Video Tutorial: MIT150 Infinite History Archive Search & Interactive Transcript

This tutorial will provide an overview of
how to navigate this video collection powered by 3Play Media’s interactive transcript and
archive search tools. To open and view any video interview, click
on the thumbnail on the page. When the video loads, you’ll see an interactive
transcript below the video and a list of interview subjects in a panel to the right. The interactive transcript provides the full
text of the video interview. You’ll see, that as the person is speaking,
the words below are following along and they’re highlighted. Each word is also a link to that specific
point within the video. At the top of transcript is a search window which allows you to search
all the spoken content in the video by keyword. When you type a word in, then click search,
small dots will appear in the timeline above. You can hover over a dot to get some of the
surrounding context and then click on it to jump to that part of the video. The panel on the right offers the ability
to play and search any of the other videos in the collection without going back to the
main page. If you click the play icon to the left of any of the file names, that video
will start playing. Or, you can search all of the spoken content of the interviews by
keyword. When you search for a word, like degree, you’ll get a visual representation
of all the mentions of that word in the collection. The horizontal bar represents the timeline
of a particular video and the red notches represent appearances of the keyword within
that timeline. When you click on the red notch, that segment of the transcript will expand,
allowing you to get more context, as well as play the video from that particular segment
by pressing the play icon, next to the search result. When you switch videos, the interactive transcript
will load the new video at the point in time that you’ve selected. Sometimes there will
be multiple pages of search results, which you can navigate through at the top. You can also go back to the complete list
of files by clicking “all files.” Thank you for watching this short tutorial.
We hope you enjoy the interviews. Interactive transcript, archive search, transcript
search, context…

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