Video Game Commercials of 1994 – Sonic & Knuckles, X-Men & More! / MY LIFE IN GAMING

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  • Whoa, you actually have a tape of the “Do the Math” advert? I love these old adverts, but it’s really crazy to think that they were really used for advertising between shows or sometimes in middle of shows because I wasn’t ever around for them.

  • Growing up in the 90's, I miss the "Extreme Marketing" tone of products. Yes it was over the top and sometimes insane or even annoying, but that's what made fun to watch.

  • What's the model number of the sony in the background? If you have it it must be good…

  • 9:48 If he's so cool, why is he working underneath someone at all?

  • I never saw a lot of these specific ads, but the style absolutely takes me back to my childhood. Man, those were the good old days. 😁

  • Omg, some of those are awesomely hilarious!

  • These are amazingly high quality compared to most adverts uploaded to YouTube which are crappy, low quality, super compressed, 240p videos. I wish you’d upload these in 480i without deinterlacing, as they’d be the highest quality version ever.

  • My cousin was always telling me about Boogerman back when we were little kids playing SNES and I never actually saw it but I could tell it sounded hilarious, kinda lost it's allure though now that I have grown up.

  • Proof Positive that no one called it the SNEZ in the 90s. It was always called the Super NES or Super Nintendo. We teenagers in the 90s weren't so lazy with our language kiddies. We wrote and said the whole word!

  • Super Star Wars series and Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures games were decent and good for it's time.

  • I remember those days. 3DO took E3 95 by surprise, announcing the M2 Accelerator, a technical update over the original hardware that would push 1 million polygons per second. Imagine having a console with Dreamcast graphics competing against the original PS and N64 in the same gen. 3DO managed to get many third party games for the console and advertised the then impressive looking Blade Force as an M2 launch title. But… the M2 would never become a reality. I remember buying Gamepro mags, I still have them with me. The last one I got was the Sept 95 issue. After that, they stopped being distributed in my country but I started to buy them imported many years later.

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