Wayback machine downloader with CMS. Download a website from archive.org

Hello, I want to show you how to download a website from the wayback machine using a Archivarix system. Firstly you need to choose website for example fire come from year 2005. Fill this form – Domain, To timestamp, From timestamp, E-mail and Choose options here than press restore button. Then you will receive this email. You need to confirm your restoration – press here then press confirm here. After several minutes, you will receive another email it means that Your restoration of website is completed. Let’s press here and see what is inside. Here’s your screenshot of this website here is options you have chosen. You can download zip file and you can download CMS. Description of our CMS is below this video. Ok. Let’s download zip and see what’s inside. Here is Readme file please read it carefully. We have described everything about our system then here is content of our site. HTML files here and Some pictures. Here is Database with structure of our recreated site. And let’s see what’s inside index.php It’s our loader You can choose some options for example enable and disable CMS mode. You can add your own script inside this recreated site. So read please Readme file Everything is described in that file. Okay now just take this content and upload to our server and see what’s happened. Here is our website and it’s working.

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  • I only got an index.php file

  • Important!
    If you've downloaded your zip-file and opened it but you cannot find a content folder .content.xxxxxxxx or files .htaccess, that means you are using MacOS or Linux that hide files or folders starting with a period be default. On MacOS hit Ctrl+Shift+.(period) combination to solve this problem. On a Linux terminal use ls -a.

  • Does it work with worpdress websites?

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