VaLITines Round 2 TBR [CC]

Hi YouTube, its Kathy, and this is my TBR
for VaLITines, round 2. VaLITines is a readathon taking place all throughout
the month of February, which is the 1st of the 29th this year, because it’s a
leap year, and there’s a wonderful bingo board full of challenges. If you’ve been
here for more than a hot minute, you know that I like to black out bingo boards, so
I’m going to see what I can do. However, I am doing two other readathons this month,
so there is some crossover between those TBRs, and I will link those down below.
Not all the spaces on the bingo board are spaces that are prompts for books.
Some of them are self-care, like read your book in the bath, or use the hashtag,
#VaLITines, anywhere on social media. Those types of things. But for the
prompts that actually have to do with picking up a book, I picked a book for
almost every single one of the prompts, so I’m gonna go through those prompts.
I’m gonna need to look at my notebook because there’s a lot of them, and I’m
gonna tell you what I plan to pick up for them. Firstly, it wants you to do a
reread of an old favourite. I think for this one I’m going to end up rereading
Looking for Alaska because I am finally watching the miniseries. I watched the
first three episodes the other day, was really enjoying it. I’m looking forward
to watching the rest of the episodes. The second prompt is Black History Month,
read something by a black author with a black protagonist. For that I’m going to
read War Girls. The next prompt is to read something in your comfort zone, and
for this I’m going to pick us something very bookish and that’s The Bookish Life
of Nina Hill. For a debut book ,I’m going with The Way I Used to Be. This is
heavily beloved by Ali from Hardback Hoarder, and I cannot wait to finally read
it because I made my library buy it specifically so I could. For under 200
pages, I’m finally going to read Caroline’s Heart by Austin Chant. I know
nothing about this book besides it’s by Austin Chant, and I love him, so I must
read it. The only other thing I’ve read by Austin Chant is Peter Darling and
that is a trans retelling of the Peter Pan story, so I like his writing and I
can’t wait to finally get to this. The next is a book that is part of a trilogy,
and I’m not 100% sure if this is going to be a trilogy or not, but War Girls
is the start of a series. Whether or not it’s just a duology or it’s going to be
more than a trilogy, I don’t know, because the first book just came out but there
is a second book announced, so maybe this will count? Maybe it won’t? There’s
another book further down my list that is also the first in a series and I
don’t know if that’s a trilogy or not so hopefully one of them
we’ll end up being part of a trilogy. The next challenge is to fulfill a prompt
from any other readathon happening in February, and since I’ve already made TBR
videos for 2 other readathons happening in February – check! I’m gonna do that.
Next is to read something from your library and I’m actually picking up The
Dark Fantastic: Race and Imagination from Harry Potter to Hunger Games. This is a
nonfiction book that I have had my eye on for quite a while and this is just the
perfect time to finally read it. The next prompt I don’t have a specific
book for. It’s to read something that somebody else hates. I’m sure that
there’s somebody out there that hates one of the books on this list, so if
that’s you and you hate any of the books I mention, let me know so I can know for
sure that I fulfilled this prompt. The next is recommended by a friend, and for
this I’m just going to use The Dark Fantastic because Adriana over at
Perpetual Pages loves this book, raved about this book, and I consider Adriana a
friend, so I’m gonna go with that. The next prompt is something that is new to
your TBR, and for this I’m going to go with a graphic novel Abbott. This is set
in 1970s Detroit and there’s a supernatural cult thing happening, and I
cannot wait to read it. Next is to read a book over 400 pages, and War Girls is
doing so much work on this TBR. The next prompt I don’t have a book for, so I
want you to give me some suggestions down in the comments below. It’s a book
that’s out of your comfort zone, so if you know there’s going to be a book that
I’m going to be uncomfortable reading, let me know. The next prompt is the start
or a continuation of a series, and for that I’m going to pick up The Bromance
Book Club. I have been wanting to read this for so long and I have no idea why
I haven’t yet. We get busy, that’s why, but I feel like I should have already read
this. This is about a guy whose marriage is on the rocks because he’s not doing
the things in bed that he should be doing, and him and his friends get a book
club together and they read romance novels to figure out how to be better
lovers, and I love that premise so much, and I’m so excited for it. This is the
book that I mentioned earlier that is the start of a series, but I don’t know
if it’s going to be a trilogy. Next we have the prompt of something that
represents you, and for that I’m going to use All the Better Part of Me because
the main character is bi and so am I. The penultimate prompt, which is really
difficult to say, is a book that was a cover buy, and I didn’t
technically pay money for this, but I feel like it’s in the spirit of it, and that again
is War Girls because that cover is so gorgeous. I really didn’t know anything
about this book before picking it up besides it looked amazing and I wanted
it. And then finally we want to read a graphic novel, and I’ve already mentioned
one. That was Abbott, so I’ve already covered that. This is
going to be a fun month. There’s going to be Twitter sprints – I’m going to do at
least one of those. There’s Instagram challenges – I’m also doing one of those.
There going to be video challenges by the main set of hosts, so check those out
in the future. I am so excited. This was such a blast last year and I’m so
excited to do it again. Are you participating? Let me know about it down
in the comments below. On the way down to the comments, if you hit that Subscribe
button, that would be very nice of you. You can like and share this as you see
fit and I will see you very soon. Bye! [outro music]

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