Welcome to my Youtube channel on History within the framework of classical culture

Welcome to my Youtube channel on History within
the framework of the excellence of classical culture. Unfortunately, we were born and raised –all
of us– in an environment in which history is ignored, even banned, or relegated to a
kind of arbitrary fairy tales. At best, if we succeed in overcoming this
tiny level of ignorance, we cling to the pseudo-poetic and Manichaean versions of the events of the
past that we like most, versions that have been fabricated –in fact– for the sake
of Ideological interests. The ideological outbursts that spoiled our
love for History (with a capital letter) are basically two:
on the one hand, the eighteenth and nineteenth-century liberalism, that got us on our knees, in the
face of the fantasy that God doesn’t intervene in History. On the other hand, historical materialism,
that persuaded us that the human being and his historical achievements, are only moved
by violence and our digestive system. Thus we move from classic big history to tiny
history. But history is not that. History is a science whose material object
is Humanity, and whose formal object is its past in the light of written and non-written
documentation, and tradition. History is the pursuit of truth, of pure and
hard facts, whether they please us or not. That is to say, usually, when we compare our
pleasant historical fantasies to the pure and hard facts, the documented ones, our initial
bewilderment doesn’t help to put in question what we have been taught, and that has ended
by liking us: We reject the certain disconcerting by the pleasant uncertain. We are conditioned, almost, to put above the
solid truth, our emotions and feelings. Let us seize the opportunity to question all
those ideological fantasies in which we were formed, rather deformed, and question, once
and for all, these “modern” cobwebs. Therefore, in these audio-visual discourses
in three languages (english, french and spanish), And helped by one of the richest private libraries
in my country, we will attack against these myths and invite you to see History, with
the eyes of the perennial culture, the classical culture. We invite you to see Universal History and
ours, the homeland history, as an Integral History… complete. Without tearing out the pages that bother
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framework of the inexhaustible magnificence of classical culture.

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