Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

This video is brought to you by your contributions on Patreon. Click here to lend your support to history education online. Hey folks, As a few of you may know, I am currently knee deep in my PhD. What you may not know is what I work on. My research is on the September 11th attacks, specifically about their legacy. I study how events are remembered and how that congeals into a shared history. Now, when I mention this to people at dinner parties, because I love to keep things light and fluffy, I get two major responses. The first is people who want to tell me their own flashbulb memories of the day of the attack. I’m okay with this. I nod along and try to forget all the literature that shows that flashbulb memories are almost universally wrong, but hey it’s a party and we’re all having fun talking about 9/11. The second major reaction I get is people asking me THAT question. “Was 9/11 an inside job?” Given that we’re coming up to the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and the one year anniversary of my first Step Back video about conspiracy theories, I think that it’s time to answer question number two for everyone. So all aboard our hologram plane missile full of lizard aliens, and let’s do this. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the attacks I am talking about were when in September of 2001, hijackers from the Islamic radical terrorist group al-Qaeda coordinated four simultaneous terrorist attacks, crashing commercial airplanes into the Pentagon and each of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The passengers and crew of the fourth plane managed to subdue the hijackers, and crashed into a rural field in Shanksville Pennsylvania instead of the intended target which some think was either the White House or the Capitol building. Someone get on THAT alternate history novel. This tragedy was a live media disaster. People were glued to their televisions. Over the next few months the US government led a UN invasion of Afghanistan. Just a year after that, the US was considering an invasion of Iraq. For… reasons. This was the beginning of what we now call the global war on terror, and no matter what your political leaning it is hard to deny the impact the 9/11 attacks and subsequent war on terror have had on our modern world. They are a little quieter today, but at the time there were plenty of media and protesters out there who argued that what we saw on September 11th was not all it appeared to be. From the day of the attacks, media ambiguities, dodgy reports, and the sheer gravity of the event led many to formulate all sorts of conspiracy theories against whatever group they wanted. So to begin digging in, let’s look at all the theories that conspiracy theorists have made over the years. They range from highly technical questions about structural engineering, to literal accusations of lizard aliens orchestrating the attacks from their moon base. Some conspiracy theorists say that the US government intentionally looked the other way and let the attacks happen. Claims to this extent mention that the 9/11 plans had been on the CIA’s list of potential plots, but that the Bush administration had ignored it. The Air Force had also been conveniently doing air drills that day, meaning that the military was hobbled, and was too slow to intercept the hijacked airplanes. Others point to insider trading that happened before the attack as “evidence” that it was premeditated. For example, there were a number of odd stock decisions made just before the attacks. American Airlines had spent the last few days receiving a large amount of put options on their stock. This is when stock traders bet on a stock going down. It seems suspicious if you don’t mention that the company a few days earlier reported losses, and no other airline seemed to receive these options. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center, had just renewed the insurance contract on the towers a few months earlier. After the 1994 bombing of these same towers, he included protection against terrorism as part of the contract. Also looks suspicious. There were even claims of secret gold being moved out of World trade Center 7 just days before. Going even bigger, some claim that the attacks were in themselves a staged event. Some making the argument that the towers themselves were demolished in a controlled explosion rather than a plane crash. This theory is supported either by misinterpreting Larry Silverstein’s choice to let building 7 collapse rather than risk any more firefighters dying to save it, or by noting a bunch of weird structural details that many experts have since refuted. I will give a link to a nice nerdy description down below in the comments, but I will point out one major thing. Thermite doesn’t explode… It can’t really be used for demolishing buildings. It’s designed for disabling vehicles. But to address all these claims in this video would be a logistical nightmare as many are highly technical. A lot of books have been written addressing these claims, including a really good one published by Popular Mechanics, I suggest you start there. Again, I’ll put all this info down below. Some theorists, such as conspiracy media darling Alex Jones speculated that flight 93 was suspicious. This is the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Jones claims it looks like a coverup because the debris field was too big. But, this was soundly denied by an airline accident expert who worked on a similar crash back in 1996. Sometimes a small logistical error can explode into a new conspiracy claim, such as accusations that Flight 93 landed safely in Ohio. These types of claims come from some sort of organizational error on the day. Which is to be expected of course because it was chaotic. Pointing out that logistical errors are not unusual typically results in a “nuh uh” response, and so you’re left in an empty debate. In such a situation, I pick the side that has the least assumptions. Going abroad, some theorists accuse that other governments knew about the plot, but withheld information to the US allowing it to occur. Some argue that Pakistan’s intelligence service, or Israel’s Mossad knew about the attacks, or that Saudi Arabia funded them. The former head of Pakistani intelligence is actually a believer in the conspiracy theories, as is the former president of Italy Francesco Cossiga. Let’s break these theories about foreign governments down. Did Pakistani intelligence know ahead of time? Maybe. However, at any given time in any given intelligence agency there are so many potential plots all with differing levels of credibility. Like with the CIA’s missing warnings about the attacks, it could have easily been overlooked by the Pakistanis as well. I imagine Mossad might be a similar story. As far as Saudi Arabia, it has such a giant royal family, and so much money flowing in and out of its government, that some of that money could definitely have wound up in al-Qaeda’s coffers. Whether this was part of official Saudi government policy is quite a heavy charge without anything but circumstantial evidence. And, Cossiga rescinded his trutherism. So here the conspiracy people might be right. There might be a log in some intelligence database about the 9/11 plot and Saudi money probably did get into al-Qaeda bank accounts, but it’s just a tad more complex than that. Some theorists claim that the forensic evidence of the attacks was covered up. These theories range from denying that the Flight 77 black box was irreparably damaged to the idea that Osama Bin Laden’s video taking credit for the attacks was a forgery. Some conspiracy theorists focus on this tape, and not the 2007 tape by Bin Laden taking responsibility in order to absolve the Taliban, or the al-Jazeera interview with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh, the two men who planned the attacks, confessing their involvement. The US has arrested quite a few people who have laid out the story of the attacks rather well by this point. Inevitably there are also claims that the attacks were conducted by Israeli agents rather than extremist Islamic militants, and of course that theory comes with the very charming accusation that many Jews working in the towers didn’t show up for work… You can’t have a conspiracy movement without someone blaming Jews… There are also a few theories that get a little more… fanciful. There is of course the claim that the planes used in the attacks were not planes at all, but missiles covered in a hologram. Or my favourite conspiracy guru himself, David Icke’s positing that the attacks were orchestrated by lizard aliens that live on the moon. No joke, it’s… a real thing. So we have all of these claims the conspiracy theorists have laid down, but why do they think the attacks were ordered? There is the Pax Americana conspiracy theorists who claim that the attacks were orchestrated by Neo-Conservatives set on world dominance. Given their completely illegal war in Iraq, and dubious claims to get there, they aren’t doing themselves any favors here. However, the haphazard planning of these wars, and the long-term disaster it has been for Neo-conservatives who have really lost their grip on power in the last decade or so, don’t really point to an all-powerful group. Capitalizing on tragedy doesn’t necessarily point to conspiracy. The second explanation is that the attacks were orchestrated in order to launch a series of wars to seize the global oil supply. The problem here, is that unless they found a way to make oil from opium, nuts, or rugs, Afghanistan was not a wise place to start. Iraq is rich in oil, but not the richest. The US has plenty of states in the Middle-East that are both friendly, and have plenty of oil. If I were to posit a reason for the Iraq war, it was because the moment they were in they felt they could expand US interests in the region by taking out leaders that oppose US hegemony in the region. Like say… Saddam Hussein. The third major explanation is that the attacks were meant to bring about the New World Order. This is a favorite of Alex Jones, who claims a disparate network of banks, corporations, globalists, and military folks wanted a war to establish a world government. These theories are older than 9/11, but in the conspiracy world, everything finds its way back to the New World Order. It’s like a Saturday morning cartoon super-villain version of Neo-liberalism. Seriously guys, just read some David Harvey. You totally don’t need elaborate schemes for rich elites to take over the planet. The 9/11 truth movement really peaked around the Bush years. And in many ways it stood as a resistance to Bush and the War on Terror, rather than a serious allegation. There were a few big media products such as the movies Loose Change and Zeitgeist, but they don’t get up to as much trouble as they used to. Belief in 9/11 conspiracies is almost a relic, and now we have a whole new set of conspiracies to define our age. Why did these conspiracies spread so rapidly? Well it doesn’t help that many people watched the 9/11 attacks live. When watching a media event like this live, we find lots of ambiguous, and conflicting reports as things unfold in real time. It happened during the terrorist attacks in Paris last fall. Maybe it’s just a trade-off of our desire for immediate information. Many people have studied the role of hearsay and folklore in developing conspiracy theories. Many 9/11 conspiracies have their roots in urban legends, which in the age of the internet spread much faster than we can fact check, no matter how hard Snopes tries. There are, of course, millennialists who are always on the look out for the latest sign of the end of the world, which leads to a lot of people pushing the envelope in order to justify their Revelations canned food collection. And of course many people are just drawn to the occult and mystical answers. It surprises me not one bit that people have tried to pull out Nostradamus to retroactively predict the future. As I mentioned in my first video on this channel, creating an overarching plan makes people comfortable. It means that we don’t have to worry that a few people with box-cutters can massacre 3,000 people, because only big government orchestrated operations can wreak that sort of havoc. It sucks a lot of the ambiguity out of the world, and lets the theorist be the hero in their own David and Goliath story. I’d have been more surprised if there wasn’t a conspiracy theory or seven about these attacks. The events were so big it brought out every corner of the conspiracy realm. There are both left and right wing conspiracy theorists who either believe that the attacks were to act as casus belli for a warmongering neo-liberal, or for the nanny state to take over our lives and take our guns. We can’t forget that there is always a sci-fi contingency, and for some reason a bunch of people who just really really hate Jews. The attacks were a tragedy, and terrorism does just what the name implies. 9/11 made us feel vulnerable, when in the west we have been so comfy and safe from afar. It brought the conflicts and violence that we are not innocent of to our front door, and that makes us uneasy. It makes sense then that we can take comfort in thinking it was all a cover up. I know I’m going to regret this, but if you have anything to add to this conversation please let me know down below. 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  • Learn more about when history meets conspiracy theory here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR3tdy4m7eo&list=PLnpoOo7lhNnEAi75mgBjZ2ESW8WXOuqAj

    Also if you want people more qualified than I discussing the more technical parts of the 9/11 truther claims, check out Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts published by Popular Mechanics which you can get at http://amzn.to/2gTrYuJ (affiliate link, purchases help the channel)

  • I think if you lived in the US you would have a much better understanding of the fact that we don't trust our government very much, nor should we. Also you cite studies debunking government involvement theories, but there are just as many with sound experts asking legitimate questions about what happened. If you paint a broad brush over all conspiracy theories it's easy to make them all seem implausible, but many are legitimate questions that need to be asked. I'd much rather ask questions than take the US government word for what happened. As a Canadian you may want to start asking those questions also, and not be so quick to lap up all the US gov feeds to you.

  • technically thermite can explode if it comes into contact with ice… but its more of a OH MY GOD THE PAIN THE PAIN!!! DROPLETS OF FLESH MELTING IRON EVERYWHERE!!!
    (though white phospor or napalm is probably worse though)

    not so much BOOOM! type exploding…

    kinda nitpicky but meh…

  • that Saudi Arabia funded it is arguably true to some extent since Osama was a Saudi with rich relatives… (why got escorted safely out of the country)

    other the that it's only an inside job in so far as that they neo-cons where waiting impatiently for this kind of event to push their agenda… not actually necessary to stage it it was bound to happen sooner or later…

    Also the Whahabi nonsense behind Al qaeda is directly from saudi arabia so… guilty as charged at least in an inoffical capasity..

    anyway just compare the saudis to isis and it's clear they are scumbags (government that is)
    They both behead people for total nonsense.

    and they are profoundly shitty allies.

  • Also i have to say i think your wrong to dismiss the israeli angle because it seam like an anti-jewish conspiracy…

    Israel is a country not a race and a pretty arrogant dushbagish one that tend to get up to all kinds of shady shit….

    that said i think it's unlikely that they did 9/11… because it would be stupid risky as a false flag operation… it would require trump level stupid to try something like that!

    But i also suspect they have rather a cynical view of america given that the main political ally in the US are crazy ass christian fanatics that want to bring about the end times by giving Isreal back to the Jews.. (that story does not end well for most of the Jews)

    It feels like its a rather backhanded kind of alliance….

    the only ally more weird would be Saudi Arabia… i mean they are pretty hard to tell apart form Isis… more oil seams to be the only distinguishing feature… oh and well women are allowed to drive now! yay!

    seriously why the fuck is the US allied to a tyrannical kingdom rather like a democracy like Iran who is directly opposed to the lunatic terrorism branch of Islam. (ok so from my point of view it's all disgusting mind rot regardless of what abrahamic crap it is but well ..)

    oh well that got ranty…

    but anyway there are plenty of better reasons why Israel could not have done 9/11 so it feel kinda dumb to take the one that is more like a bad Jews can never be criticized for anything card… because victim-hood… (even though basically all the victims are dead of old age by now and the Israelis are busy subjecting another people to slow but brutal ethnic cleansing)

    (keep in mind i think Palestinians are bloody stupid dumb-asses too… frankly i think they should be forced to live with each other so they have to secularize the hell out of the government to get along (never a bad thing)

    Seriously a "Jewish democracy" is an oxymoron! you cant put any religion in from of democracy or any ethnicity you only get democracy in vanilla flavor!

    damn it i went all ranty again…

  • lol Thermite doesn't explode so obviously had no effect. Demolition companies use thermite to demo buildings!

  • Saudi Arabia did fund the terrorist attack and a US lawsuit agents the Saudi government has opened

  • The only thing this video proves is that you will be excluded from society if you even suggest the governments explanation could be flawed.

  • Jet fuel doesn't melt steel memes.

  • Just think about all we were witnesses to- purging of liberal voices in the media, threats of anthrax sent to people in the media and government. Pictures of torture and the threat of the assassination program. Blackwater committing wholesale murder with no legal remedy. Both wars seemed to be deliberately sabotaged and we are to assume it's because the folks in power who have invested huge amounts of money in the outcome of the wars didn't bother to draw from thousands of years of military history. Can you blame people for being a little suspicious?

  • Gulf of Tonkin (started Vietnam war) incident was recent declassified as never having happened? Also, check out WTC 7 as many have stated in the form.

  • I was so hoping for this to come up with explanations, not only ridiculing conspiracy theories.

  • All things aside can someone explain how building 7 collapsed. I am genuinely curious, how can a building with so little fire collapsed while since then we have seen many other incidents of fires in skyscrapers where none of the buildings collapsed.

  • While I don't think 9/11 was an inside job I have to correct you on the oil and Afghanistan part. It is true that Afghanistan doesn't have oil, but the US wanted to build pipelines there to bring oil through Afghanistan.

  • We muslims are sorry man the delusional people that joined extremists movements shall be punished but yes we feel the hate and we understand why if the west did not hate us then they would be crazy, our people bombed your cities and towers how can they not be mad at us?

  • All of you people who actually believe that this was an inside job by our own government are as ignorant are as you can be. There is no way our government could pull this off and for it to remain completely secret for so many years.

    With Wiki leaks and all the other information that has come out over the years there has not been a hint of Truth to the conspiracies you people claim 911 was.

    You people pushing this inside job bullship on to others should be ashamed of yourselves you are a disgrace to the American people.

  • It is enough to see the perfect symmetrical (and 2.25-2.5 s free fall) demolition of builing 7 to understand that it is a false flag/inside job. Also, you have not done your lesson about nano thermite, its explosive-like reaction. You don't get it, and its a really bad video. Sorry man, but Im sure you are a nice guy if even if you really don't get it yet

  • Just bc the media told you that Al-Qaeda hijacked planes, this means you are going to believe them without even thinking or doubting. That's why news are made: the people would believe the things bc they are on the news so they are obviously true, that's a LIE. Just bc we tell you something, doesn't mean it's always true. How do you know terrorists did that ? You never saw them, you didn't eat dinner with them, they never told they did, if they're lying or not..we don't know, from where can you prove that, there's wasn't anyone saying Allahuakbar, maybe some normal people were in the plane.

  • Operation Northwoods bla bla bla

  • This guy is an agent

  • Oil wasn't the only reason for Iraq, it was about installing a US-owned puppet, again, and controlling their economy, oil's just a part of it, gold is another part too. At least, that's what I'm lead to believe. What say you, SBH?

  • What do you think about the tv show the lone gunman having a episode that aired the spring before the attack. In the episode a government group remotely hijacked two airlines jets and attempted to crash them into the twin towers to start a war in the Middle East.

  • Two countries Saudi and Israel

  • Bullshit !

  • And do and Tha Lord and Tha love there's coming end Tha lamb and Tha Lord is in and Tha heart and Tha people sunny god bless you

  • You forgot to actually answer the question lol

  • Imo Blatant inside job.people are just scared to believe it.how anyone could live with the guilt I'm not sure.money is the root of all evil they say.i hope I'm wrong


  • Your video is really unhelpful, you're just attacking conspiracy theorists in general, you've done way less research than most of the online theorists , you're entitled to opinion but it's just wrong, these people are important.

    The biggest disservice you've done is by mixing crazy theories in with decent, factual based ones. The idea of labelling anyone who doesn't agree with the official line a conspiracy theorist is just wrong, it's like you honestly believe the government or media will automatically tell you the truth 100% of the time and that there are never any hidden agendas, plots or events designed to manipulate people. Even with the recent stuff with Cambridge Analytica?

    When you're looking for truth you don't even really need to look at the facts or detail, you just look at who wins. The facts are that the pro war group and the intelligence agencies won from 9/11, they already wanted a war in the middle east an the intelligence agencies had their legal powers expanded at home. The Arabs on the other hand died and had their countries invaded, so maybe you should take some time to rethink your view of how the world works.

  • no milk for ur damn milk boi? blame da damn jews for it (working for 4000 years) (0 % morality) (100% of ignorance)

  • This video was designed to allow sheep to sleep better at night.I’d love to debate this guy. Come at me, bro! Meanwhile, one question: is there something about freefall speed that you don’t understand?

  • Popular mechanics is a joke, thermite does not have to "explode" it just needs to melt

  • Free fall. Free fall. Free fall. Free fall.

  • For a channel that claims to know about history…..you have shockingly little knowledge about history. For fucks sake, the US used a false flag event (the gulf of tonkin) to start the vietnam war just a few decades earlier.

    Not just that, but we also have a wealth of new information (such as our ALLIES the saudi having funded the terrorists in 9/11….but our government still claiming it was a country UNRELATED starting a war we eventually found out had no weapons of mass destruction or even attacked us……)

    Lol, seriously, you need to learn a bit of history……right now this channel is just "random guy makes youtube videos about what he thinks".

  • People never said it exploded . They point in out it was used to cut pillar supports

  • Operation Northwood, Operation Gladio.. You know what sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory to me? A bunch of guys armed with box cutters outsmarted the world's greatest military force and changed the world forever. Smug losers like you are directly responsible for so much pain and suffering in the world. You make me sick.

  • Ahhh just do a proper investigation and answer all the remaining question people have. No wonder there so many theories! Basically nothing is explained

  • This video is a joke. Waste of time.

  • There's a whole lot of bunk in 9/11 theories, as this video points out. But, there are some good questions posed by the 'theorists'. (1) Why won't the Pentagon release the videos of the impact in order to 'shut-up' the people who say it wasn't a plane? (2) How can we explain the audio and first hand accounts of the "bang bang bang bang bang" sound that immediately proceeded each collapse? (3) How did the WTC7 building completely collapse if no plane had hit it? Personally, I am 9/11 agnostic; I remain unconvinced by the 'conspiracy theorists', but more troubling, I also remain unconvinced by those who debunk the those theories.

  • The entire middle east was an inside job

  • debris and fire did not make building 7 fall the way it did. no way.

    true that thermite doesn't explode, but it does melt steel beams in a hurry (and cause a "pancake" collapse). but more importantly, why is thermite present? are the reports about molten steel in the debris all lies? maybe, but probably not. (remember occam).

    just because there are a bunch of kooky theories out there, it doesn't make the official theory true. simple logic.

    weapons manufacturers make boatloads of cash from conflict and war. the people who control the military and their weapons are the ones really in power. who can control them? …. lawmakers? regulators? lol. no way…at the end of the day, beyond all the red tape and regulations, might is right. basic and simple, like your razor.

    didn't bobby kennedy used to say things like "if we can afford billions to fight a war in vietnam, i'm sure we can find some money to help the poor in our own country"

    good point about the put options. i had never heard it was only one airline. but once again, disproving a kooky theory (or a million kooky theories) gives no more credence to the "official" government kooky theory.

    i mean really….do you really believe that
    debris fell from 1 and 2 onto 7.
    fires started.
    then the entire building fell down all at once into a pile of rubble??

    lol….that's as ridiculous as the alien one.

  • YouTube is slowly censoring all truth…

  • The Patrotisting 9/11 video I have seen. Which quite candidly and jokily brushes evidence away. This video does not say who did it . But still sit on the fence. Not so funny but quite patrotising.

  • I thought you were talking about the 9/11 of 1973

  • im pretty sure the guy who is doing the inside job is hiding in a BUSH

  • poor muslims

  • I don't think renewing an insurance with coverage for terrorism is suspicious since the world trade center had been a target of such actions before…

  • Stop thinking America, that's exactly what this moron slimbag is saying.

  • So whats the bottom line here.you talk about all the conspiracy theoreys but at the end you dont say what was real and what was bullshit.

  • Also why would a plane suddenly explode into a gigantic ball of fire just for touching a building.it exploded immediately.why???

  • why did you delve into the Pakistani and Saudi conspiracies, but you sidestep the Israeli conspiracy. It's is intresting how when talking abut the jewish people on any level there is almost a censorship or at the very least an attitude of benevolence as if they can do no wrong.

  • Read how American Spanish war started after uss Maine exploded.

    Same thing – inside job

  • Hey Mr PHD. Why is Al Qaeda thousands of time larger today than in 2001 and fighting for US regime change agendas in Libya, Syria, etc.

  • My seven year old has more common sense than this Moron…

  • Waste of time

  • Yes ut was . 100% it will be exposed when the plan is complete and america is gone. People that refused to see evidence will be crying

  • Thermite can absolutely be used…..q guy on YouTube did a video on it and controlled it however he wanted

  • This really happened bruh

  • YouTube fr hides all actual conspiracy videos about this when u look it up

  • I believe Osama Bin Laden worked for someone who told him to help in 9/11
    No one is born bad
    When it was 9/11 on a school day, the only thing that was stuck in my head was the name Osama Bin Laden
    But after seeing the unseen footage, all I can think about are the people who died during this time

  • I'll just group all the crazy claims with legitimate claims and call them all crazy, so that I can dismiss all of them as crazy nonsense, because I don't actually know what I'm talking about.

  • What a tacky video.

  • Other of your videos were better. The facts and their interpretations need to be scrutinized.

  • It wasn't a inside job because

    The planes came from the outside

  • Wait.. Saudi did fund 9/11. I thought that was un-disputed fact.

  • Thermite can be used to cut steel a guy did it …..cell phones dont work that far up and they would be going to fast even if they were low enough wich brings me to my next point planes cant fly that fast that low its just an impossibly. To many coincidences

  • Cheney did a good job disguising his voice here.

  • I believe UA 93 was meant for building 7 but that plan failed so the next best thing was to take advantage of the explosives that were planted.

  • It was air,after all each floor was a acre of air,the pressure had to go somewhere

  • This video is a joke, you should never have made it 😅

  • This video made me not want to watch any of your other ones.

  • YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why the fuck does youtube feel the need to post the wikipedia article on the bottom of the video? fucking assholes

  • Inside Job ?

    Uhh YEA !

  • Millennialist? Or millenarian?

  • This guy is either working for the CIA or a complete idiot.

  • I giggled everytime you said NEW WORLD ORDER.

  • Um, thermite actually CAN explode… Do you even research?

  • Wow I never knew that WTF

  • WTC 7.

  • sleeping well.

  • Perfect example of why the 'Disable Comments' feature exists.

  • I know this is an old video, but I’d love to see you break down David Ickes bit

    My pet theory is that he wants to peddle antisemitism in a modern pseudo-mystic form. Just put Jewish in for “reptoids” (or whatever parlance he is using in any given moment) and it is essentially the Protocols of the Elder Zion.

  • Have you considered the fact that jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams?

  • I think the hologram theory is when I paused and questioned how valid any of these explanations could be if they contradicted each other.

    If I'm being honest, part of me still feels like there was some shady shit going on that day but we'll never know specifically what it was and we just sound like crazy people making wild claims and blaming Jews and the illuminati or whatever.

  • The Government has always been so honest with us, and only has our best interests in mind. There's no way such a loving and selfless entity like the United States government would ever want to hurt us for personal gain!

  • I had not heard the Lizard Aliens – yes we need more Education funding.

  • What is inside job ?

  • “we are all having fun talking about 9/11”. the level of disrespect is astonishing.

  • Funny little man, represented by a real cartoon man, while working on his Piled Higher and Deeper, takes time to join the YouTube shut down of 9/11 alternative views.

  • Yes it was an inside job.

  • Of course it was an inside job.

  • Just listen to the life savers life the NYFD they know a building taken down with explosives better then anyone.

  • Is it a conspiracy that I can’t get the popular engineering book in the Uk 🤨and if you want it broken down in really simple terms watch the film one by one staring Rik Mayall who died unexpectedly 🤔

  • 1st of all, when linking to conspiracy theory sites, I would not title them, "Resources on technical 9/11 claims"; this makes it sound as if they are in any way legitimate when they aren't.

    2nd, it is AMAZING how many people became instant engineers on September 12, 2001, and after.

    3rd, I am an actual, degreed Mechanical Engineer (not just the YouTube kind), and I'm not sure if you had seen this technical paper from MIT on the WTC collapse since you said you were doing your PhD on this topic. Warning…VERY math/engineering heavy:


    Tristan – if you have any technical questions from the legitimate technical paper I just linked, feel free to get in touch.

    Random YouTube conspiracy theory commenters who already have their minds made up and are determined to Wikipedia their way to victory by refuting the MIT paper, godspeed on your noble journey. Do not contact me because I will ignore you. It's really for your own good because I don't want to distract you from your daunting task.

    Now stop wasting time. Alex Jones is counting on you.

  • Operation Northwoods

  • I don't know who did it but iraq did not it iraq was for OIL end of story

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