Want to edit your search history? 🔍 | Pro Tips from TeamYouTube

Hey everyone, I’m Victoria, and welcome
to another episode of Pro Tips! Today I want to show you how to get to your
search history on YouTube, and how it works. To view your search history, you’ll need
to sign into YouTube. In the Guide, click History. Now click “Search history”. From here, you can remove individual search
entries from search suggestions, pause your search history, or clear your entire search
history. Now that you know how to manage your search
history, I want to share a few quick tips. First, any entries you delete will no longer
influence your recommendations. Second, after clearing this, your past searches
will no longer show in the search box. Finally, any searches you enter while your
search history is paused won’t be saved. We’ve included more info about this in the
description below, and if you have any questions around search history, let us know in the
comments! Thanks for watching!

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