Watch live: Senate votes on coronavirus stimulus package | NBC News (Live Stream)

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  • Help the seniors and disabled they need help using funds they don't have

  • I almost think they're holding it up like the tariff phase I, II, III just to keep people hooked on the COMING DEAL, HOPIUM instead of focusing on what's really going on in the world, job losses for good, businesses closing, people sick & dying

  • A terrible thing that is happening to our country and around the world I know our world leaders have a very tough road just like us the American people and the rest of the world we all must be tired, scared and frustrated.

  • This is good news

  • God bless America

  • Lindsey Graham has a problem with about $7.00 per hour difference between working and not working? #1You can't quit a job and get unemployment #2 People want the steady income of their job with the hours and benefits that come with the job. Lindsay Graham et al need to vote and move this along for the people of this country.

  • Chuck Schumer u just stood up there and lied. You said in the past that it was a bipartisan bill by both parties but now you're distancing yourself and lying saying that it was drafted by one party smh

  • Yes fix it please I looked at it needs to be adjusted.

  • 99.99 % of people want to work, the amount of unemployment compensation will not matter. What we have now is a group trying to find problems with the solutions, not solutions to the problems.

  • By the time they reach an agreement a vaccine would have been discovered, produced, supplied & people already back to work

  • That’s right Lindsey!!

  • People are going to stay on unemployment for two years. That’s what!! Right to work states are screwed they get $10 an hour 12. So ya if they get 23 they are not going back to work.

  • Just more proof we NEED TERM LIMITS! These people can NOT put Americans before their AGENDA!

  • Bernie is the only one asking them to do more and hold them accountable.

  • Oh my good lord! Doesn’t anyone understand the concept of social distancing?

  • Uh oh, Lindsey. Not okay. Some of us were declined every benefit you paid in to have, and despite disability and need, cannot even afford to have the security of a home (apt)/autonomy to create an environment in which one can actually be productive despite the aforementioned betrayal of the system. All citizens and resident aliens. What about homeless people, many of whom are veterans who were betrayed by the system? You should not be bickering about criteria such as this. Those lucky enough to be able to have a job, even if recently unemployed due to this, have no problem being loyal enough to return to work. Let them sort that out with their employers. Have faith in Americans. They are not politicians. Your amounts vary from what POTUS discussed earlier today. GESARA/NESARA was designed to return all of the illegally collected SSI payments to everyone who paid into that system. I do not think that the leadership has been upstanding in the past, so I don't comprehend the virtue signaling occurring to delay. Unless, of course, someone is counting on a slush fund/derivative payout by holding out. Let people have some room to breathe. We've been squeezed to death for decades. Pass the relief onto citizens so we can refrain from spreading a plague, and afford to revamp the industry which was steadily outsourced for kickbacks. Same thing to you Cruz-Texan here. You could not be more detached with your views. Talking about country clubs and nail salons. Seriously? What planet do you live on because it isn't the regular State of Texas.

  • The unemployment is not enough!
    And i think i messed up my application…they should should have more ppl on the unemployment side following up this applications…because i doubt i get that unemployment and cant get through the phone

  • How did this bill advance to this point? Because the 2 parties are actually 1 political party. The Elite Class. How do I know this? Because this is Pelosis baby and the Senate went with it. Thank God these honorable Senators are speaking up. Hopefully this amendment passes. If not Trump MUST VETO THE BILL. Or we will have a very serious and deep Depression on our hands.

  • Why should someone work when politicians get a lot more for doing nothing

  • Some of that money will be used to lay family members to rest. God help are people we are in great need, we help people all over the world help us please. Amen one nation under god. God bless the USA

  • You need to give social security people a 1,200 dollar check also. Don't forget us we need (HELP) also.

  • How about you do this for as long as were in the crises and when we can go back to what we had before, same as before business as usual!!!!!!!!!

  • Capped at 100% of pay from employers that did not even offer a mask

  • Y r they voting no..I hope any1 who opposed this never gets reelected

  • Millions will die after they finish talking.

  • Thank you Bernie

  • Thank you congress for passing the Relief and rescue stimulus package. God bless the health care workers who are on the front lines of the virus pandemic. This to shall pass… and Normalcy will return… Thank you…

  • Bernie ‘ s probably the only real pro- worker out of all this corrupt politicians. We will miss you so much when you’re gone ✌️

  • please use masks and gloves, you are vulnerable too.

  • Just stop with all the bs and let the businesses open back up. This "flu" is fake. What other rights will we lose. All of them need to be voted out in 2020. How much $$$ will be sent to that country that tried to sink the USS Liberty?

  • Get it right people!!! Give your people what they need and deserve! Sending love and positive thoughts and prayers from Canada to all our US Family💗💞💞💗

  • Hey everyone!!
    Watch this!!

  • Senator from Illinois is about the people. I’m glad someone understands what we are going through.

  • awesome content keep it up dude

  • someone please tell me who tf watched the whole 12 hour video

  • Liberal Democrats are pigs.

  • Love you Bernie Sanders ❤️

  • Do y’all really need all this “ talk” it’s really long and not needed.

    keep it up !!! Always supporting 💚

  • Corporations already been bailedout! ..This is going to be the biggest theft in History! … And people are going to be giving 12 hundred dollars to look away…. 🤢

  • So I'm confused. I heard Bernie vote no. Then they said his name in with all the I's. Did he change his vote? Can they change their vote? And why vote no first then come back later to vote yes? Backroom last minute deal?

  • 9:00:28 Bernie Sanders

  • Yeyeyeyeyeyeye

  • Why is senator Ted Cruz hammering on affected people that are unemployed shouldn’t get the unemployment benefits it’s going to benefit their family for four months. He thinks were lazy and we won’t go back to work with your mortgage is probably at least half of what they are giving you a month that’s just the mortgage. Come on Ted Cruz get realistic. I have a small business it’s just a touring business in Austin. I doubt that I’ll get a lot of benefit and I won’t get any unemployment.

  • It shouldn't take all this discussion to help us. The left truly does not care.

  • Senator Ted Cruz, Ted it’s just four months!
    Give us a break

  • So everyone who voted no changed their vote? Then why vote no in the first place?

  • Mr. Graham, as a citizen of South Carolina, if a business is not paying enough to encourage a person to take a job then that business worthless. Absolutely worthless.

  • Still no cure. Doctors and nurses are working overtime. Not enough protection equipments and lets alone test kits.

  • Interesting cut-off at 11:53… 🤔

  • I hope this stimulus package also includes americans with Social Security Income and Social Security Disability

  • I dont like the presedent

  • Truly what more did you expect from the ""VICIOUS HOUSE""📽

  • If district of Columbia pay there taxes they should get what they deserve we are better then this.

  • So I made under 25000 for 2018-2019-2020 so far will I get 1200? In a check or into my bank account?


  • Did the bill pass?

  • So did it pass?

  • Correction they believe in AMERICAN WORKERS when most of the population is not even American

  • 11:45:15. The verdict

  • Hundreds of thousands are sick, thousands died and millions lost their jobs all bec of CHINA. SARS 1 in 2002 and now SARS 2. Remember that.

  • Since i could care less about this 12 hours of random talking

    Did they pass it or nah, all i want to know

  • How about suspending child support payments for us parents that lost our jobs or working less hrs because of the virus!!

  • Bernie knows what hes talking about rlly support what hes stating hes speaking the truth

  • Hopefully they find a cure for the virus

  • It has been said,
    "But seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things will be given to you."

    DO NOT worship, do not pray nor bow down to images; but love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.
    PRAY to the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ our God DIRECTLY.
    When you pray,
    but GO INTO YOUR ROOM, close the door, and pray to your Father who is UNSEEN,
    and then your Father who sees what is DONE IN SECRET will reward you.
    GOD IS SPIRIT, so his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and Truth.
    They are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

    "Matthew 5-7 NIV Bible Gateway", we can use google search.
    These are the teachings,
    The Righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ our God.
    REPENT, and start doing what is right.

    If you abide my teachings, you are really my disciples;
    then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
    In the New Heaven and New Earth, only Righteousness dwells.
    The Lord your God is the
    God of the Living,
    not of the dead.

    My SALVATION is on the way, my Righteousness never fails.
    May the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ our God be with all.

  • i see u guys veryclose to eachother
    no mask like nothing happen.!🙄
    you very bring the country back2 normal..!
    if not people gonna start actingcrazy
    and we need the $$$$ send it fast

  • is it everyone who pays taxes get 1200?

  • Did anyone actually watch the 12 hours of this 💀

  • All the better for Pelosi's DACA plan. The illegals will swoop in take the jobs for lower wages, and unemployment will rise again. The plan gives illegals extended work papers. American workers who sat on their laurels, collecting more money than they would have normally earned will run the 16 weeks of benefits, and not be able to get a job, They will have nothing. Good plan Dems- totally wreck the economy.

  • We're all in this together… as long as we stay 6 feet apart

  • who is the senile old clown thats been rambling for 15 minutes in the beginning?

  • Its not about encouraging people not to work!! How hard is it to understand with everything that's going on right now prices up the roof for basic necessities so I could see $600 on top of unemployment insurance for maybe the first 4 weeks and then bringing it back down to what the individual was making per week because right now our economy has gone so crazy that they have toilet paper on eBay with bids going at $119 for 40 rolls while shelfs in the stores are sitting empty!!! Use your heads! Look at the normal person " problems"!!

  • The same should apply to life long welfare people, No matter how many Kids You have.


    The Herbs Will Heal The Nation. We must prepare ourselves for the worst that is yet to come. Boost our immune systems naturally.

  • Donald Trump’s Retirement after the Failed CIA Fake News “Corona Virus Operation”. How about in the second segment? The Donald is committed to an Insane Asylum by his loving wife Melania,,, who’s entertaining a new man everyday from her risky but loving Tinder account. President Trump is looking out the barred window of his locked room at the southern Italian countryside painting watches in the sky…,,, Drinking Italian Coffee…

  • God Bless America!

  • In case Y'all didnt get it, Its because This Senate, Stepped up

  • As normal business, The Senate and the house should be paid minimum wage. And required to live off less than 20k a year. Then maybe they would understand the position they are putting regular people in.

  • Why they say the pledge of allegiance but they don't do it in school's took it away

  • This is why our country doesn’t ever change, too much talking

  • WTF?…US still debating? Stupid old reprentatives. US will be the next epicenter for covid19.

  • That black dude is embarrassing to the black house holds.

  • Take care of American people. Make products in America!!! We can do it from socks to trucks to tractors. We can make out medicines in America. Why did it take a pandemic for them to realize this was happening and something needed to be done. I was taking that hypertension medication that was recalled, I was scared to death.
    This should have been done over the weekend not taking almost a week long. I'm really glad some of them are positive because I'm having a problem thinking its going to get better when my husband works 2 jobs for us to survive and just survive. I'm immunodeficient and disabled things are tough. I wish things could be different I wish we were living and not just surviving. Life has not been easy and I wish these senators & representatives would know what it is like to try and like on $50,000 in America. Its not easy, I'm scared I will get sick with this disease and die. I don't want to die because of China hiding behind their mistakes they made in the beginning. I hope we learn from this and keep America for American's, make our own goods and learn from our mistakes. Make America Great Again! We can, I believe there has to be a better future for my sons. Their has to be a better future.
    I also don't think COVID-19 is on the curve down, I think its just starting.

  • "Big crap sandwich"

  • Typical democrat blames the other side for all the stuff they denied then acts like they passed it all and the republicans were the ones who denied the packages now

  • You only live once. Be smart to protect yourself. Listen to the Virus scientists, wear the mask and wash hands frequently, before it's too late. Email me if you need the mask.

  • Therapeutic treatment and management of severe respiratory viral infections.

    Please see the peer reviewed article on:
    Lei Zhang and Yunhui Liu. 2020. Potential interventions for novel coronavirus in China: A systematic review. Journal of Medical Virology. 92(5).

    Based on this and other recent literature, here is my take on:

    Therapeutic treatment and management of severe respiratory viral infections.

    Supplements for adults:
    Vitamin D (250 micro grams/day; 0.5mg)
    Zinc (50-100 mg/day)
    Vitamin C (3000mg/day)
    Flavanoids (200mg/day)
    Vitamin A (3-6mg/day)
    Vitamin E (500mg/day)
    Vitamin B6 (100mg/day)

    Green leafy vegetables and fruits
    Turmeric Milk (with pinch of pepper)
    Ginger-garlic-turmeric-pepper- concoction

    Sun bathing
    Breathing exercises
    Take rest
    Drink only warm liquids

    Thank you.

  • Boy oh boy since the last vote it only had 1 or 2 difference in votes at this rate were all fukd


  • I’m sorry….who was the tool that spoke after Bernie? He literally twisted words and still managed to say nothing. Did he just stand up to hear himself speak? Sit tf down dude……. and I don’t even know if I like Bernie yet….


  • Guys this is all bs look up" event 201 " you'll see the truth

  • 12 hours of talking and i need to make my car payment , pay my cellphone bill , buy food for my wife , and my kids , sun i will need to pay my rent , 1200 dollars is nothing ,use that money and buy a vaccine from china we all need to come back to work 😡😡😡

  • Stop spitting on podium,Bernie.UR saliva may have covid19 to share with other senators

  • No help for the poorest of the poor not surprised

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  • How about people on disability

  • पाकिस्तान के बारे में जानो क्या हाल है

  • What are the qualifications for getting a check

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