WDC Teknofest 2019 – Representing Principality of Sealand! | MaiOnHigh

during the World Cup Turkey I have been
representing the Principality of Sealand and for those of you who have never
heard of it I have left a link in the description box so check it out how was event? well like most of them go a lot of fun socializing and repairs all right so we’re gonna switch it up a
little bit we’ve done the interviews with some of the guys and we’re gonna
bring on a lady and I think all of you know who she is that means Lexie so tell
us a little bit about yourself Lexie name is Lexie Janson AKA MaiOnHigh and I’ve been flying since 2014 and mostly here to make a video have fun and keep everyone smiling you know? so you were here last year WDC and this year’s well what do you think about the
event this year? I think it’s better organized I remember last year we were
having one day where we really flew like one LiPo and I was having a pillow from
my hotel and I was sleeping underneath the table people are making pictures of that I told ya I’m here to make people smile yeah you always do so how is your runs today? oh I actually crashed into one of the tunnels and I destroyed one of the motor it’s
not spinning at all I was just going like you know: “oh yeah it’s going so… oh Jesus!” so how many cause do you have left? em… one ok I hope you keep that quad in good good
condition god be with you you know all the luck be with you all the forces in
an nature with you so apart from that who is your favorite… who’s your favorite
contender just or maybe a few favorite pilots this year? Oh God that’s tough choices all of them are my friends you know? so I cannot say
because one of them will watch it and then they will be like *face* So… mention all of them Oh God there’s like 60 pilots man!
I’m rooting for everyone! Very nice, very politically correct So one last question would you like to come
back to WBC next year? Of course. It’s really cool Radikal: all right Thank You Lexie
Lexie: Thank You! But – at the end of the day there is always
time to relax and do something different and this is what I love racing for… now we’re going to a little bit of beer and food so You so cute! one year ago we were racing on this
particular Airport when they was still under construction this year it’s built
it’s here it’s all cool and last year I also do the control tower so that makes
me really excited because no one will be able to do it anymore this is a really
walking Apple right now

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