Viewing and Searching History in Chrome

(Narrator:) Viewing and Searching your Chrome History with JAWS [Intro music fades] Signing into Google Chrome gives you access to your saved passwords, your bookmarks, and your browsing history. No matter which device you’re signed in with or where you are, you can access your Google Chrome history if your information is synced. In this demo we’ll take a look at my Chrome history and search through it to find a specific item. Open a new tab in Google Chrome that shows your browsing history. You’ll use the command CTRL+H, as in Hotel. That command is CTRL+H, Hotel. With Chrome in focus, we’ll give it a try. (JAWS:) History. (N:) And as you just heard, JAWS jumps me straight into a Search edit box. But before we search, let’s explore a bit. Your Google Chrome browsing history will appear in its own tab. (J:) Chrome History Link, Tabs from other devices.
Link, Clear browsing data. You heard there that there are a few links available Google Chrome history, which is what’s in focus by default Tabs from other devices which is exactly what it sounds like. It’ll show you your open browsing history tabs from other devices. And then Clear Browsing Data, which if activated, will present you with a dialog asking you to confirm your intentions. (J:) Heading level two. Today – Wednesday, September 18, 2019. (N:) Ah, and as I continue to down arrow I encounter the very beginning of my list of browsing history. Now, I mentioned using Quick Nav keys to move around this tab quickly earlier. For example, each entry in this list is preceded by a check box, so to quickly jump to the top of the history list, I can do CTRL+HOME put my focus at the top of the page. (J:) History (N:) And then press X to jump to the check boxes. (J:) 9:35 AM check box not checked (N:) If you wanna hear more about any single entry once you’ve heard the time stamp, go ahead and press DOWN ARROW (J:) 9:32 AM, Visited link Training (N:) DOWN ARROW once and you’ll hear the title of that page DOWN ARROW again.
(J:) Support dot Freedom Scientific dot com. (N:) and you’ll hear the address. (J:) Remove Bookmark button, Actions button menu (N:) You heard two buttons announced there. That Remove Bookmark button only shows up if you have that page marked as a bookmark. You can press SPACEBAR to activate the Actions menu (J:) Space, menu, Actions menu, Actions. (N:) I’ll press ESC to get out of here. Now I can use the Quick Nav key E, Echo, to jump to the Search edit field.
(J:) Wrapping to top. Search history edit.
(N:) Press SPACEBAR because I didn’t hear forms mode come on.
(J:) Space [pop sound] Search History edit and I’ll type in Surf’s Up, as I’d like to find the link for that in my history. (J:) S U R F ‘ S space U P. Found zero search results for Surf’s Up. Found one search result for Surf’s Up. Heading level two, Found one search result for Surf’s Up September 18, 2019 check box not checked Visited link, Surf’s Up! Surfing the Internet with JAWS! (N:) And as you may have observed already, each entry in the history is a link. So, if I’d like to navigate back to this page in my history that we just searched for I just need to press ENTER or SPACEBAR to activate it. (J:) ENTER. History dash Google Chrome. Surf’s Up! Surfing the Internet with JAWS! – Google Chrome – (N:) And that is how to view and search your Google Chrome browsing history with JAWS. (N2:) Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand. [Outro music] If you are interested in other training please visit us on the web at and on YouTube on our Freedom Scientific Training channel.

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