What is Evolution?

This Miles was here of Stated Clearly was
made possible through generous donations by Bird and Moon Comics Incorporated ProofAvenue and contributions from individual
viewers like you. Stated Clearly Presents What is Evolution? In biology, the Theory of Evolution doesn’t tell us
exactly how life began on earth – but it helps us understand how life – once it came into existence – diversified into the many incredible
forms we see now and in the fossil record. It also helps us make sense of the way
in which modern creatures continue to adapt and change today. In biology, evolution can be defined as any changed
in the heritable traits (those are physical traits like fur color in mice spots on the wings of butterflies or instinctive behaviors like the way
in which dogs greet their friends with a sniff) within a population across generations. This definition can be a bit confusing so let’s see how it works all healthy living things from single celled amoebas to flowers to dolphins are capable of reproduction. We have children, we make copies of ourselves. We do this by duplicating DNA and passing that DNA on to future
generations. DNA is a chain like chemical stored
inside each one of your cells which tells them how to grow and
function. Your DNA contains coded information on how to build you. Tthe information in your DNA is different
than that of say a daffodils DNA, which is why you look and function
differently than a daffodil. The information in your DNA is
slightly different than that of Elvis Presley, which is one of many reasons you don’t
look a and act quite like he did. Single celled amoebas and other simple creatures reproduce by copying their DNA – inside
their guts – moving both copies to either side of
their body, splitting in two right down the middle and then growing back to full size. If all goes well the two new amoebas will be exact copies of each other. But in nature things aren’t always
perfect. When DNA is being copied, errors can occur which modify the DNA code. This is what we call a DNA mutation. These mutations, which happened completely on accident
and randomly to any part of a DNA
strand, can produce variation in the body shape
and function of the creature who inherits the modified DNA. In this case, our new little friend has an arm that
stretches extra long. If he survives long enough to grow and
reproduce that extra stretchy arm (which is now coded for his DNA) will be passed on to his children. Evolution: any change in the heritable traits within a population across generations has officially occurred. reproduction for dolphins and badgers
and people is a little more complicated. we have to find ourselves a partner. When to a badgers get together and you know…fall in love a sperm cell from the father which contains
a copy of half of his DNA – only half – combines with the egg cell of the mother which contains half a copy of her DNA the result is a brand new cell with a
complete set of DNA instructions all the information needed to divide and
grow up into a brand new badger the new child matures to be similar
to her parents but also unique because she developed some traits from her
mother’s DNA and some from her father her new combination of traits can be
passed on to her children and again Evolution: any change in the heritable
traits within a population across generations has officially occurred Besides the unique recombination of her
parents traits she might also have developed some
completely new traits of her own due to DNA mutations maybe extra hairy ears for example if she survives long enough to have kids her DNA will combine with the DNA of her partner and she’ll pass on those extra hairy ears to
at least some of her children again Evolution has officially occurred so there you have it evolution is really pretty simple scientists and normal folks everywhere witness evolution happening all the time small changes like the ones we’ve seen
here can add up over multiple generations to create dramatic changes if you were to go back in time just a
few thousand years you’d find that all dogs for example originally evolved from an ancestral
group of gray wolves the evolution of those wolves from generation to generation was guided by humans people were selecting wolves with the
traits they liked letting them breed and then only keeping the puppies with
the most desirable traits as time went on different breeders preferred dogs with
different features some selected from large size some for small size, some for brains others for brawn today wolves have branched out into hundreds of breeds very few of which look and behave much like
their ancestors a massive amount of observable evidence
from many different fields such as Genetics chemistry, paleontology, and mathematics overwhelmingly suggest just like all
dogs share a common ancestor all living things me, you, puffer fish banana trees, if you go back far enough also share a common ancestor we are literally related we don’t know what the first life form
was or exactly how it came to be but the simple process of reproduction with variation over billions of years looks to be responsible for all the
diversity of life we see today now you might be saying wait a minute,
hold on here – isn’t evolution random? To do something functional like turn a
wolf into an adorable mini poodle random evolution had to be carefully
guided by an intelligent dog breeder researchers claim that all mammals
evolved from an ancient shrew-like creature but the difference between a shrew and an elephant is far greater than that of a wolf and a poodle who guided that process? who was the breeder in the mid eighteen hundreds two men Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace independently
discovered that a breeder is not necessarily needed there is another force capable of guiding
random evolution to produce order and complex function they called it natural selection (Which happens to be the entire topic of
our next video) but before you move on let’s recap what we’ve learned so far: Biological evolution is any change in the heritable traits within a population across generations. All healthy living things can make
copies of themselves – but they do so imperfectly. Small variations can build up over
generations to create dramatic differences in the body form and function of living creatures. Evidence overwhelmingly suggests that
all life on earth is related. So remember – next time you invite family and friends over for a holiday feast you’re actually just inviting family! That includes the turkey, and the pumpkin in the pumpkin pie. I’m Jon Perry and that’s evolution Stated Clearly Thanks for watching our show, I hope you
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  • Evolution was created by a man on a drug trip. Thanks to the reality of DNA and something called Truth It has been thoroughly discredited by reputable scientists, however actors like Bill Nye and the media are still pushing it as part of their humanistic agenda.

  • My comments have been either deleted or moved back a couple of collumes for being critical.

  • damn i just came here to study for a bio test, and reading these comments are making me so annoyed lmao why is everybody getting so triggered. there is religion and there is science, God created everything, including science. so there yall go.

  • If people are jumping off of YouTube like rats off a ship I could understand .. it's becoming a literal waste of time…


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  • Fuck these videos. My teacher only plays these videos and it is so fucking annoying.

  • bruh this comment section is annoying af. i write one comment and i got 2 guys attacking me lmao, y’all nerds need to chill

  • A great 5-part series on the the History of Evolution, Explanation of evolution, Evidence for Evolution, and more can be found here:


  • How did single celled organism which had no gender, diversified or evolved into multicellular organisms with genders male and female??

  • If just normal reproduction having some dna copying errors creates a new type of living creature, then how come billions of human reproduction over thousands of years did not produce any new creature or slightly different creature from the humans??

  • Shame on sceince for promoting the zionist propaganda!!

  • Atheist have a blind faith in evolution, because they dont want to chain their lives with good as prescribed by the Prophets of God though the Prophets came to people with crystal clear proofs of miracles and religious books!! For example – Though the world saw the moon split into two halves, Atheists wont believe that truth , on the other hand evolution from one organism to another which has no proofs neither anybody has witnessed it – Atheist will accept it!!
    We religious people should have some sympathy for them!!
    Remember only evolution with the same species is proven, which even we religious men believe in — these atheist they mix the proof of evolution within the same species and try to put forward the idea that evolution from one creature to another has been proven!! Alas you dumb men!!

  • When you lived your life believing that humans came from 2 persons then hear someone talking about how species transform into other species, then you say oh that makes sense, then you know he was talking about evolution

  • I don't buy it

  • Your failure to believe doesn't make Lord is not there…
    One day everyone will know the truth for sure…

  • Macroevolution- The biggest hoax of all time.

  • At best evolution is a hypothesis there's no proof of anything people are assuming great changes because they see living things adapting to environment and different precious and their lives

  • The condescension and contempt in the comments section is indescribable.

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  • Evolution challenge the all entire religion..

  • How can something be random and precise at the same time?

  • Excellent explanation for my kids! Thank you!!

  • Thanking clearly…😁😁😁

  • Ok bUt, did u do the little soNg at 0:14

  • So basically every time you have sex with someone it's incest… oof

  • Can you please make a video about heredity and the development of are modern theory for explaining how it works?

  • For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world,[g] in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. 21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools.

    Romans 1:18

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  • i am related to every life form on earth

  • Why can't we all just agree to disagree? Listen with an open mind, acknowledge the other's point of view respectfully and enjoy learning about someone else 😌😇

  • Evolution is not real, your opinions don’t matter. Also anyone who says science is based on facts clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about it’s based upon theory and guess and check. Mathematics is based upon Facts, sure evolution and adaption are real, TO A LIMIT, we didn’t all come from a single celled organism and from a huge explosion, we didn’t come from a fucking whale or chimpanzee. We were put on this earth for a reason and there is no solid fucking proof we came from a monkey

  • Interesting how none of these drastic changes have ever been proven to actually happen.


  • Anyone else watch this in science?

  • if you want to prove that you are not ignorant then watch this video, and think about it, don't just dismiss it: https://answersingenesis.org/evolution/?gclid=CjwKCAjwwZrmBRA7EiwA4iMzBNRCm0hYIkwrdC2J4cAjngNzcvGX0PL5VB6oMD_rpuMbn_K4p5y_URoCi48QAvD_BwE

  • errors in this vid:
    Error # 1: At about 25 seconds through the video, he says: "the theory of evolution does not exactly say how life began on Earth" and it has been proven that life cannot form from non-life, and we all know that after an explosion no life is there, right?
    Error # 2: At about 3 minutes 55 seconds through the video It says that the definition of evolution is: any change in the heritable traits within a population occurs in Generations there was no heritable change in the baby badger, he got a little bit of his mother side and little bit of his father's side but there was still no change in the basic DNA of a badger. Generational traits changes within a species are NOT the same as actual DNA mutation that will create a new species. This is a QUANTUM leap without scientific basis to say that small changes like color or size within a species will result in a NEW species (never observed in science).

    Error # 3: At about 4 minutes 20 seconds through the video he says "Her DNA will combine with the DNA of her partner" Notice the word partner. if Badgers evolve from amoebas that means that amoebas could be their “partner” too, so why can't badgers have babies with amoebas? In fact, DNA is extremely tough, logically so. If not, we would observe a very bizarre world of constant mutation and the delicate balance of nature we see everywhere would be broken, leading to entropy and the destruction of complex life forms.

  • “We are related to bananas”🤦‍♂️
    You might have something with the pumpkin claim….Lol!
    No, you literally sound brainwashed.

  • Look up “the evolution of the peppered moth” if you want to see evolution in action.

    Mutations happen all the time, a mutation is faulty timing sequence in a gene

    mutations are NEVER a good thing for an organism

  • evolution is the fakest religion ever known and none of them admit it's a belief!

  • Errors (mutations) cannot accumulate to form the complex hierarchical interdependent systems which science observes in all living organisms.


  • Atheism + Evolution + Racism then add Eugenics that mixture = M U R D E R

  • @Still Fritz you are a perfect example of a little knowledge being very dangerous, first of all ape chromosomes fusing does not produce a human because the INFORMATION for an ape to turn into a human is not and has never been in the DNA of an ape without this info there can be no change of one creature into another like a tadpole turning into a frog or a catapilla turning into a butterfly the info is in their DNA for this change to take place and no such info is found in the DNA of an ape and no new info has never been observed being added as for chromosome 2 in humans well lets just say that the telomeres and the centromere info found there does not support your superstition that the fusing of chromosome 2 definitely prove evolution because it does not, because you say it does not make it so.

    ps. did you know 99% of mouse genes are found in human DNA so why didn't you guys say humans evolve from mice and rats.

  • The Trump blood line getting stupider ever generation


  • Is it normal that all my science teachers who teaches evolution are against it ?

  • An atheist will argue there is no absolute TRUTH then argue for the absolute TRUTH of evolution there goes the law of non contradiction…

  • Never mind evolution, for a person to believe that all life came from non life well that takes more "FAITH" than any Christian…

  • Can you all stop arguing? Who cares if you're right. You are not going to convince anybody of anything.

  • For all the athiests saying where is the proof of god. We are the proof.
    Take a step outside the box. Count how many fingers are on your hand, Look at the two genders (Male) (Female) Count how many eyes you have, Take anatomy classes or look it up. Look around you. Look a trees look at rocks. Study how the eyes brain works. Look at the sun the moon the stars. Look at people. We all have a special personality. Look around you guys Open your eyes.
    Genesis 1:1- In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. We have free will. We are not in control of what happens or this happens. God is in Control.
    You may mock him
    You may deny him
    You may blaspheme him
    You may hate him

    But one day You will bow down to Jesus Christ and call him Lord. Philippians 2:10-11: "that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

    God Created the all the creation for his pleasure. (Universe, stars, humans angels, other intelligent beings animals, worlds, elements, etc…) Revelation 4:11: “You are worthy, [a]O Lord,

    To receive glory and honor and power;

    For You created all things,

    And by Your will they [b]exist and were created.”

    Alot of people will hear the gospel but yet deny it.

  • Is evulution fake? Seem like it.

  • This is an explanation of “micro-evolution” only, which is the only form of “evolution” that is observable & true. Macro-evolution, where a pine tree is related to a human, is not scientific and also not true = a lie. It takes “faith” to believe that macro-evolution took place = a religion. “All living things being related” is what evolutionists believe and teach. You have to “believe” that those radical changes happened (a Protozoa produced a giraffe over “millions of years” – the secret sauce.) No one has ever observed this and ALL of the so-called fossil evidence for it has been proven untrue or hoaxes or gross exaggerations. Therefore, evolution (specifically macro-evolution) is a religion. You have to have “faith” to believe it’s true. You cannot observe an oak tree producing a mouse after a few hundred million years or an ape becoming a man. The truth is “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1. Discover the truth of that statement, and the rest of the Bible is easy to understand. I hope God Blesses You eyes to see the truth!

  • "…I go along with the view that there has been no really clear proof that speciation occurred via gradual mutation followed by selection." ~Denis Noble
    (source: huffpost.com/entry/replace-the-modern-sythes_b_5284211) Yeah, Denis. I go along with that view, too.

  • Darwinism, noun: an irrational belief in the illogical, unsupported and thoroughly unscientific notion that unguided anomalies in germline gene copying can engineer and build novel tissue, organs, organic systems, body plans, etc.

  • This clip is exactly what the bible states, that living things reproduce their own kind.

  • This video is to hoodwink fools. Explain how mammals evolved from reptiles and then how some decided to go back into the ocean.
    So they had to de-evolve, loose their hind legs to become whales, seals, walrus….
    It is a fact that there is a theory of evolution, but evolution is not fact. It is pseudo science. A lie.

  • always makes me laugh when the poor sap creationists insist that humans are the pinnacle of what their divine, omniscient and perfect God ever made. The human body os absolutely riddled with flaws and weird things that any competent designer would never allow, or even think of putting in. Our eyes, for example; it makes no sense for an animal that lives in air to have fluid-filled eyes , it causes all sorts of refractive problems. In humans the optic nerve passes through the retina, so we have a permanent blind spot. Lots of animal eyes don't have that at all. Evolution explains these things, but they are evidence against a creator or designer. We mere humans can already design and make mechanisms that are vastly superior to the eye in every way. Evolution doesn;t produce perfect solutions, only ones that work well enough. Moreover, evolution can't correct a flaw if it requires making something worse before it can be made better. To fix the optic nerve problem in humans you'd have to go back to a much simpler eye and start again, but that doesn;t happen because worse eyesight wuld be contrary to survival. It's much more likely that a flaw will be patched around with something else e.g. human brains learn to ignore our blind spot.

  • It’s all creation not evolution which exiting God out of the equation

  • This is called creation of Genesis

  • النظرية الداروينية و الالحاد مؤامرة كبار حكام العالم الخبثاء في الاستولاء على عقولهم و تظليلهم عن ايجاد الحقيقة باقناعهم بالعلم،، ولكن متى اتفق العلم مع المنطق؟؟
    اليس العلم من ابداع الانسان و نتيجة لتجارب حياته معدات صنعها بنفسه و حسابات اقنع نفسه انها صحيحة بالرغم من ان لها مئات الحلول!!!
    انا كمسلم احترم الجميع✋ و لكن حاولو اتباع حدسكم اكثر من عقلكم لكي لا تقعوا في الخطأ لان العقل لوحده لا شيئ

  • For those of you who like to believe or make comments that Christian are stupid, ignorant, uneducated, or brainwashed i give you Dr Ravi Zachadias, Dr Willam Lame Craig and Dr Frank Turek these are not ignorant men as you atheist well know christopher Hitchens when he was around never won a debate against Ravi Zacharias or William Lane Craig these men are very polite and nice to atheist that ask questions of them yet they are verbally attacked and called all sorts of vile and vulgar things which leads any rational person to ask the question (why are atheist so angry) because in these debates they are given plenty of opportunity to present their evidence state their arguments to prove their points but their flowers are still so angry, you think maybe you are angry at God?

  • Evolution = RNG times RNG times RNG …

  • These are facts not guessing

  • i came here for evolution of species, and all i got was natural selection and artificial selection? like thanks, i knew this already?

  • I am pretty amused how many people commented to show how smart they are by bashing religion because it is "anti-science". First, micro evolution happens, sure. Macro evolution, however, has never been observed and is really one of the most unscientific premises ever. If the evolution from nothing to us is a fact then there would be evidence. Every example put forward has already been thoroughly debunked.

  • Things were created according to their own kinds and just like we humans come from a common ancestor Adam and eve ,a hyena and wild dog may or have a common ancestor, salt water crocodile and Nile crocodile, things were created according to their own kinds -[ Genesis 1 verse 24-25 ] no where was man created from a fish or evolved from it, animals have not evolved into humans and will never, a cobra snake has been a cobra and will always be a cobra and never be monkey ,a monkey will have intimacy with its own kind and won't across with fish, dogs with their own kinds and not with a bird of any kind, human interbred with other humans and produce humans whether Asian, European or African because humans are of one kind, to have VARIETIES does not mean evolving, Adjusting to climate change does not mean evolving, creatures of all intimate with they own kind , Yes the Bible account is accurate and worth to be examined, it's logic, straight forward and teachable, it's very good. – Genesis1:24-25

  • liberals are atheist, you know sheep.that need people to tell them where to go

  • If l marry a Korean women and have a child with her does that mean the child evolved, evolution is a foolish idea to blind people to believe that people come from apes, 💡 it's been more than 6000 years and we have never seen a monkey or apes learn or speak like we humans, a 5 year old child is smarter than a ape by far beyond what a monkey could ever learn 💡 . If you take pop and put maple syrup that doesn't make it pan cake 🎂 ,it's still waste – trying to compromise the word evolution into a fact still doesn't correct the wrong idea ( theory) it carries .

  • Where were you all my life????😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Farming is evolution

  • Evolution it's only for animals

  • You should get a more acoustically pleasing recording room.

  • 0:21 did anyone else notice the word T-h-e-o-r-y?

  • You need to seek God

  • It's was very nice . I enjoyed it

  • Still doesn't explain how an an ape-like creature turned into a man overtime. it doesn't explain how we went from making random sound to speaking languages and how we have words for almost everything we see.

  • i cant find any scientific research about human selecting wolves to have dogs. Anyone?

  • Add this too: https://www.academia.edu/39903098/

  • If dogs evolved from wolves, why is there still wolves? Wtf

  • so ..human came from fish

  • "Science Confirms the Bible" on YouTube

  • Am I the only one became an atheist after watching this?

  • Please be my science teacher…

  • هو خرافة خرافة خرافة لا معنى لها

  • A mutation can pass to the offspring only if it happened in the gametes.

  • Too good guided

  • I think I saw this guy on Rudetube with a bird.

  • Micro evolution

  • very bad video yes bad bad me wath ali A he much bettter

  • Teaching all those Creationists one step at a time. We have a long way to go according to the comments xD

  • So there is no parallelism between creationism and evolucionism. They are discourses explaning different things. Why have they stated it as opposed ?

  • That information contained in the DNA is interesting.

  • Evolution is a fact and a theory. The fact being allele frequencies in a population of species over time. The theory is a body of multiple lines of evidence like fossils record etc.

  • Evolution real!!!!!!!!!!!

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