Vikings: ALL HAIL KING BJORN! (Season 6) | History

[CHEERING] People of Kattegat, I told
you that when I became king, my rule would be very different
from that of Ivar’s, and I mean to keep that pledge. [CHEERING] Ivar built a wall
around our town. He discouraged foreigners,
outlawed free speech and dissent amongst our own people. Kattegat can only survive
and grow prosperous through trade, not conquest. That is my belief. [CHEERING] This is your meeting. Your thing. Your chance to come to me
with whatever you want, and I will listen. I am but your humble servant. [CHEERING] Who are these men? [SHOUTING] Well, I know who they are. All of these men collaborated
willingly with Ivar’s regime. They served as his bodyguards. They did his bidding,
whatever that was, however cruel, however depraved. They did it without
compunction, without a thought even for their own families. They burned alive those
who were brave enough to stand against them, and they
burned alive a young woman, our Thora, who I loved. Didn’t you? [SCOFFING] Well, are these men guilty? [CHEERING] And what should I
do with them, huh? [CROWD SHOUTING] Take these men away. [CHEERING] Oh, my son– the awful responsibilities
of kingship. [CHEERING] These men are all guilty. They committed crimes against
their own people, against you. And I know you all think
they deserve to die– Yeah! But there’s something
far worse than death. Far worse. I will banish them for life. They will become outlaws– [NON-ENGLISH],,
men of the forest, forever condemned to
live in the forest and other deserted places. Their property will
be confiscated. They will be branded as
[NON-ENGLISH],, and they can be killed with impunity. This is much worse than death. They will live not
as human beings, but as ghosts outside
of human society. Every day, forced to regret
and remember their decisions and their crimes. Yet unable to atone for them. Such is my decision. All in favor, say aye. Aye! Then it is decided. [CROWD SHOUTING] [SCREAMING] Come on. Kill me! You’ll be doing me a favor! [GROANING IN AGONY] You made the right decision. I hope so. Ivar would never
have set them free. But I am not Ivar.

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