West Side Story – Prologue – Official Full Number – 50th Anniversary (HD)

[MUSIC – “PROLOGUE”] -Watch this shot, now. -Hey! -Shoot man! Go! Hey! -Yeah! -Yeah! -[LAUGHS] -Hey, dark skin, what
you doing out here? [MUTTERING] -[WHISTLING] -[MAKING KISSING SOUNDS] -[CHUCKLING] -Sheesh! -[WHISTLING] -Hey, chicky! -Hey! Hey! Hey, boy! Hey, Jet boy! [MAKING KISSING SOUNDS] -[WHISTLING] -Hey! Hey, Jet boy! -[CLICKING] -Oh. Jet, Jet, Jets! [MURMURING] -Hello? [MUTTERING] -Chicken. -Come on! [WHOOPING] -Ha! [CHATTERING] -Beat it! [CHATTERING] -Ha! [CHEERING] -Hey! -All right, let’s get
the shot now! -Ha! [YELLING] [? Ball is caught! ?] -Come on. Beat it! -Chico, Chico! [SPANISH TAUNTING] -OK, here we go. [CHATTERING] -Jets! Hey, Jets! -Let’s go! -[SPANISH] Come on! -[SPEAKING SPANISH] [CHATTERING] [SPEAKING SPANISH] -Hey, Jets! Hey! Hey! [WHOOPING] -Hey, hey, hey! -[SPANISH] Come on, Jets! Come on! [WHOOPING] -Hey, Jets! Hello! [LAUGHTER] -Jets, come on! [SPANISH] Hey, come on! [SPANISH] -Run, white boy! -Come on, boys! Huh? [LAUGHTER] Hey! Come on, man! Hoohoo! Woo! [CHEERING] -Jets! Jets! Jets! [SCREAMING] [POLICE WHISTLE BLOWING]

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