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  • I see them laughing and chit chatting while Americans are trying to feed their families. WhQt am I missing here?

  • This is the best TV show ever… T.he actors are so good that they appear to care about each other while in fact they are removing rights and thieving from an unsuspecting populace as they tremble in fear from a fictional threat. Hopefully next season theres some nudity and dragons because a TV series focussing solely on imprisoning and surveilling the world is boring.

  • well rich get it all poor gets nothing 1200 wont last long

  • Emergency Funding Bill Distorted by Republican Greed and Class Warfare: Measure Is Now Worth $2 Trillion, with $250 Billion to Provide Extra $600 Jobless Benefit for Four Months, $130 Billion for Hospitals, $350 Billion in Grants for Small Businesses That Avoid Layoffs, and $150 Billion for State and Local Government Stabilization; But Mnuchin Gets His $500 Billion Slush Fund for Big Firms Allowing Takeovers, Mergers, and Acquisitions; One-Time Check of $1,200 per Adult Is Far Too Little; We Need $2,000 per Adult and $1,000 per Child Through December Paid for by Federal Reserve; No Provisions for Stopping Foreclosures, Evictions, Bankruptcies, Utility Cutoffs; Gig Workers and Homeless Get Short Shrift.

  • When are they going to vote? I just started watching–how much pork is still in the bill? I hope they will not pass it until all the pork is out.

  • nice video you deserve more views

  • Trump's cult continues to dupe the American people. This money is mostly going to big cooperation and billionaires, the money that Trump administration is handed to you is for his reelection. The test that you take for the coronavirus Trump promised is free that money will pay for it, so you get nothing anyway. And billionaires big cooperation will enjoy billions in the banks. Isn't that socialist? I wonder.

  • Checkout Bernie 9:33:12

  • Unanimously passing something like this gives me hope for the future of the human civilization.

  • Hope people get ride of this suck

  • Thank you Bernie.
    How am I and my family going to survive? Is my fiance going to get sanitation supplies and safety equipment? Are we and our child going to be taken care of? Are we going to lose our house? Is our water going to be shut off?
    What about our healthcare?
    Do I have equal human value to Jeff Bezos? Does he have to worry about feeding himself? Does his family have to worry about their kids out growing their clothes, lacking schooling supplies, and having no healthcare?

    Thank you Bernie, for fighting for me.

  • Chinese corona virus

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