What is Nyan Cat? The history and origin of the popular internet pop-tart cat

Hello Internet and welcome to Behind The Meme,
today we have a look at Nyan Cat. Thank you so very much for all of the comments
suggesting a video on this here topic. This one is an oldie but a goodie! You guys wanted it, now you have it, here
we go!!! Considering that the website we are currently
using is YouTube, the pioneer of the ole classic cat video, it’s safe to make the assumption
that at least some of my viewers are cat people. To the others who are dog people like me,
I know that cats and cat people can be confusing but rest assured, the cat I will speak of
today is totally cute, totally fruity, and totally gangster. This furry & fruity little fella’s name
is Nyan Cat. Now for the longest time I had no clue of
how to pronounce its name I always thought it Nyan and then I thought it was neon, but
apparently it is Ne-en and Don’t act like you knew how to properly pronounce it either! You are lying!! He was created by a Puerto Rican illustrator
named Chris Torres. Chris first posted Nyan Cat on his art website
LOL – Comics all the way back in April of 2011. The concept of Nyan Cat was inspired by Torres’
cat Marty and my favorite breakfast food ever, the Poptart!!! You know, that breakfast food that taste delicious
and has the possibility of giving you diabetes before you turn 12, but it’s totally worth
it cause they taste amazing! I could easily go on and ramble about how
great pop tarts are but for the sake of not making a 9 day long video, lets get back on
track. Nyan Cat is a gif gif gif gif gif gif? animation of a cat fused with a pop tart flying
with a rainbow trailing behind him. 3 amazing things combined into one epic creation! God Is officially real! Torres uploaded the cat and thought it was
going to be just another animation that was seen one day and forgotten the next, but a
few days later , YouTuber SARA JUNE uploaded a video of Nyan Cat looping continuously and
paired it with the song Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! I think that’s how it’s pronounced by
the Japanese music producer daniwellP. The video is quite compelling and addictive,
so much so that a 10 hour versions of this loop actually exists Here’s a sample of
the cuteness that is Nyan Cat. The original video quickly spiraled into viral
stardom and was pushed to that point by being featured on the College Humor website and
even on the Tosh.O blog And As of making this video the original Nyan Cat upload has amassed
over 148 million views! Nyan Cat became so popular that it inspired
new fans to create their very own remixes and edits that range from action packed to
downright odd. I tell ya, Only in this day and age could
a fictional pop-tart cat become an internet legend. One might even say that Nyan Cat is almost
the Kim Kardashian of cats. But…. lets not insult a fictional character. They have feelings too you know? On the bright side this colorful critter has
been featured on multiple games for computers and smartphones and the deeper down the Nyan
Cat rabbit hole you go, the more it seems like people can’t get enough of this cute
little critter. On the Nyan Cat website you can pick anything
from a mexican Nyan Cat to a zombie Nyan cat to fly endlessly through space for your amusement. Seriously! This website is dedicated to counting how
down how long you can watch the cat fly and the longest known record is a whopping 3289
hours. I’d hate to see the PG & E bill for that
guy’s house. But Sadly as we all know nothing lasts forever. Except STDS In November of 2012, Chris took
to twitter to tweet all of Nyan Cat’s fanbase that Marty, the cat named after Marty McFly,
and the cat who inspired Nyan Cat, had died in his arms from a battle with Feline infectious
peritonitis. Now I’m not a veterinarian, but that sort
of sounds like the HIV of the C-A-T’s. Despite not being a cat person, it’s really
not hard to see the bond that these 2 clearly had and feel nothing but remorse for Chris’s
loss. In memory of his beloved Marty, He changed
the Nyan Cat’s animation on the website to a “Sad Nyan Cat” for the day. Which was the usual Nyan Cat but just without
his usual chipper demeanor. Even though Marty is no longer with us, he
will forever be immortalized and remembered as an internet legend. So there you have it, what started off as
a simple animation for shits and giggles, got looped together with a snazzy Japanese
tune, and became an internet sensation in the process that is a pillar of the culture But hey! That’s the internet for you and on the internet
memes are kiiiing! Thank you all so very much for watching. Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my
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never knew about before. I’ll catch you beautiful people next time.

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