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WARNING. The uniform you are going to see has nothing to do with the uniforms of the Waffen SS. This is a tank crew uniform in the Hermann Göring (Luftwaffe) division Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation of DENIX replicas. Today, I have the honor to present the modern Walther P38. Before starting, I need to clarify some points, as usual: Although it’s “non-firing weapons”, I will speak of “replicas” for simplicity. This video series is made in close collaboration with the manufacturer Denix, whom I thank very much for their support. But this doesn’t mean that I won’t talk about the defects encountered on their replica. I make reviews and not advertisements that encourage you to buy. Many people will ask me “what is the point of presenting material that doesn’t shoot (so no airsoft), and that isn’t a weapon with a story? ” Historically, there are none, actually. This block of metal and plastic will have no purpose other than to look pretty. But when all neutralized original weapons have been banned by our governments, there will be only replicas like this to show the public how life was in the 1940s. So who is this type of replica for? Collectors, fans of the reenactment, enthusiasts wishing to decorate their collection without selling a lung; props film or theater, to avoid having a real weapon in front of a potential audience. In addition, I challenge you to find a replica of this model gun for less than 60€. Denix, what is it? It is a Spanish company created in 1967 specializing in the reproduction of weapons from antiquity to 1982. They are market leaders, and export to nearly 40 countries in the world. In the field of WW1 and WW2, they offer about forty replicas. They also have a YouTube channel, I invite you to discover it, the link is in the description of this video. We will now proceed to the analysis of this replica by Denix. This replica, as I mentioned, is made of metal (zamak) and plastic. So its weight is 710g when an original will be 880g, a difference of 170g. That’s almost 20% less weight compared to the original. Not loaded. But what’s the use of knowing that? Absolutely nothing! But I’m sure it can serve as info. No, just to say, in a holster, That’s accepted! You will have a greater weight than if you take a plastic Cybergun P38. For example. Why in introduction I said “modern”? Because the Walther P38 was ahead of its time, with several features that were later taken over by more modern weapons. Namely a 9mm pistol in double action, with a lateral safety lever that will uncock the hammer. Here we find all these features. OR NOT. Indeed, this block of metal and plastic will have no other purpose than to look pretty, I already told you! Everything is fake! EVEN THE MAGAZINE! It’s to get used to the new European regulation where everything is welded, guys, it’s only for that! Sorry P38, you are a replica weapon, but we can’t raise you to the rank of pistol. As long as we are there, we continue with the defects… Do you have qualities to say anyway? Uh no. Yet the P38 is your favorite gun? Um yes. So that’s why you’re disappointed? No. It’s just difficult to find qualities. And I won’t use the famous phrase “it has the merit of existing”. That’s the kind of phrase sales people when they have nothing else to say. Since we find much more interesting in airsoft. Ok. So please have fun. No, first I balance the defects, and after that I will have fun! But not in front of everyone. On the right side, we find the traditional “Denix Made in Spain”, which won’t be easy to remove, because well in the hollow. But it will be possible with a little bit of Dremel. Moreover on the right side, you will quickly see that there is a screw above the trigger. And it serves as an axis for trigger. Still Denix’s disease that puts screws everywhere, and even screws WOOD. On METAL. Which replaces an axis. Allo! So I chose to remove the head of the screw to keep the axis, then I fixed the axis with the part that will be mobile here, since this piece is supposed to move to operate the mechanism of the hammer. And I covered everything with a business card that I repainted in black. It’s not hard to do and it makes it much better. As I removed the Denix Made in Spain, I had to cold blue it again. So I took the opportunity to add a mark. Because here we are not on a P38 but on a P3. That’s the original marking. What did it cost to add the 8? (which was on older versions). The problem is that we are on zamak. I even used a letter to hit, which I typed like a patient, except that the zamak is fragile, and I was really afraid to break the bolt. So I added my 8, but it isn’t as deep as the P, the point and the 3. And the height of the top, the slide was slightly sunken because of that. Why not “P38”? Maybe a license story. There isn’t even the Walther logo! Namely that the Walther logo was for civilians, not for the military. But we will notice the effort that has been made for the rest of the markings, with n.m. 44 on the left side. Well, the manufacturer n.m doesn’t exist. In 44, there were only two manufacturers: Mauser (byf) and Walther (ac). And the serial number 2637 that will also be found on the main body. I still note the effort, but obviously, all numbers will be identical on all models. And we find a small marking “F” in the hollow of the selector, for Feuer. By cons, the back of the bolt is ugly, we agree? The hammer isn’t beautiful, and one should have a shape a little more rounded on the back. And the loading indicator isn’t reproduced. The loading indicator is the small rod that comes out when a cartridge is chambered. Once you have it in your pocket, you just have to thumb over to see if a cartridge is ready to fire or not. The bolt catch, it moves. Difficult but it moves. But it will serve strictly nothing, since there is no notch to block the bolt. It won’t be possible to keep it back. So bolt catch: dummy. The disassembly lever: dummy. The safety lever: dummy. The magazine: dummy. Only the bolt and the hammer are not! But we hear the horrible sounds of friction and springs. Oh, it hurts so much… The price for this replica is 61€. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HERE WE ARE! We had to start with that! A minimum of parts for maximum savings! That’s why it’s not expensive! Little secretive! But as usual, you can find it more or less expensive. The grips are well made, but the screws take up space, we feel a little too much in the palm of the hand. So I had to sand a little the right side, because it was really too awkward in the hand. But don’t try to change the screws, again, they are wood screws… Well yes, there is no magazine, so there is space behind! But when you arm, it’s still nice enough to see a metallic reflection, since there we have an empty block inside, instead of the magazine. To do this, I took my eternal method of the rags and neutralized cartridge! Slips of rags through the magazine’s slot by over, then I put a small block of Pattex to fix all that, and I fixed a neutralized 9mm cartridge over it. Which gives a rather good effect. Cope System to replace the Sad System! Neo035, elected best psychologist of Brittany 2019 The barrel will be hollow, but I don’t advise you to try to chamber a cartridge, there is no extractor. Already, there is the possibility of having a cartridge in the gun, no need to go further. This gun should be in double action. Lack of luck, it’s simple action. And as I said, when you cock the hammer in your hand, the noise will be… HORRIBLE! I really don’t give this mechanism a long time. The sighting devices are rather realistic, well made, even if not adjustable, the front sight is molded in the mass. By cons… molding quality really leaves something to be desired. That’s the slide once stripped. We can see all the asperities. One would think the skin of a teenager so there are black dots. To make up for all that, you have to strip it completely and polish it. If he’s polite, he won’t say foul words anymore? Here’s what concludes this Denix replica video review. I hope you enjoyed it, if so, as usual, don’t hesitate to put a thumbs up, leave a comment, to subscribe, and share this video! I thank again Denix for their support, without whom this video would’t have been possible, and if you also want to support me so that I can remain independent to the maximum, my pages Tipee and MyTip are found in the description of this video. For my part, I’ll see you soon for new videos of airsoft gun, Denix replicas videos review; uniforms or VIP presentations! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of Denix Thanks to my Tipeurs!

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