Venezuela crisis: A brief history | IN 60 SECONDS

What’s playing out on headlines and television screens today in Venezuela is a confrontation with the narco- dictatorship. It began in 1998 when Hugo Chavez was elected. He immediately began to dismantle the democratic institutions of Venezuela, and consolidate power into the hands of the executive. That revolution also made common cause with narco-traffickers, with terrorist organizations, with hostile regimes. Before he died in 2013, Chavez designated Nicolas Maduro as his successor, and Maduro has used brute force to hold on to power. In 2015, the democratic opposition won in a landslide in the congressional elections. Unfortunately, the regime has done everything it possibly can to consolidate its own power and to prevent the Democratic National Assembly from operating. We’re in the midst of a political crisis now, as you have a clash of these institutions between the strong executive (which is really a dictatorship), and the National Assembly, representing a democratic opposition. What are your thoughts about the crisis in Venezuela? Please let us know in your comments, and also let us know what other topics you want AEI scholars to cover in 60 seconds.

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