Watcher Weekly #002: Puppet History Q+A (ft. Musical Guest – Chrys Ryan)

(ethereal music)
(logo whooshing) – It’s January 15th! It’s time for Watch–
– Wait, what? Hold on.
– Oh, Watch– – I was like (laughs). – What are you–
– Rubbing my hands together. – It’s January 15th and it’s
time for “Watcher Weekly”. – Oh, that was so gentle!
– Thank you. (both laughing) – That’s my favorite one so far. (“Watcher Theme Music”) – Welcome to “Watcher Weekly”, filmed here in our breather office. This is a show where we chat, kick back, and answer all of your guys’ questions to the best of our ability. – And today, we’re talking
the launch of Watcher. – We did it! – It is launch day. It is January 10th, 2020. – That’s right.
– We’re all running on very little sleep. – Yeah, last night, we were
here in a mad scramble, trying to pick up all the pieces of things that we overlooked
and left in the dark. – Little crumbs. – Are you talking about
your brain right now? – What are you looking at? – Little crumbs. – On the ground. – Oh, just, you clean your
kitchen and you’re like, wow, this kitchen’s clean, and then you look down on
the ground and you’re like, wait a minute, there’s little crumbs. I forgot about the little crumbs. (laughs) – I like the metaphor. – Do you’ve crumbs all over your kitchen? – Don’t act like you don’t got crumbs. I’ve been in your kitchen. – My house is a temple.
– Oh! – Your kitchen is made of crumbs. – It’s a temple. We have a mini audience here today, and not talking about
the people aren’t mini, the audience size is mini. Well, some of the people are
a little short in stature. You get what I mean. Anyways, we got my girlfriend, Mari, we have our musical guest that’s
gonna perform later, Chrys, his girlfriend, Natasha, and we have Lauren, our editor, as well as Brittany on sound, and Anthony, our editor who’s going in as a cameraman today. Everything’s going great here. It’s all good. We just moved into this
office two days ago so everything is in
disarray as you see you. If you cut to the GoPro angle, you’ll see that all of
our shit is strewn about. Strewn, strown, strewn, strown? – It’s all vowels.
– Strewn! – As you can see, we have
some lovely art behind us. It’s not completed. This was actually painted on this wall by one of our investors Kent from Nero but he is going to appear
in a new series we have called “Making Watcher” which is– – Whoa, teaser alert! – Teaser alert, which we sound the alarm?
– Okay, oh. I don’t know.
– Yes! (alarm rings) – I will say, all things
considered, today, we launched, but then you guys got a
phone call on Tuesday night that was like– – We can tease it without saying too much, Ryan and I this spring will appear on a searing network
drama television show. – And they had to film it on
the day before our launch. – When Hollywood calls, baby. – You gotta go. – You answer the phone. – I see how it is. – Me and Shane both, at
the same time answered it and we put it on speaker. We both went–
– I see how it is. – Yeah, we both went– – We went, “We’ll be there.” Was it the best timing? No. But, we launched all right,
the building’s intact, Steven’s hair looks whatever color it is.
– Oh, immaculate! It’s immaculate! – We’re on a show, it rhymes with– (bleeps) All right. Enough feeling around.
– Anyway. – Let’s go over the agenda
of what we’re gonna do today, just a quick rundown so
you know what’s coming. We’re gonna talk about
the new office, check, already did it. We’re gonna talk about launch day, (bell rings) we’re gonna talk about
our feelings about that, then we’re gonna go into the series that’s gonna be premiering tomorrow, we’re gonna show you a trailer, I’m gonna tell you what it’s about, and then we’re gonna go
into your guys’ questions based on the content
from last week, right? – Yes, correct.
– Based on “Puppet History” and just general Watcher questions. – The questions came from where our Instagram, YouTube, our Patreon, Twitter.
– That’s a great thing, yeah. – So if you have questions for us, you can lay them down there
and we will answer them here. – WeAreWatcher,
WeAreWatcher, WeAreWatcher, and those are our social handles. I’m not just repeating that. – And you have to say it three
times every time you say it. – And at the end of the show, we are going to have a musical
performance from Chrys Ryan. Musical guests won’t be a weekly recurring thing on this show, it’s just gonna be on the occasion that we have the opportunity to be lucky enough to
have a musician come on, so this week is the first
time that’s going to happen, and stay tuned till the end ’cause it’s gonna be a great performance. – And we said this last week, I believe, on “Watcher Weekly” that we do want this show
to be an amorphous blob so it might change from week-to-week. There might be things that happen and then never happen again, or happen and then happen
every you three or four weeks. It’s fine, it’ll change. Hmm, it’s fun.
– Basically, you can’t trust anything that comes out of our mouths. – No, no rules. That’s right. – Chrys Ryan doesn’t even exist. – Outback, you can sponsor us.
(both laughing) – Anyways, let’s go into the
first segment here, launch day. How do you guys feel now
that everyone has seen the madness that has
lived within our heads for the past eight months? – I feel great.
(horn honks) I have no emotions left
anymore ’cause I’m so tired. – Anymore? – I had a lot of ’em. (Ryan laughs) And when we did the premiere
function on YouTube, and as it was counting down, I was like, oh, “Puppet
History’s” kicking this thing off, I hope people like it, and people seem to like it
which brings me great joy. It’s weird ’cause you just
live with it for so long and don’t really know. I was like, I think it’s good. – It’s a very good show. You’re being modest. – I have a lot of emotions and I think I ran out last night. That’s how crazy this has been. I think it was like one
a.m. and I was like, I don’t know what to feel anymore. – It’s been a crazy week. Last night, we left
here at about midnight, and then we went home
and worked more, and– – Was it ’til two. – And we were up early shooting for the aforementioned TV–
– The (bleeps) show. – For us. That started at six a.m.. Yeah, when I was in
the car ride back home, has this ever happened to you where you don’t really feel
sad, you don’t feel happy, you’re just so emotionally exhausted that your eyeballs just start to not cry but expel liquid without any
emotional attachment to it. My eyes were just leaking on the way home, just because I was thinking
about all the things that we had to do this week and I honestly didn’t
think we would make it, and we did! We got it all done, and I was so relieved. Maybe I did cry. – You’re describing the
classic symptoms of crying. – Yeah, but it didn’t
feel like a good cry. – A wet face, water
coming out of your eyes. – It was almost like I was driving, and then I was like, why does my mouth taste funny? And it was because tears
were falling into my mouth. I think I cried. I was crying on the way home. – I think we can confirm. – It’s been–
– Let us know in the comments if you think Ryan cried.
(both laughing) (logo whooshing) – But it’s been a emotionally and physically exhausting week, as you can see from the
bags under our eyes, – Our haggard appearance. – But we did it! – Yeah, we did, that’s great!
– Okay, we did do it. – But then, when we had the countdown, it was like, (sighs), just that breath of fresh air. I can’t really–
– We didn’t think to put the countdown on our
television until about a minute. – A minute before.
– Before launch. We were looking at it on a little screen, and we’re like, eh. – We got a TV here.
– Let’s celebrate it. – Shane actually didn’t know what to do so he just paced around the room. – [Shane] I ran in little
circles like a dog. It’s like when someone
comes home and a dog. Do dogs run in little circles? – [Ryan] Oh yeah, ’cause you have a precious
little cat, right? – I don’t know about dogs. They run in little
circles though, I think. – I think they do that before they’re about
to sleep or take a poo. – Okay, yeah, well, that’s
what I was thinking. – Cats run in super straight lines, right? – [Ryan] They might differ in lines. – They’re just like
beeline and then beeline. – He runs from window to window. We’re talking about my little fella? – Just cats in general. – Well, that– – What is the phrase beeline? Why does that exist?
– I don’t know! – Because a bee– – Oh, he got going in a straight line. – It’s like this, or even like this. – Now, bee, he goes in a lot of different. Have you ever seen Bumblebee out there? He’s going like bouncy, bouncy– – Yeah, he zigzagging,
he’s zigging and zagging. – What if it’s a bee, the
speed of a bee, plus a line. – Bees aren’t fast. I could run faster than a bee. (air whooshing) But it’s launch day, it’s very exciting. What? We got a Discord going, merch
is up there, Patreon’s going. We’ve already got people
chiming off on Discord. – Also, just thank you to everybody who’s already subscribed to our Patreon. I can’t believe that. That’s amazing. Also, some of you have bought merch. This is actually a popular
seller, this launch day tee. – And the thing about this one is that you can actually customize it. – Oh, you touched my nipple! (laughs) Oh my god, that sent a
shockwave up to my rotator cuff. That was weird! – That is very strange. You can customize it ’cause the box is blank.
– You can keep it off. – [Shane] And you put your name on it. – [Ryan] You hit the point directly. You hit the teat. – [Shane] Well, I designed this myself. – [Ryan] My teat? – No. (laughs) – How long do people have to buy this? – I don’t know, ’til we run out. – Oh!
(logo whooshing) – Now, let’s move on to the next series that you guys are gonna be seeing tomorrow if you’re watching this show on Wednesday when “Watcher Weekly” releases. Tomorrow, Thursday,
which will be January– – 16th! – 16th. We are premiering “Spooky Small Talk”. Put the logo like here.
(air whooshing) – Ooh, that’s good, right there. – Right here. – That logo is– – Or we could put it above. – Spatially unwieldy. – Tell us your real thoughts on it, Shane. – [Ryan] It is gonna be– – I’ve heard you talking about this logo. – (laughs) That logo! Every time we have all the logos together, I’m always like, “Spooky Small Talk” logo, spatially unwieldy.
– Here’s the thing. – I might have called it no good. (everyone laughs) – We do have a trailer for that, so we could roll the trailer for that now. – No, you gotta do that. That doesn’t work. (air whooshing)
– Now! – No? We decided this last week, Ryan. It’s a. – Oh, yeah, yeah. (air whooshing)
All right, so we are now entering the maze. It’s gonna be all good. – [Man] I don’t like scary
movies, I’m just gonna say it. I don’t like anything that makes me jump. – You guys wanna party? You wanna get spooked? – So normally, when I do one
of my ghost investigations, I’ll introduce myself to the building. So I’ll say something like
hello, my name is Ryan Bergara. (glass shattering)
(woman screeching) Hello and welcome to “Spooky Small Talk”, a show where I get to interview some of the world’s
most fascinating people in one of the scariest
places on the planet. – Oh!
– Holy shit! – Oh my god, oh my god! – Oh my god.
– Oh my god, where did you come from? – [Ryan] A haunted attraction
at Knott’s Berry Farm. (Ryan laughs) – That’s not funny. You know I get scared and
you’re happy that I’m scared. – Oh my god!
– Oh my god! (monster shrieking) – I was actually kinda terrified. I’m not gonna lie. (monster roars)
– Ah! Got me. (thunder clapping) – Oh, my god, my heart! – I hope you have a heart attack. (air whooshing)
(ethereal music) – Wow, what a trailer! – Whoa!
(both laughing) – Oh my gosh! – So like last week, Shane was the showrunner and the creator of “Puppet History”. I am that for “Spooky Small Talk”. It was a very stressful experience just because of the logistics of it. I’m interviewing celebrities, friends, guests in a haunted house where there are somewhere
north of 20 scare actors which is basically people
in a special-effects makeup that are trying their best to scare the poop out of somebody. And while that’s all happening, I’m also conducting a very
serious personal interview, and the result is madness,
and I think it’s a blast. However, logistically, it was very tough in terms of just timing. We only had a certain
amount of time in each maze. And also, the fact that I’m
quite skittish and jumpy myself so concentrating on my guests’ answers while also looking out for my
own survival was a bit tough. But yeah. – I gotta say, I’m not in the show, total third party here, unbiased viewer. It’s probably–
– It sucks. (guys laughing) – It’s probably the
most impressive endeavor I’ve seen on the digital scale of the show.
– Oh wow! Thank you, I didn’t– – Yeah, I mean that. When I showed up to set,
I was like, god damn. It was a lot. It was like a machine with
many, many cogs clicking away. – Let’s just say Shane and I aren’t always genuine with each other. We’re always joking with each other. Very few times in our history has there been an occurrence where Shane has come up to me and asked, are you okay? Do you need anything? And it’s because he saw how rattled I was by just the sheer amount of work. – I think at some point after we shot too, I came up to you and I was like, hey, it’s really good. (everyone laughs) You did a good job. – So you guys are seeing the first episode of “Spooky Small Talk”. The first guest is Zach Kornfeld. You may know him from The Try Guys. – A.K.A. KornDiddy! – On Instagram and the various
other social platforms. – I think he’s my TikTok nemesis. – Is he?
– Big time. – Why?
– ‘Cause look, I’m the king of TikTok,
everybody knows that. – No one knows that. – You’re on TikTok? – I was TikToker of The Year last year. They sent me an award– – Not a real award. – Eh! (chuckles) Holy shit! I just got a letter in the mail that I’m actually TikToker of The Year, if you can believe that. lot of people to thank,
no time to thank ’em. Love this app. You gotta see–
– Anyways, he’s a guest on “Spooky Small Talk”. We had a fun chat.
– Oh right! – We talked about a lot of things, both serious and fun, and it’s a fun ep. And it’s your first introduction into what that show is gonna
be so I hope you guys enjoy it. Let’s move on to the Question
and an Answer session. (liquid rushing) – Ooh!
– Nice. – That was a satisfying sound.
(logo whooshing) – Let’s start with questions that have to do with “Puppet History”. – Okay, we got some of those.
– Let’s do it. – Let’s start with YouTube. This comes from JJ P. – Oh, JJ P.
– JJ P, yeah. – Jennifer Jellicle Parsons. (both laughing) – Let’s go to JJ P. They said, “Is there a
possibility of future merch “that’s from “Puppet History”?” – Yeah, I’ll make some merch for that. – I think that’s also part of the reason why we made the show is so we could actually
field your feedback and then put it into action and not just say we’re gonna do that. – Is the professor available? – The original, no, ’cause we need him! – I would buy a plush though. – I don’t know how to make those but we can talk to people and see. (both laughing) He’s got little glasses. Those might be difficult to– – By the way, I saw a lot of questions about what’s the Professor’s
real name, full name. – Well, that is answered
in a future episode, maybe. – It’s another “Puppet History” one. Well, this is not a question but this is from Sam from The Shire. “I just wanna say I’d die
for the Professor Puppet.” – That’s very sweet of you. You don’t have to do that. I don’t know if he wants him or if this is an incident where someone is about to
assassinate the puppet, you don’t have to jump
in front of that bullet. I’ll just get a little hole in my hand. It’s fine. – Or you catch it like Ozymandias. – Yeah, sure.
– Yeah. You wanna take the last question? – Yeah. Yeah, this is from YouTube. This is from Erin Fee. “I have a question, “what precisely was the
inspiration for the Professor “and how much of the first
“Puppet History” was scripted?” – Hmm. – The inspiration for the Professor was, so I sorta cobbled him together. I think we talked about
this a little bit last week. He’s a base puppet but I changed his eyes and changed his outfit. His personality is not
that far off from me. I think at some point when we
were shooting, you’re like, you’re not gonna do a
funny voice or anything? – Yeah!
(both laughing) It’s just Shane.
– But nah. – And he kinda looks like you too. – Yeah, he definitely looks like me. And how much of the first
“Puppet History” was scripted? All the informational stuff was scripted, and then the questions, but all of the rest of that, the rest of it is just
shenanigans, goofing about. – How long did that research take? – A while.
(Ryan laughs) Some of the other episodes
are a little more cheery, though I guess not really so never mind. Moving on!
(Ryan laughs) – All right, let’s move on to
some general questions now. This comes from Twitter, @BrunoGallo9. – “Do you guys plan on
signing content creators “under Watcher or is the
plan to work together “with content creator?” – It’s kind of a combination
of both is the answer. We are figuring that out right now. We have people in-house who
we know will create content that are not just the three of us, but we also have people
outside this company who we want to bring on to
produce shows with as well. And so, it’s really case-by-case. And ultimately, I think
we want to help people who want to create content in whatever way they want to make stuff. – Yeah.
– Yeah! – All right!
– Cool. – Moving on to the next Q. – That’s a lot of scrolling. – A lot of questions. (both laughing) Next question comes from The Diplococcus. – Oh no, it doesn’t. – It does.
– Wait, are you serious? Where?
– Wait, this guy was on our live stream. – This is my nemesis! – [Steven] This is your nemesis. – This is the person who
continually heckled me. – This is from The Diplococcus? – Yeah?
– Should you read it? – It says–
– Should you read it aloud? Should you fuel that fire?
– I’m kinda curious why– – I’ll read it!
– Oh, jeez. – For legal reasons, Ryan is not allowed to read the sentence. – Why am I not allowed
to read that sentence? – For legal reasons. It’s right there on the sentence. – But what does The Diplococcus
know that I don’t know? What do you have on me? You got nothing! – You don’t wanna know. – I don’t know who you are.
– He bullied you! – Or she, he, she. I don’t know who you
are, Diplococcus, but– – They say, I have one
comment, and one question. The comment is, quote, “Congratulations,
Shane”, end quote, comma. He knows why. That’s it, okay? The question is also for Shane and is: when are you going to tell them? (both laughing) – The Diplococcus is like The Riddler, except the riddles are
not based in reality. – Look me in the eyes right now and tell me you’re not The Diplococcus. – I am not!
(ominous music) (crew laughing) This is a great mystery though. – Look me in the eyes and tell me you’re not The Diplococcus. – No, it’s ’cause the–
– This is like mafia now. – I’m not that smart.
– Because– – Tell me I am not The
Diplococcus right now. (ominous music) – I may or may not be The Diplococcus. – He can’t be because The Diplococcus was. Number one, I love saying The Diplococcus but The Diplococcus was
commenting during our livestream. – I have a question.
– So Shane, when are you gonna tell them? That’s the question. You gotta answer the question. – I’m trying to think of what
I would have to tell you. – Congratulations. What’s The Diplococcus congratulating you? What are they congratulating you on? – I don’t know!
– Your facial hair? – Maybe. No one’s ever done that. – Congrats!
– Thank you! Well, thanks, Diplococcus!
– What? Wait, wait. You didn’t talk to The
Diplococcus before this? – No, no! This is what The Diplococcus does. The Diplococcus just, it wants to watch us tear ourselves apart. We can’t give in to The Diplococcus! – You’re like Zemo from “Civil War”. – That’s right! Here’s one from Emily on Discord. “What’s one project you’d want to make “if you had infinite resources?” I guess we can’t really. (both laughing) – Here’s my idea in detail, don’t snooze. (guys laughing) – I’d like to build a roller coaster. – Oh yeah, that’ll be pretty sick! – They probably wanted to know if we wanted to make a video series. – Oh, like a show, okay. – Or I’d like to make a house with a lazy river that’s 10 miles long. – Ooh, does the river run
through the living room? – It goes through the house and through a little forest outside. – Do you get off in bed– – And it’s for adults. – Is it a lazy river?
– No children! (man laughs) What? – That makes it sound
like a sexy kinda thing. – I mean, all lazy rivers are pretty sexy. (Ryan laughs) Whoa, wait, hang on a sec! Okay, a lazy river hotel. Your room floats!
– I’m listening. I was picturing a lazy river that was actually utilitarian in the sense that you get up from your night of sleep. You put on your little trunks.
– You just roll? You roll?
– You roll into the lazy river, it
takes you to the kitchen, make yourself a bagel,
hop back into the river, now you go to the
bathroom, not in the river, but it takes you to the
bathroom, and then you get into– – That’s the beauty of it. – That’s the beauty of it! – You go to the bathroom
whenever you want. (everyone laughs) – You know what? I can do a show project. I just wanna travel and eat. – That’s the title, “I Just Wanna Travel and Eat”. – And that’s the show.
– That’s Steven Lim. This comes from YouTube from Saranga Naia. They asked, “If y’all left BuzzFeed, “then what about Worth It and Unsolved?” We’re actually still doing those shows so you could look forward to seeing those with our friends over at the Feed. They will not be on Watcher, but yes, those shows will continue. So for the future, for this section, if you want to be featured on the show, send in your questions to
the Instagram @WeAreWatcher, the Twitter, @WeAreWatcher, or comment directly on the series that you have a question for and maybe you’ll be on
Watcher Weekly’s Q&A section. Also, we do answer questions from the Discord channel on Patreon, and there will also be an extended version of “Watcher Weekly” that
has Patreon-only questions. – “Watcher Weekly” Plus. – “Watcher Weekly” Plus. – You gotta draw that S out. – That does it for the
Q&A section for this show but before we get to the musical guest, we do have one more announcement to make and that is this Saturday, we do have a special bonus series. – Which will not be on the
typical release schedule. The show is called “Making Watcher” and it’s a behind-the-scenes show on our day-to-day lives here, behind-the-scenes of what
it’s like to build a company, build a studio, working with each other, what our mission is, and our goal is. – What did you know about
business before we started this? – You give money, they
give you something back. (Steven giggles) – What did you know about business? – That’s what business is. (both laughing) – That about sums it up. I knew nothing about business, they knew nothing about business yet we decided to go on
this weird little journey. The result is what
you’ll see this Saturday, it’s called “Making
Watcher”, first episode. The next episode will come
out when we have more updates in terms of where we’re at as a company. But yeah, without further ado, let’s move into the
last section of the show which is the musical guest. Please enjoy, Chrys Ryan. (“Take It To The Grave” by Chrys Ryan) ♪ Made me down ♪ ♪ Let you down slowly ♪ ♪ Crying eyes know me better than I do ♪ ♪ When I drown, let me go, don’t save me ♪ ♪ But I know that’s not like you ♪ ♪ Seven years, so many nights, I’m sorry ♪ ♪ Devil whiskey spills my truth ♪ ♪ We said we weren’t gonna see nobody ♪ ♪ Break your habits, they’re bad for you ♪ ♪ Are you mad, will it change ♪ ♪ Is it all the same for now ♪ ♪ What we had, it’s a shame ♪ ♪ I know I let you down ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave ♪ ♪ I broke your heart ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave ♪ ♪ Knowing that it all fell apart ♪ ♪ And any plans that I have made ♪ ♪ They all left a scar ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave ♪ ♪ Knowing that I broke your heart ♪ ♪ Call it off, it cut
me wrong and hate me ♪ ♪ Convinced yourself it isn’t true ♪ ♪ Stay awake wondering about what faded ♪ ♪ Rest your head it’ll bury you ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave ♪ ♪ Knowing that I broke your heart ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave ♪ ♪ Knowing that it all fell apart ♪ ♪ And any plans that I have made ♪ ♪ They all left a scar ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave knowing
that I broke your heart ♪ ♪ And every thought you
have is gonna bury you ♪ ♪ And every question is gonna bury you ♪ ♪ And this love you know
it’s gonna bury you ♪ ♪ Don’t let it bury you ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave
’cause I broke your heart ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave
knowing that it all fell apart ♪ ♪ And any plans that I had made ♪ ♪ They all left scarred ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave knowing
that I broke your heart ♪ ♪ I take it to the grave knowing
that I broke your heart ♪ (cast and crew cheering and clapping) – Chrys Ryan! All right, now, Chrys Ryan’s
gonna play us off here. – Just like “SNL”. – Yeah! (laughs) – Thanks for watching “Watcher Weekly”. Get at us on Instagram, on Twitter, comment on the video directly. – And then maybe next time, you’ll be on the next “Watcher Weekly”. – Yeah! – We’ll see you guys hopefully tomorrow for “Spooky Small Talk”. – It’s very funny and very
scary, you should watch it. – And yeah. Also, this is trick
photography, I’m not that tiny! (everyone laughs) – He’s a little tiny man. – See you guys next time. – Thanks, guys! Bye!
(Shane cheers) (lively organ music) (lively jazz music)

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