What Happened to Somi

what happened is so me you remember a contestant on 16 a winner or produced 101 a former JYP trainee and now what is she up to hello everyone and welcome to the what happened series where I talk about a k-pop group or Idol and in this video we’re talking about Jun so me so as I always like to do before we look forward I always like to look back the kpop world was first introduced to saw me when she was a contestant on 16 the JYP Survival showed that produced a new girl group twice jo sumi was one of the youngest contestants in 16 but she almost made it into the final lineup ultimately being eliminated at the final episode and so there we see so me alls debuting in the group that would become twice and of course we know twice nowadays as being one of the top girl groups so there was one opportunity for so me to debut but as we know that wasn’t it for so me we got to see so me again in the show called produce 101 in the debut season that would produce ioi [Music] produce 101 season 1 was the flagship to the creation of Iowa 101 and now isin the first season was a smash hit of course the premise is having 101 trainees from different kpop companies compete to debut in a group of 11 at the end of the show having producers aka the fans vote for their favorite to make the final lineup there we see so me continually ranked high every single week at the end of every episode and so the final episode where so me ranked number one and finished in first place of produce 101 season 1 and debuted with the group Iowa to appear to me as a program she’s a tumblr call young singers have to do something global I’m going without they all come on a moody way no no could you need cheese huh me Paula usually wants to meet up Vince I’m saying don’t do cuz we don’t copy this to be done Tony you’re saying being the first group out of produced 101 i oh i was met with a huge huge fans at a time when twice was still new and still growing iowa and twice competed around the same time on music shows and actually I oh I was giving twice a run for their money oh I was a very interesting group at a time having different personalities different different members that are good at different things you had so meet Tom Haas hey John kokin Yu jeong-ho young nyan Mina Jung Jung and of course so hey shadow tomorrow so hey she was so cute she started from the F class move all the way up man it makes me smile every time I think about soy anyways I was on contract to promote for only a year after debut and after that year was up all the members returned to their respective companies were they debuted in their own groups Chun ha of course debuting solo so hey pursuing acting sejong with Google Don Mina with Google Don coqui own web Kristen nayoung web kristen ujong way wiki Miki doyoung also with wiki Miki and Yong Chun with cosmic girls the only one that didn’t debut with their own girl group or solo was so me think about that so me being number one and ranked the highest in produced 101 and the most known didn’t debut afterwards she returned back to JYP where she was still trainee going on various shows and being more of a personality than an idol now this isn’t the end-all be-all yes so me didn’t debut with her own group but she was pretty young not specifically sure when but she was maybe like sixteen seventeen at this time and so when I was thinking about it I was like okay JYP thinking she still has some time to grow but it is at this time when I oh I was that is hugest so me was the most well known in the Korean public eye the face of the group the youngest of the group she had so many sponsorship deals and opportunities everyone know who so me was so that was the peak of her popularity that is when I would think that JYP would debut her you know strike when the iron is hot this is when we see so mean not so much Iowa is done it’s been close to a year since and she’s only been on a couple TV shows you know unease slam-dunk where she debuted with another group you know to promote for that show this is what I also think that it’s II was being formed and getting ready to debut could so me have been in it see or was she even considered to be a part of it see I think somebody could have easily slipped into it see either something happened that saw me didn’t want to join or that she saw another opportunity elsewhere that is where we see so me cancel her exclusive contract with JYP entertainment and leave to join the Black Label now some of you may not know what the black level is well the black label is kind of a sub-label of YG Entertainment and is led by the producer Teddy Teddy is the lead producer in YG Entertainment that produces a lot of yg artists big hits black pink big bang icon winner you know so yeah so me did sign with the black label but then people were thinking the black Lee was still new they don’t have many trainees if any yet so me joined and also think of this the black label only has a few artists under their roof zion.t the R&B singer occasion the rapper and now Tong saw me which seems like a ragtag bunch of artists in this label but that just only means one thing we’re gonna see somi debut solo now I know what you’re thinking so me solo is that a good match I thought about that too and I thought about that when I heard that Chung hua was debuting solo I was a bit iffy about it it was like Ken Chun ha really be a solo act and boy was I wrong [Music] jeonghye is now one of the top solo artist in Korea up there with Sunmi pay on like seriously tongue high is hot right now anyways back to so mean so it saw me planning to debut solo what is it gonna be like when you think of the black label it has are being rapped inspiration of course being under YG entertainment it seems a bit more grungy but think of that is so me really made for that these so me from produce 101 they stole me from IO I these so me from JYP so that is a question that I really have what is so miss debut gonna be like I have no idea but we are gonna find out really soon because sometime in February that is where so me signed with the black label and now we have a debut date the black label announced so me is set to make her debut as a solo artist on May 1st 2019 with a lead single produced by Teddy May first less than a month away if it doesn’t get pushed back soon we’re gonna have all our answers to all our questions including the questions I have in this video and somebody has a really interesting story and she is still so young she’s been through so many programs shows possibly debuting multiple times twice it see but now she’s solo I’m really excited to see what Sami does because her story is just beginning [Music] [Applause] yo that is it for me I hope you guys enjoyed this one I always wanted to talk about so me for the longest time because she has such an interesting story and she’s still so young I believe she’s only like 18 but she’s been through so much and I like that she’s kind of taking chances with debuting with a black label and I’m excited to see what she comes up with what do you think it’s so me making a good decision by debuting with the Black Label do you feel like there’s any other option for her let me know what you think and anything you think about the video down in the comments below let’s have a discussion and if you really enjoyed this video please get this video like if you’re new please hit that subscribe button and that Bell soo don’t miss a new upload in a new episode of what happened to if you have an artist or an out who you want me to talk about what happened to them let me know down in the comments as well I’m always open to suggestions and big thanks to my patrons making these videos possible you guys are so supportive and killing it over on patreon I’m so honored and happy that you guys are supporting me over there if you want to help and support me over there please head over to patreon and consider supporting as little as 2 bucks a month that’s it and why not 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