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there’s also the adverse brought to you by
audible dot com different audiobook at audible podcast dot com slash p whitey every citizen u_c_ san diego found today’s
online blog that up to four hundred eighty five websites are using to basically tracked down your browsing history
okay and these aren’t just random websites the websites include pretzels in dot com youporn disaster scoop that and summer other very popular websites
uh… okay and i hear and look it was interesting about this is
it’s not just for insights as i mentioned trestles in dot dot com is one of them wired dot com is another one of them and the
reason why they’re tracking down your browsing history is to find ads that are targeted toward
you okay this is terrible okay email regular were leg in the world of like
uh… nonpoint right uh… then try to get the ads only you were
on pepsi’s website although that would never opin respect them and so they entered the
pepsi at the resume disunity seasonable in the waterworld interbase underfed so if you’re on the uh…
the u dot com before okay you poison the throw more midget ad that
you still have autism or mercy thing and you buy the midget whether they’re selling uh… but i cannot imagine award this invasion
of privacy a terrible invasion of your privacy because
it’s not like ape look at this information in an apparent
let’s let’s find accident targeted toward this individual some of these websites are
actually recording this information specific i can address browsing history house scary is that uh… because if they
can identify you through your brow of three-year i can’t rest and then look at your browsing hell but i think mister sequence uh… i agree within one well look if you’re poor eros in any legal
trouble and they can do you poor anymore well they can run a hell of a bribery business
paper i mean ransom it whatever you want to call or write blackmail business and they were right all right i_d_ dress number
three hundred eighty two it is of course i a few watched we could tell
your family and we tell you workers or you can pay us excimer now but i don’t think it’s
really happen but what is definitely going to happen and i what everybody get ready for
it is uh… everybody will know that when you not
absolutely now changes one hundred-percent right because think about it presence in as one of the websites that does
this how does press who can capitalize okay by outing celebrities whatever dpt drama
there involved in whatever’s going on in their lives if he can track of celebrities eyed
pea address and check out the browsing information and i think i’ve added celebrities are going
to present in dot com to see what he’s writing about them all decided that we know what idon’t
know uh… david to companies like you know meadow it’s look the thing is if you’re at
home when you’re in a town where you’re going to see if you don’t have to worry about it
for as are you going to chase you down go-ahead habitat bridget dot com uh… but the european anyway a public figure
uh… you’re done we’re gonna find out uh… reporter larry
king’s been watching you know and a matter of seconds but let locally
for larry fuzzy figured out the internet’s so the set buffet but everybody else gets the watch watch two
to five years the boom boom boom boom that on these stories in a pop up about all the celebrities and all the politicians
of all the planet and watching but the friend of mine as a practice for today knows a guy who speak the incredible web designer
guy can hack anything usaid all you know what your uh… here let me just gets on the other
computers that when we get some air my computers and even here is that of a sexist he doesn’t know what thing about his computer
he doesn’t know any access information anybody any hacked into his computer into one and
a half seconds uh… so forget the trackers you’ve got guys
like that out there you think they’re not gonna break in the you know britney spears
computer in et cetera et cetera okay i’m laurin not two years the fighters six
months the two years boom boom boom all these adversities and come out to the
point when i didn’t do their world with my did not
a bad thing to do with unix world for trespassing represent bias ebony watches
free people right statehouses get beyond now there are ways that you can protect yourself
and i wanna make sure that i clarified the this part of the story so it all depends on what kind of browser
you’re using as well so if you’re using internet explorer you’re much more prone to have your
privacy tapped into but if you’re using safari which is on most
max or if you’re using chrome google chrome which is on i think vista uh… the new software on most new p_c_’s you’re
fine okay it has always protect you against that yet ok movement if you can if you’re a savvy with computers to figure
out a way at least improve your chances that they don’t pakula decrepit rate but for us all school folks who are alike what israel browser now look at me like we said of the person
that website side we don’t know but elusive i don’t know how to this is all a drug internet
explorer it’s ok in go to this function in that function and ginger blouse q so i got no chance and whatever he had one of my house and fix
the computer recover and was our intern here is that it can computer
gene here’s the completed today but i uh… you know if you could probably had on your
computer we find it it would i don’t like how shady is present in for doing
that benches yet he said murphy but i just had an idea flat my would we want to have your computer but republican politician disaster to disaster was that he would go
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