Wesleys Take the Web: A mobile-friendly history of the UMC

♪ [music] ♪ [Charles Wesley] Hey
brother, what are you up to? [John Wesley] Takin’ it to the
streets–or screens –Submitting to be more vile. [Charles] These days it’s viral. [John] Trying to pick an
Instagram name cause you know the worldwide web is my parish. [Charles] Oh,
that’s easy, Bible Moth. [John] You mean the nickname
people used to call us at college, cause they thought
we studied Scripture too much? [Charles] Yeah, that’s
right, or Sacramentarians, cause we liked to take
communion frequently. Like that’s a bad thing… [John] Those early days of
the movement were great. I love seeing the folks from the
Holy Club on our Facebook page. And to see how far
they spread the word past Oxford and England… [Charles] To think we
started so many years ago, and our “method” of fasting and
spiritual practices that gave us the name Methodists is
still part of our identity. [John] Going with Bible Moths. Now for a good avatar… ♪ [music] ♪ [John] Hey brother, let’s see how
smart this phone is. I was plucked from the burning
and here’s my burning question: SUSANNA…tell me about The
United Methodist Church today? [computer voice] The United
Methodist Church has nearly 7 million members in the U.S.,
and more than 5 million members in Africa, Asia, and Europe. [Charles] Nice. HOSANNA, how many United
Methodist churches are there worldwide? [computer voice] In 2016,
there were more than 44,000 churches
across the globe. [John] Okay, let’s
really stump her. RIHANNA, what does the
cross and flame mean on all those church signs? [computer voice] The flame
is a reminder of Pentecost. The two tongues represent the
Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist
Church which formed The United Methodist
Church In 1968. [Charles] I’ve got one. MARIAH, what Methodist
made history in music? [computer voice] Charles Wesley
wrote more than 6,000 hymns, among them “Hark!
the Herald Angels Sing” and “Christ the Lord
is Risen Today.” [Charles] ARIANNA, Could
you sing a bit of it?” (computer voice) ♪ Christ the
Lord is risen today, Alleluia! ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ [John] We need to get
our saddlebags in gear. I wish we could find a Twitter
handle related to our roots. [Charles] Remember that movie
that showed how circuit riders helped spread the church
across the United States? MARIANNA, play “Clayride”… [computer voice] Here
is a clip from Clayride. [Clayride singer] Now we have
our fussin and fighting and fits but we’re still called
United Methodists. [John] Ahh, yes…I like to
think about how we fight but we come together because we
want the same things… [Charles] …how we
worked to end slavery; and support workers, [John] … how we included
women; and stood for social justice, and
cared for Creation, [Charles] …responded to
disasters; and worked for reconciliation when we
hurt people of color. [John] We went from being
a Holy Club in England to being a global movement. And you can see some
of our social holiness on social media… [Charles] And whether we carry
a phone or a flood bucket or a holy Bible, we can still be the
hands and feet of Christ [John] And be a part of a
network that’s stronger than any digital platform. [Charles] True brother. And we didn’t even talk
about potluck recipes we can put on Pinterest… [John] Maybe later Charles.

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