WATCH | House Judiciary Committee debates Trump impeachment articles (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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  • So basically unless your party won the presidency your not an American who's voice counts. They keep saying the American people dont want this or that. Shoot I'm a law abiding tax paying flag saluting American and I Want him to explain himself. If he doesn't have to follow the rule of law why should any of us have to??

  • This is what is so sick about the bills they pass. Someone slipped in a clause that every federal employee gets 3 months paid leave. How do they slip it in? Because nobody reads the bills. That is outrageous and needs to stop

  • Because apparently minority rights only matter when it's a bunch of old, white Republicans…

  • Let´s make sure we keep an accurate list of politicians that voted for impeachment! So we can hold them accountable afterwards!

  • The Trump Party (formerly known as Republican) is dying out. The short-sighted greed, science illiteracy/denial, christian fanaticism, white supremacy, and corruption has run its course. abort

  • In 1996 the openly racist team owner Marge Schott said, “Hitler was good in the beginning!” She was banished from baseball for life.

    In 1936 the Nazis in Europe said, “Hitler is doing great things for Germany!”  The U.S. and allied military annihilated them.

    In 2019 the Republicans say, “Look at all of the Tremendous things that Trump is doing for America!”

    What are you going to do about them?

  • You ALL saw that, Nadler called everyone back in this morning for TEN minutes to rap this clown show up!😏 Now u see why Republicans were so upset with Jerry's STUNT last night 🙄

  • Democrats are after stripping us of our constitutional rights, like it or not. That IS their objective.

  • Abuse of power is the highest crime according to the U.S. Constitution. Donald is fucked!

  • I'm so happy Ms. Powell stayed around for that last question and let everyone know the truth about Biden!!



  • We think this (Impeachment) is more Far-Left hogwash & stupidity wallowing in their own political potty. Now they can fall in it as they should. We have no fear of a handful of fools that are bent on their own self-destruction and performing in this self inflicted "euthanasia" formation/creation of a sort. Maybe it is a form of political suicide and masochism all mixed together. It is so true that we can educate people, but we cannot give them perspective, intelligence, scruples or moral, ethical civility, much less honesty! The Far-Left are acting so foolish and hubris enough to boldly do a grand foolish political clown-stunt against all lawfulness, wisdom, propriety and agreement of most of the American people and even the world. The Pox, embarrassments and penalties are on them and them alone.

  • Only liberals watch this crap that’s why TV Ratings are down😂

  • Get this to the Senate so the Republicans can finally get the witnesses they want. Get Hunter Biden Underoath and watch him crack.

  • Is very simple if he actually did this two things like abuse of power and obstruct evidence, than he should be punished for them! End of story.

  • Julian Assange for 2020! Both political party's have proven to be untrustworthy to run the country!

  • There should be a lot of dem congressman that are going to regret showing exactly how corrupt they are when election time rolls around, not only for the presidency, but also for themselves.

    I'm from Tennessee, and years ago I never would have thought I'd be so ashamed and embarrassed to have steve cohen in Congress (supposedly) representing Tennessee. I look forward to the time when he realizes that his opinions (that are obviously not formed on the facts) do NOT represent the majority of the people he's supposed to be representing (or true Americans) and he loses his seat in Congress.

    It's one thing to have undeniable evidence of wrong doings and vote to impeach a president based on that evidence that is and has been know and obvious to at least the majority of Americans, but to see him sit there and repeatedly attempt to mislead Americans, even in a way as simple as intentionally misquoting the transcript by just two words ("me" in place of the actual word used which was "us", and "I" in place of the actual words used, which were "our country"). When you're morally and factually right, it's not necessary to stoop to the low level that steve and others in Congress have done to get their way. Actually, Americans are pretty smart, they can see and understand real evidence … If it's there! There shouldn't be any need in trying to "convince" them of wrong doings if wrong doings we're done.

    He has made it very clear to the folks in Tennessee that he's not interested in "fair play", and although some in Tennessee will vote for him again and hope he is reelected, I believe the majority of us recognize that what he's doing is wrong and realize that if he's willing to ignore the facts and openly attempt to mislead Americans in ANY situation, then he's completely capable of doing it again in other situatios if he stays in his current position. Whether or not a person likes Trump makes no difference when it comes down to morals. The "side" that I want someone who represents me to be on is the right side (morally speaking), and steve definitely isn't the man that I would ever trust again to do that!

    I realize that cohen isn't the only corrupt person in Congress by a long shot. My main point did seem to focus on him but that's only because I'm from Tennessee and I know that most folks here feel the same way I do about this subject, so I feel qualified to leave an accurate comment on this point. I would like to believe folks from all states feel the same way that I have described the majority of folks in Tennessee feel. If you do, then we need to do our best to make damn sure that we replace folks like cohen and others like him with people who represent us and our state. I'm not saying vote only Republicans into Congress,. They have their faults too, we all do, but we should do all we can to rid Congress of folks like steve cohen, who obviously do not represent folks who care about morals.

  • This coming election represents the clearest choice and the largest contrast of the two political parties for voters at any time in our history:

    Vote for the party that can't accept there are only two genders and can't decide which bathroom their pronoun should use, seeks to provide free health care to all illegals, agrees with late term abortion (infanticide), repeals the 2nd Amendment, seeks open borders, accepts the climate change hoax as the single most important issue, seeks reparations, seeks cancellation of all student debt and won't explain how it will a be paid for, and openly promotes identity politics….

    OR the "vulgar" Trump that hurts some people's feelings…….

  • Bullshit artist!

  • Good civics lesson in lying bye the republicans!

  • He is your president not ours!

  • and the civil war will probablr start

  • Ms Jackson Lee is as dumb as Obama what thread and where is the witnesses and evidence

  • Because he got caught!

  • Still no White House meeting because Ukraine did not do what he wanted!


  • Mr Swall Well is also a dumb bullshitter

  • Demorats show the world how stupid they really are

  • The discrimination against me for trying to comment in favor of trump sduring these hearings is appalling and should never happen again with the freedom of speech being our first amendment

  • That is true!

  • Sherlock Holmes was one of the best investigating officers and he said you need data data data evidence evidence to prove something.

  • He is no victim!

  • He is a criminal!

  • He is scared of Joe Biden!

  • What does this have to do this hearings!

  • I cannot believe you said that. The voters are not stupid even if you think so.

  • Yours is fiction!

  • He is not allowed to smear a ambassador!

  • Drama is you!

  • Yes it is!

  • Good idea! Blame him it is his fault! After he got caught!

  • Yes it does!

  • Thank God for Black women like Ms. Jackson Lee. Always fighting for the rights of all people. 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾

  • Get trump out!!

  • Nadler, a dual citizen, is leading the impeachment.

  • It’s times like these where I truly question if I’m seeing the same thing as Democrats. How hard is it to see through bs when it’s literally right in front of your face. Critical thinking is important.

  • Isn't it a lil too late to impeach?

  • It's a shame The Washington Post has become nothing but a mouthpiece for the Democrats, Jeffrey can suck on it I'd rather read my grandson,s Ranger Rick's and what you read is based on fact not fiction

  • Both Republicans and Democrats are corrupt…to keep the People of the United States fighting amongst ourselves…We the People need to get money out of politics…if we hate each other…they can focus on making sure the top 1% of the population gets richer

    Edit: spelling mistake

  • Go Andrew Yang❤️

  • I hope they don't impeach him

  • Did Reachenthaler finish middle school? He sounds like a 7th grader making up a book report.

  • Sham, just political tantrum over someone you dont like!

  • Pres. Trump did not abuse his power in asking Pres. Zelensky to help POTUS investigate corruption here and in Ukraine under the Treaty Agreement, signed by former Pres. Bill Clinton, between the two countries to cooperate in investigating crimes (which includes corruption) committed in the US or in Ukraine. POTUS is the Top Enforcer of our laws in this country. As such, he can order the investigation of any crime committed or possibly committed especially by powerful people in this country. When a reported $40 billion in aid to Ukraine could not be totally accounted for and when the EU has been hesitant to prop up their financial aid to Ukraine, it was prudent for Pres. Trump to have thought very carefully and required that the newly elected government in Ukraine was properly vetted in terms of their firm commitment on implementing transparency in government, and investigating and rooting out corruption which they ran on during the election. Any delay in releasing the $400 million of taxpayers’ money in military and other aid to Ukraine, until this vetting procedure was completed, was just warranted and justified. Remember, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The abuse of power that I can see here is the Democrats in Congress OVER-REACHING into the functions of the Executive Branch of our government in trying to question every move that Pres. Trump has been making: be it in building a border wall, setting up policies to contain the influx of caravans of illegal immigrants coming in from Central America, banning immigration of Muslims from countries where terrorism is rampant, dealing with foreign leaders like Kim Jong Un, Pres. Erdogan, Pres. Putin, etc. The Democrats, in continuing this political Clown Show, (that was started by shifty Adam Schiff) via the House Judiciary Committee, failed again miserably in gaining the support of the American people in impeaching POTUS.

  • It is actually a massive abuse of power these democrats are showing. It is them who are abusing their power.

  • After reading some of the comments I can't believe America is this to believe some of these Republican talking points and conspiracy theory nonsense.

  • GOP underhanded time wasting rats

  • I will vote for trump and from what i hear from my family they will vote for trump. This is another example of wasted tax money and time.

  • Mr Swalwell is a bullshit artist

  • This is a world joke, these democrats are the laughing stock of the world. I never seen such a circus of idiots, love watching this is so funny!

  • We as the people should create a new branch called the freedom political party to show both sides that when its all said n done we as the people actually have more of a right than them. Bc if it wasn't for us none this would be possible

  • Total BS……TOTAL. DEMOCRATS HAVE NOBODY TO RUN. This is what they do. Lie, cheat, and steal.
    A new low for Democrats.

  • New standard practice for impeachment. 1. No bi-partison support 2. Impeach just because you dont agree 3. Take opinions and hearsay as facts 4. Complain about LONG-STANDING executive privilege laws and call it obstruction.

    Republicans should start impeaching the next democratic president in 2024, or whenever that will be, because after all is said and done Trump will be found innocent in the Senate and win in 2020.

  • It starts around 29:07

  • Nope I don't see it ,trump should not be president period. We are Americans other countries are laughing at us . What happened to us as people. I wish Jesus just come and takes us all . Too much hate on this planet. Pulchritudinous earth with hateful people living inside of it.

  • What will be historic is when Barr and Durham get to these slimy cheating A Holes ….. EPIC in fact ! Trump 2020 by a Landslide !

  • I think the Democrats are accusing Trump of runing a tyrannical Government.

  • These white old men, the dinosaurs, can barely speak, and all they wanna do is take a nap…..
    This is disgusting.
    We need a new Young blood in the government.

  • Gohmert is a bold faced liar 🤥

  • Nazi show trial.
    "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither
    does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of any change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
    – Justice William O. Douglas

  • JNad is dozing. Tell me term limits wouldn’t help.

  • He just said all you all have on these hearings is the facts news flash dum dum the facts is all that's needed to proceed.

  • Nobody: I guess the American constitution contradicts itself since we can’t figure out what the right thing to do is .

  • D's are WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS!! WTF are they doing w/their time?? They say they can "walk & chew gum @ the same time"…THEN SHOW AMERICA YOU CAN…because…right now…ALL OF YOU are WASTING AMERICAN'S MONEY!! Also, isn't it ironic that SUDDENDLY USMCA is NOW FINALLY PASSED?? Hmmm…WHY NOT MONTHS AGO?? Oh right…that fake impeachment thing…

  • Trump is doing good for America! Stop the bulshit and let the president work.

  • Jackson Lee blowing smoke.


  • Mr. Chabot is great🙏 professional. Mr. Bass is useless.

  • 8:23:58 "We call that a mic drop moment" – BOSS MOVE – This needs to go viral!!

  • Nadler you’re a sad little man to get you into the situation that you’re in. History will speak of you as a Little Clown that Nancy blamed half of this false impeachment on notice that she distances her self from the responsibility for it. Schiff on the other hand is doing the most important thing he will every accomplish in his hole career. Crooked lawyers doing evil things for three years and still fail to accomplish anything. Sham shame.

  • Democracy on the Razors edge

  • Nadler held up better than I thought

  • All Democrats need to be arrested then executed for treason.

  • Someone like Swallwell needs to be bumped into the Ranking member for Democrats.

  • ​I just took a Schiff wiped my pelosi shook my yang and scratched my NADLERS

  • One thing I find kinda funny is that the left has gotten so many investigations into all sorts of people and events tied to trump. But when trump starts his own investigation, he goes to the gulag.
    (btw not conservative, just noticed the irony)

  • This is when I wish all these people could have read the messages we read on Russia's tactics! Lol (not) it is strange fruit seeing the law abiding GOP twist themselves in a knot to denigrate all the institutions they said they would protect because they protect our democracy and the American people! To throw it all away on a con man! Who doesn't give 2 fycks about any of it. Yet has To pay for and grab pu$$y in order to get a woman. Wow!

  • Taking children from their parents is embarrassing.

  • President Trump fixed all the screw ups previous administrations gave us over 40 years and here's what we get from democrats since he was elected President.

  • What is facts is that a lot and I mean A LOT OF PEOPLE are in prison bc of this president man. Smh.

  • Republican party are a bunch of fluffers for this lying POS president.

  • Debate?
    Democrats do not listen.
    They just cram it down your throat.

  • The politicians in Washington has thrown a 3 year long hissy fit since a gameshow host beat them at their own game. Even the intelligence community and media joined the fight and Trump is still winning😄

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