Vikings: The Real Ragnar Lodbrok | History Channel Vikings

Just because the show Vikings is on the History
Channel doesn’t mean its based on real history, right? A guy named Ragnar Lodbrok, like HE
existed?! But he did…. Whaaaaa? Alright, you are right, he existed… He was
also called Ragnar Hairy Breeches or Shaggy Trousers. He was a viking king that ruled
during the Viking Age. Around the 800’s. Not much is known of this guy, so let’s
make some stuff up! No…we don’t do that. This is an educational
show… Right So, what we do know is from Norse poetry,
which reads like flowers blooming in the spring time: He who mourns his demise has never fed meat
often to eagles in the Edge-game. It’s hard to urge on weaklings; no coward
takes courage from his craven heart.** There are over 30 Norse poems about Ragnar
Lodbrok, but no actual historic records. That poem described his death. SPOILER ALERT FOR THE SHOW: He was apparently
thrown into a snake pit and stung many times before dying. SO WAIT… HE EVENTUALLY DIES?! How did this guy end up in a snake pit? Well,
there are some thoughts… Ragnar Lodbrok, who was king of the vikings,
raided England and France many many times. Eventually the King of Northumpria, a part
of England, captures Ragnar Lodbrok and sentences him to death. Although there are many historians
who accept this tale, there is still a lot of skepticism in the history community. Trust
us, we have membership cards. The fringe benefits are great. And free parking
validation! The only known historic Viking that could
have been mixed with Ragnar Lodbrok is Reginheri. He attacked Paris in 845 AD and hanged 111
Christians. He, however, die of dysentery following the raid. The name Ragnar Lodbrok didn’t come to be
until Christian monks began writing about the invasions 200 years later. How do we know this Reginheri guy is Lodbrok
Lodbrok? Well, dysentery has a few symptoms. One is diarrhea. NEVIN, SPOILERS! When Reginheri came back to discuss his invasion
of Paris, he met with the other viking king, King Horik. During his audience, accounts
say “all his entrails spilled onto the floor”. You might say… his trousers become soggy????? Either way, Ragnar Poopy Pants had many sons Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Halfdan
Ragnarson, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and Ubbe. These sons are historically documented and
eventually avenge Ragnar’s death (whether it was by pooping or snakes,) by assembling
the Great Heathen Army and terrifying England for twenty years. Vikings invented skiing 6,000 years ago. The
would attach wood planks to their feet for recreation and transportation. They even had
their own god of skiing, Err

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  • Uh…..I don't think you guys even know what your talking about.
    I am the 44th great granddaughter of King Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson.
    Here is my family tree:
    So here goes:
    ME… 🙂
    my mom: D.E. Whateley,
    her dad:   S.T. Whateley,
    his mom: J. Sanders,
    her mom: M. Smith,
    her mom: L. Harding,
    her dad:   Thomas B. Harding V,
    his dad:   Thomas Harding IV,
    his dad:    Thomas Harding III,
    his mom:  Mary Hayward,
    her dad:    Edward Hayward II,
    his dad:    Edward Hayward I,
    his dad:    John William Hayward
    his mom:  Margery Thayer,
    her dad:    John Thayer III,
    his mom:  Constance de Holbrook,
    her mom:  Edith E. Saunders,
    her dad:    John Saunders III,
    his mom:  Joan Carew,
    her dad:    Thomas II Carew,
    his dad:     Nicholas Carew V,
    his mom:   Isabel Willoughby,
    her mom:  Joan de Grey,
    her dad:    John de Grey II,
    his dad:     John de Grey I,
    his mom:   Joan de Valognes,
    her dad:     Thomas de Valognes,
    his mom:    Isabel de Creke,
    her mom:    Agnes de Glanville,
    her mom:     Gundred de Warenne,
    her mom:     Adelia de Ponthieu,
    her mom:     Helene de Bourgogne,
    her mom:     Sibylla de Bourgogne,
    her dad:       William de Bourgogne I,
    his mom:      Alice de Normandy,
    her dad:       Richard de Normandy II,
    his dad:       Richard de Normandy I,
    his dad:       William de Normandy I,
    his dad:      ROLLO RAGNVALDSSON,
    his dad:      ROGNVALD EYSTEINSSON,
    his mom:    A.  ROGNVALDSDATTER,
    her mom:    Thora SIGURDSDATTER,
                    ("snake in the eye"  ; 
                          his mom was Aslaug)

    his dad: 

    his dad:   Sigurd H. Randvarsson
    his dad:   Randvar Rathbarthsson

  • I'm watching the 2nd season now… awesome except for a few things… I honestly hate love triangles… I guess they have to have one in every drama… ugh… I'm still trying to understand the morality of the time… it always seemed odd for me to portray ancient worlds as both kind and cruel to the extreme… I think it was far more brutal and unkind than people think… if only we had better records from those inconsiderate pagans. :^)

  • You guys are so funny that it makes me forget I learned something today.

  • no wonder why you guys have 3k subs hahahaahh

  • My Ancestor war Ragnar Lodbrok!!!!

  • Ragnar was the shit. Seemed to be a man ahead of his time. Prob. would have been great in any era. If there's any reality in the portrayal of him.

  • If you are interested in learning more about Ragnar— and other vikings, such as Egil Skallagrimsson and Eirik Blood-axe, and of Old Norse, and mythology, please visit my youtube channel. Many blessings to you and yours, and heill Ó∂inn.

  • Lodbrok means pants from fur, wich Ragnar whor, simple as that

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    which leaves not much more than annoying nerds who distract more than they educate

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  • The real Ragnar's farm was probably at Jelling, while "Kattegat" was really Vejle. Both of these places are in Denmark, not Norway.

  • How did Ragnar die?

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  • I just can't find out why people are so mad at their kind of humor…

  • Thank you for the well put together information with humour!! You guys do a really good work not making history boring!

  • ragnars sons conquered most of the world bro

  • i will not sub when most likely you guys have viking blood in you smh how could you moc a legendary figure like that of ragnar the great


  • Ivar the boneless actually conquered Paris just an fyi and his other sons actually went on to other countries like iceland greenland and america and later russia they say if you are English Irish Russian or of any other white descent possibility you have his blood line in your veins today for he had many children unknown and their children had many children smh

  • His name isn't "URRRRRR"
    It's Ullr.

  • king of the vikings… what…

  • Viking culture was very much set on story telling, they used their imagination and were ahead of their time in intelligence, people only fear them because they so fantastically captured the desire to explore ad go on epic adventures, a strong desire within all of us, they had the actual guts to just go out there and explore the unknown sea and land, not knowing what was there they went anyway for the sheer adventure and thrill of it, they mainly just wanted to see other parts of the world, they knew staying in 1 place forever wasn't what humanity was all about and the stories they made about the weather, how they so accurately predicted events from how the weather is was definitely magical, they made sure to appricate the beauty in more extreme weather conditions too like Thunder and Lightening and made a religion and created different gods out of it, they appricated nature and what the world gave us fAR more than anyone ever did of their time.

    Yes many of the stories were made up of other Vikings, but the person they made it up about was real just they made up over-exaggerated stories of valor, bravery and good heroic deeds to make each other or even themselves seem better and bigger than they were, it was about ego, it much similar to our culture today where men call each other "legends" then paint some kind of postive picture about their friends even if they happen to be total toss pots lol, even girls kinda do it abou each other too but there is less of a sistership than there is with guys having a brothership, girls are happy to steam roll another girl to get what they want lol, but even if guys seem closer it's also a lot of shameless promotion and twisting of the truth as to who they are or who their friends are, the stories were like this just to be seen by others, they desired to be famous and well-known.

    This behavior is just because all humans want to be rememberd for who they are and what they did with their life, sadly for them though they figured most people just aren't ever remembered and they just live and die like we all do, most people just don't have it, they just want a simple life and to be happy but every generation of people there is always that small number of people where for some reason they just naturally know how so easily make people listen to them and notice them, they don't have to even try… and they just SO easily influence people because they truely are different, i feel humans have been trying to figure out for centuries what makes some people just SO different like that, but it's just who they are in their soul, they aren't so easily influenced by others and are just naturally good at understanding how other humans think, they are always more intelligent in certain ways that others aren't, just how they are.

  • They already just killed him off in the same way the poem did they're going to focus on his sons now.

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  • This was so BAD xD the editing and everything.. the bad jokes. And the fact that you obviously don't know what your talking about.

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  • Jesus Christ these Americans are dumb! Not funny at all just cringe

  • Actually this isn't historically accurate at all.
    It's not exactly known whether or not he existed, I personally believe he did, but many historians aren't sure.

    Some propose he was Reginherus, although most assume he could've also been either King Horik I , King Reginfrid or Rognvald Eysteinsson.

  • I'm retaliated to him

  • Still depicting Vikings with horned helmets? Way to go..

  • So I was going through my family's history and we have worked hard, collectively, to verify and document what we find. Turns out I am a direct descendent of King Sigurd Snake in the Eye. At the time I had no idea who he was, but his name definitely raised some flags and I have since been doing a lot of research on him. Very interesting stuff, and honestly it motivates me to be better in life. My ancestors both old and new busted their asses ultimately for me. It would be a shame if I just sat at home and played video games all day.

  • Alot of what thay said is wrong

  • You are not funny, and your channel name is no even a good pun, and get some real info bro

  • Rest in Valhalla Ragnar
    Warrior conqueror, king, & hero of Denmark & Sweden & his shieldmaiden queen Lagertha❤
    & his sons warrior heroes Bjorn & Ivar❤

  • Ragnar wasn’t a king tho

  • Vikings mean (traders/raiders)

  • Vikings never actually wore that stupid helmet.. idiots

  • Vikings in horned helmets??? Errr… historical evidence? Physics?… Oh, never mind. I'll just go bang my head on the wall and remind myself how accurate the internet is 😀

  • Evidently my 35th great grandfather. I was able to trace all the way back to Kari Fornjotsson. Interesting stuff.

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