What did Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” really look like? | DW Documentary

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  • Enjoyed the opening motif √.

  • Leonardo man it don't sound son of man?

  • What is the start of last name is Dizon of man how's that ? I'm like tornado like how fast earth move?

  • Superb!👏👏

  • lovely documentary! i hope you guys from DW Documentary will make similar documentaries in the future or make docu's about historical figures as Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Beethoven and so on

  • 2 minute ad is not fair youtube

  • Background music is too loud

  • Why not just tell the world how the painting was performed in Hohenschwangau Castle?

  • wow 8.6.19

  • Really looked like? You would not know today it has been restored so many times you cannot see the original. It’s annoying and you have way too many commercials.. thanks for being greedy.

  • Mom:buys random expensive Jesus picture

    Me: sees last supper that looks really familar…..
    Looks closely at painting

  • More deception by the Masonic, Luciferian Catholic church. To start with that is no John, that is Mary Magdalan, and hidden in the painting is the baby of Mary and Jesus/Yeshua, since they were married at the time this painting was done. Mary and the baby are the Holy Grail. And Di Vinci belonged to a secret society to protect the secret of Christ, and that was the marriage of Jesus and Mary, and the baby. The right full Monarch. Something the Vatican did not want made public and did everything to tarnish the name of Mary, but now the truth is being revealed, and the original hanging on the wall in France holds many secrets.

  • What secret? There are no secret at all. Last supper is just only Leonardo's vision about the event, and however he interpreted the history of Jesus and 12 disciples. Leonardo lived 1.5 thousand years after Jesus and somehow we would say that he know "the real" story? Such irrelevant perspective.

  • Wow! Beautiful documentary!

  • I never see a documentary like yours, this way that you produce a documentary It's amazing. Thanks a lot BRAZIL

  • I would just like to say that he is wrong when he says that the Duchy of Milan was the most powerful city-state in Italy, in the 15th century. The Republic of Venice was more powerful than Milan, for sure. Their monopoly of trade with the east and their powerful oversea possessions meant that this Republic was an important state, not just within Italy, but also within Europe.

  • Has any ever thought, maybe it was Leonardo lack of a proper formal education that made him think outside the box?

  • Love this documentary! It was so splendidly done! Thumbs up!

  • i think keeanu reeves will be leonardo de vinci in movie

  • There ought to BE A LAW you have to prove what you KNOW AND SAY AND NOT TAKEN lightly by some people whom truly BELIEVE or know but then the Holy Bible becomes a real thing nobody can copy and just not a BOOK AND insanity is not a bad THING AS YOU OVERCAME AND KEPT GOD IN ALL THINGS IS POSSIBLE WITH TRUTH OF JESUS WORDS NOBODY CAN UNDERSTAND AND OH WELL.

  • I think Prof. Jean-Pierre Isbouts Freudian slip is spot-on when he himself describes his 'band-wagon' documentary as an "incredible" story, i.e., not credible, unbelievable. Released coincidentally just in time to cash in on the anniversary commemorations world-wide of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death, he tries to develop half-truths and conjecture into a fabricated tale of 'supposin', supposin'.. When he eventually shows the object of his affection (affectation) it turns out to be nothing new. Yes, it is a replica, a copy, another artists impression of the famous mural/fresco, but it is not a Leonardo original. Put the two side-by-side and do a 'spot-the-difference' comparison. You will find that essential details have been altered, or left out altogether, a cardinal sin when it comes to art-work analysis. There have been many of these imitations, made by those who wish to associate themselves with it and thereby gain from it. This one is well-known, has been a subject of interest over the centuries because of its use as a reference when carrying out restorations. But it is NOT by Leonardo. Isbouts does not even bother to provide irrefutable proof of his speculative assertion. Isbouts did not find or discover these copies. They have been known, and written about during those centuries. There are many 'experts' who try to profit by such idealised convictions, to gain fame by association. However it does pay not to be misled by them.

  • The 'Cenacolo" or "Ultima Cena" was Leonardo's Italian interpretation, not a factual Biblical version of events. He used his personal copy of the vulgate Bible by St. Gerome as a reference. The items he depicted, well, that's called artistic license, complete with bread 'boules'. Did they have wine glasses back then, as shown? Probably not. (Note how all the glasses have the same amount of wine in each? If they were not made of glass we would not know that. So Leonardo did that on purpose. It is up to us to work out what he meant by that well thought out detail). Of course, then there would have been no cups, which would make it very awkward and inconvenient for Grail hunters. Besides who was it, among these holy men, who had the fiscal foresight, the brainwave,- "well, if I take the glass that Jesus used and store it away for posterity it'll be worth an absolute priceless fortune someday? But, no, I'd better not, he's going to be doing transubstantiation in a minute and I'd better concentrate on that crucial historical event".

  • Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and mother Mary for giving us artist Leonard da Vinci and giving him vision of last supper of Jesus

  • Its devastating because no one in that painting was truly Caucasian!!!!

  • Tx DW for such compelling and mindblowing documentaries. Thanks from India

  • DW DOCUMENTARY is the BEST! Very interesting. Thanks for this precious knowledge about Da Vinci

  • 7:09 those "horizontal lines" don't match up with the actual physical lines and definitely don't all connect at s single point.

  • Sweetness!! I never knew! Thank You Very Kindly 👏💕😘

  • Loved it ❤️

  • is it just or does this guy sound like ryan renolds

  • It was obvious that he couldn’t read because the Bible gives a description of the lord and that’s a lie. Rev 1:14 KJV. Lies, lies, more lies!!! You always say it doesn’t matter so if it doesn’t tell the truth!

  • I have 1 question. So did the last supper really occur? Or was just an idea for a portrait?

  • typical italians….do a good thing in a shitty way in a shitty place and give no fucks, let it rot. who gives a fuck…sea, food, wine. va bene

  • 👍

  • One thing I find a little strange — we usually think of Holy Grail as a wine cup or chalice. Those are Not on the table.
    This is wine, but it is in GLASSES. I don't think Jesus and company had wine in clear glasses 2,000 years ago.
    In the 1500s wine glasses must have been common. So Da Vinci painted glasses instead of opaque cups.
    What do you people think?

  • No.theres more that you dont know about the painting was that da Vinci first painted the images in a complete details sitting without the long table.Adding the table after the final touch.Also da Vinci made to hang his hand tied to a line nailed on the wall to get a relax steady hand to draw.

  • i think it was funny everyone at that table was black not one was white.

  • italy dont exist at that time! so dont say all italy!

  • The Gnostic Di Vinci painting is today preserved in a Catholic Convent, for the reason that the truth of the painting looked at through the simplicity of the mind of Christ reveals it not to be the last supper as envisioned by Gnostic Di Vinci, but reveals the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" , with the lamb sitting in the center beside whom sits the Glorious Woman of Revelations 12, surrounded by the beloved Stars of her Crown., the first fruits of the Lamb, on whose names are the foundations of New Jerusalem, prophesied to come down from God , uncut by hand .

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    The matter is,
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  • Pizza and chips

  • It's like I am playing Assasin's creed Brotherhood 🤣

  • WOW, this Video was GREAT!!! Thank you, who would have known?

  • I really cannot understand why people give so much weight to what he knows about Christ.
    He live so many many many many many years after Christ . I don’t see how much clearer will he know about Christ as compared to us today. As an artist, yes. As a guide to Christ, no.

  • Wonder why the Bible didn't have art nor painting…flourtien artist it's weird that is 14 men at a table 1rst

  • can anyone tell me the name of the painting at 5:23 ??

  • That's a lot of ads…

  • That host has a different hat, scarf, napkin square, sunglasses, buttoniere or some other accessory literally every time he's on screen. Marveillyuck.

  • Anyone know What is the name of the painting @ 5:19

  • I am learning a lot from this documentary and by far I like to learn more about Leonardo Da Vinci.

  • The past is always fascinating and intriguing irrespective whatever the Country,People and Religion….

  • simple man i see Leonardo Da Vinci … I click………… i would suggest also watching "The Renaissance" in DW Documentary…………….

  • Reminded me of Andy Warhol's art "Factory". Nothing really changes but taste.

  • There's nothing permanent in this world.

  • Jesus and the apostles are Indians. Proof???

    There are no women in the painting, they're busy in the kitchen cooking.

  • Amazingggg….i had goosebumb…in some scence

  • The vanishing point thing is something that I experienced…. The first time I saw our teacher draw those 3d paintings… He said to copy that… But when we tried we could not… I was like why can't I make it look 3d…🤔🤔🤔.. Then he described the vanishing point thing… We had our mind blown… Now that I think about it.. I wonder how I didn't knew I was drawing in 2d…it's more complicated than it seems.. Ha ha.. 😅😅

  • This is really good and all but his Italian pronunciation cracks me the hell up…

  • What a documentary! No words to explain. Kudos to DW, their best film yet. Bravo!

  • Thank You!

  • 很酷

  • Lapis ground is a striking blue it takes me back to times I didn’t even live in!

  • This is what Arthur's sister has been up to after growing up….documentaries

  • And that is not in a museum in a glass case because…?

  • @39:30 such lovely british teeth

  • Only thing this picture shows is a racism, all white men eating in Africa. Really?

  • Narrorator: Or can we?
    0:39: Nah fam

  • 39:15 is this tuko from breaking bad.

  • just a painting and so much unnecessary drama.

  • ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍

  • 39:44 hahaha "What the f..resco"

  • This was awesome

  • Damn that was the shortest 42 mins ever…

  • The Last Supper is a gorgeous painting BUT only people in the 1st century knew what any of them looked like. Read Isaiah 53 written about 1000 yrs before Christ for a better depiction of what Christ Messiah looked like. NOT like any western art.

  • It's also the first atheist painting. As you notice, none have a halo around their head. This means the characters are devoid of any sainthood or divinity. They're human just like all of us.

  • The real drama in the story is not in the revealed of who the traitor was….but is that Jesus and the disciples used glasses for their wine….instead of earthen cups.

  • Well why don't we now scan the drawings and see if the computer can bring out the feelings of the drawings in color?

  • It boggles my brain to think people still won't acknowledge the obvious truth staring you all in the face that it's not Saint John but Mary who is seated to the left of Christ.So obvious it's a woman and not a man.  Evan today, religion gets in the way of history.

  • There are a couple of women present.

  • Rebirth with lies. Replacing truth with lies. Fact.

  • Israel is in AFRICA. People walked from Canaan to Egypt. Had not the "white" man separated the land by building the Suez canal.

  • I’m taking an art history class bc it’s required for me to graduate and at first I hated it but now I watch videos like this in my free time and I appreciate art so much more 😁

  • This frustrate me very much. our local churches is suffering with donation funds to maintain our local churches while Na Vatican is lasciviously spending ridiculously on their museum.

  • Nobody has made the connection that the Mona Lisa is the same woman sitting at Jesus' right in the Last Supper. Yes, it is clearly a woman sitting at Jesus' right in the last supper. It IS NOT St. John. It is clearly a woman. Could it be Mary Magdalene? Notice the woman in the last supper is NOT surprised as the other disciples are at Jesus' announcement that one of his disciples will betray him, but casual, with her hands clasped sitting on the table, showing no surprise or shock at all. Could it be because the woman has already been told this by Jesus and now Jesus is telling the rest of the disciples, thus the reason there is no shock or surprise in her countenance? And if this is the case, why would Jesus tell her first? Could it possibly be because she is the WIFE of Jesus?

    I can certainly see why Dan Brown wrote his famous book.

  • I would recommend you all to read The Da Vinci code. It actually sheds a new light on Leonardo's Last Supper, on Da Vinci himself as well.

  • Rome waited 70 years after. Jesus was put to death. Check for yourself, Then they went to Jerusalem and wipe it off the map. Killing most and enslaving. Oh after 500 year the painting was started. But first he had to get promission. That painting best please the top authority or you could be put to death. Now seeing the painting of the last supper is one painting MOST children see as they growing up. Get real.

  • If you have the guts, type in, Jerusalem 70bc. Most won't.

  • Answer:
    It looked just like the last lunch. They didn't have the variety of fooded we now eat.

  • Where are the real people. Were not they the so called negroe. White washing. Paintbrushes?

  • ( anghel na mistisong bato, star.) Pag na tutulog si kuya anrad ay pinapakialama nan namen na tingnan ang star na bato tutuo na pinakita ng mistisong bato ang pangalan ng sacristan na batang si bro.Felix manalo ng na ngaral ng ( iglesia ni cristo) ang mistisong bato na may anghel sa harap at ang ibat iba ang mababasa sa likod ng star na mahiwaga ay pinag tatalunan namen na pakilamero na baka madame ang star pi nalitan ni kuya anrad. Pero ang sabi ay tutuong isalang ang mistisong bato na star na anghel.

  • Mistisong bato na may anghel pag inilalagay sa katas ng appol na ( pure ) na katas na giging green.ang kulay ng star.

  • Well.. they have it in math now.. called linear function.. why leonardo

  • I argue that the Romans used linear perspective because it can frescoes that are Roman and they are 3D in perspectives

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