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Web History It is important to maintain a Web History and Social Contacts in order to Contacts in order to streamline marketing. It is easier making new contacts when having a realistic snapshot of activity for search bots and AdWords. Clear Web History From almost every Google related account click the Profile Pic go to Click on the Profile Picture to click on Account. Google Accounts go to Data Tools go to View Account Data go to Re Enter Password go to Web History Click on Remove Web History. Remove Web History to restore defaults to Subscriptions and Contacts. Frequently, there is misleading information on our browser from one time searches or miscellaneous searches when trying to find new connection on Connect to AdWords Go To www.google.com/adwords and bookmark it. AdWords is not completely integrated into Google Accounts. It is possible to access from several sites through a provided link and easier to find by entering the URL. From AdWords click Tools to click Keyword Planner. AdWord Tools are free. The Keyword Planner is great for finding keywords and knowing keywords describe content. Sometimes slang and jargon has multiple meanings. After finding good keywords and saving them to videos or blogs, they become a method of building a database describing content through associations. Attach AdWords to Accounts YouTube Video Manager go to Channel Settings go to Advance go to Link an AdWords Account Click on Link an AdWords account. Analytics Admin go to Account go to AdWord Linking go to New Link Click on Plus New Link. Connect AdWords to Blogger or other websites through Analytics by assigning the appropriate AdWords account that shares the same email address in Webmaster Tools. Manage Contacts YouTube Video Manager go to Community go to Inbox go to Addresses View of Address Book on YouTube. Manage Contacts and Communities in gmail YouTube and Google Plus by Adding or Deleting Contacts. Manage Contacts in Google Plus by Leaving or Joining Communities. Make sure they are interesting. If they are interesting or similar to you, they build a foundation for finding more contacts with similar interests. Make another website for Friends Family who do not share interests and hobbies that are related to websites. It is also nice for Viewers and Readers who do not want additional information Clear Web History until noticing it is easier to find wonderful websites and be found.

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