Valley of the Boom: Trailer #1 | National Geographic

– That little A and At? See, that’s what I said. Mm-hm. Um, Katie said she
thought it was “about.” Yeah. Oh. MAN: But I’d never heard it. KATIE COURIC: Or
around or about. MAN: I’d never heard it said. I’d always seen the mark
but never heard it said. Yeah. What is internet anyway? KATIE COURIC: What do
you say to that, Allison? MAN: What, do you
write to it, like mail? No, a lot of people
use it and communicate. I guess it’s becoming
really big now. But Allison, can you
explain what internet is? My name is Darrin. I’m an investment banker. In the mid-’90s, Wall
Street has finally got a new favorite super model. [beeping] [dial-up tones] Silicon Valley! One word– “Netscape.” Netscape? They have zero concept
of what Netscape is. They don’t even know
what the internet is. Pixelon is number one
in internet broadcasting. It’s a social network. People will want to log on. I guarantee. It’s very addictive. [phone ringing] OK, let me break it down for
you in the simplest of terms. This is the beginning of what
they call the browser wars. NASDAQ is pumping. Why don’t we have a price? Refresh your page. $71 a share? You got to be–
are you kiddin’ me? [cheers] It’s the biggest
IPO since Microsoft. I’m going to liven
things up a little bit. [beatboxes] People are going to
be throwing money at us. [pop] We are going to be very
wealthy and very famous! We are the top
browser in the business. Congratulations. [tired cheers] It also makes us a target. [gun cocks] [gunshot] [casing clinks] Microsoft owns the internet. Did they just threaten us? I’m going to bring
in a couple of experts. Netscape changed the game. We were at Microsoft’s mercy. We were the new
kid on the block. They were deathbed
competitors. [bubble pops] So that happened. We’re out of money. What about the
technology I created? Goddammit! [inaudible]. Pixelon was a joke. MAN: We have 90% of
the browser market. You’ve also got Microsoft
breathing down your neck. Good talk. I created something that
you all now use every day. You’re welcome. “Get big fast” was the mantra. We are running a
billion-dollar company. They wanted to
take it on the train even though they didn’t know
where the train was going. People are hoping for– –a better tomorrow. [cheers] MAN: And that’s
what we are selling. So let’s keep it up! [shouting] [ringing and beeping]

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