brother is always watching! So those feelings of safety due to being anonymous
are false. Just because things happen online does not
mean we aren’t held accountable for our actions. The Federal Bureau of investigation, also
known as the FBI, is the domestic intelligence and security service for the united states
of America. Basically when you do serious shit, you have
to deal with the FBI and at that point you are effed…bee eyed. Nowadays more and more crimes happen online,
And when they do, you have to answer to the FBI. Thanks to various laws and political things
that I’m too stupid to understand. Legally the Government can monitor our activities
on the internet and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it But It’s really not a
bad thing. In fact it has taken many bad people off the
streets. It seems like almost every week the FBI raids
the house of a person who has child porn. Good riddance. These people are sick and need to be arrested…underage
girls? Seriously? Sickos.wait a second…whoah close one. Like I was saying they are perverts!! Arrest them! But child porn isn’t the only thing that
they monitor. Quick tip. Be very careful with what you type into google
the next time you go shopping for a pressure cooker. A few wrong words could lead to the FBI knocking
at your door. With all these elements at play it was only
a matter of time before the internet partook in some self deprecating humor and made a
meme out of the situation. First being created In february of 2017 by
the instagram profile @blaze.it.memes. Who posted a meme that portrayed quite a funny
scenario. As you can see he is currently on the google
website and a few of his past searches which are rather questionable can be seen in the
history. At the same time his dad is texting him asking
him why the fbi is at their house.Indicating that due to his prior searches he has been
flagged by the FBI and a raid has occurred. In The following weeks others created their
own variations that added a little bit of extra humor to the images by searching for
things that wouldn’t necessarily trigger the FBI to raid your house like the more serious
crimes would. The FBI element has also even began to be
remixed and changed in a variety of ways to add extra comedy to the punchline of the joke. Resulting in a humorous and highly enjoyable
meme, at least to me So there you have it!! Why is the fbi here started off as a question
a concerned father may ask his son who is up to no good before eventually becoming a
humorous meme that parodies the consequence of crimes that are usually pretty serious…
wait I need to search something real quick.. Awww Crap!! Freeze!! FBI!!!Get on the floor pervert!!! But hey thats the internet and on the internet
memes are keeng!!! Thank you all so very much for watching!! Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my
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never knew about before!! I’ll catch you beautiful people next time.

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