Wayback Franchisees

(inspiring keyboard music) – This is the time. If you are looking for an
opportunity in this category, when you have so many choices
out there, this is the one. Good support system, good product. – You have other brands
out there that existed, but, you know, it’s
not what this brand is. – It offers, a unique product. – It’s nice, it’s fresh,
you see the patties being grilled right in
front of you, made to order. – We tried Wayback
Burger’s vegetarian patty; awesome, loved it. – I love the food at Wayback, its never frozen, everything is fresh, made to order according to my
liking, so I love, loved it. And then, it’s just a growing franchise, the people here are awesome,
they help us through everything so it was a great experience. – This is the right time; the
iron is hot, so strike it. If you really wanna do it, do it now. Its, its like growing with the franchise. You can actually add in new ideas, you can feel the freshness and the energy. – There’s nothing that prevents you from calling out anybody, you know, regardless of their position
in the company, within Wayback. But, it’s great; it does
feel like part of a team. – It’s an exciting time if
you’re able to get into it. – Hopefully, you know, I will have maybe 10 locations down the road, but this is the beginning, so
I’m very excited to find out, you know, get in the store,
get behind the grill, you know, try it out, see what it is, and then, you know, expand down the road. – Go for it, it’s a
great franchise, growing, you’ll get all the help you want, be it like, with operational,
be it like loans, be it anything, they
will help you through, hold your hands throughout,
and, just go for it.

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