There isn’t any way out of this! What are you doing?! Let him go! Drop him! Surrender and you’ll live! You’re outnumbered! Think about this! You will never escape! We will fire! Let him go… Now! I will not be denied. OPEN FIRE! Blast him! Incoming! He’s still got him! Blast him! I’m hit! Brother! Reinforcements coming! Now… You will answer for your treachery. Keep firing! We’ve got him! There is no escape. You will suffer for your deceit. Answer for your failure to save… HER! I destroyed your enemies. Forged for you an empire. Yet… Like the Jedi, you have left me a mere shadow of what I was promised. You have taken… EVERYTHING! EMPEROR:
“Everything?” Foolish boy. You grieve for a dead wife of an insolent Jedi. Your precious Padmé’s fate was YOUR choice! Just as your fate is MINE! Such a pity. How much grander and more powerful you could have still become. If you’ve but had the temerity to embrace the path set before you. YOUNG ANAKIN:
I made this for you. So you’d remember me. It will bring you good fortune. PADMÉ:
It’s beautiful. But I don’t need this to remember you by. My caring for you will always remain. Anakin… Padmé! And that… EMPEROR’S VOICE: Is why you will never… Defeat… Me! As long as you let your feelings anchor you. Forever shall you remain weaker than I. Always the servant. Always the slave! Young Skywalker! Anakin! Anakin! ANAKIN! ANAKIN! Lord Vader. You have an urgent message. My Lord? Proceed. The Emperor demands your presence at once. Lord Vader? As he wishes. Guards… Leave us. What is thy bidding… my Master. You are distressed, my friend. I am fine, my Master. Are you now? Your anger radiates like a whirlwind… Yet… Unfocused. No. Not unfocused. Hidden. You are trying to hide your rage from me. Why? I see. Then what is your hesitation Lord Vader? Give in to your anger! Strike me down! I have no such wish, master. PATHETIC! A mighty Sith Lord crippled by melancholy and indecision! All due to the attachments of a Jedi! There is no attachment. Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him! Did you?! Yet Skywalker’s powers dwarfed yours! Did they not?! No?! Rise, Lord Vader. It is the way of the Sith to destroy all who stand in our way to power. To eliminate our rivals… Is it not?! Who stands in your way, Lord Vader? Who holds you back? Keeps you subjected and decrepit within that armor? Anyone? If so… Only your hate will eradicate him. Use it. I… Cannot, my Master. That is why my disappointment with you grows by the second! Embrace the choices that have brought you here! Revel in them. Or forever live in the shadow of Anakin Skywalker. Now… I have a task for you, my young apprentice. There’s a great disturbance in the Force. A powerful Jedi survives in the Mid Rim. He must pay the price for his betrayal. As you wish. He hides on my home planet of Naboo. And of course… That of the late Queen… Padmé Amidala. It is no coincidence. He draws you there because he knows who you are, Lord Vader. The clones there report he wields an amethyst blade. How is that possible? Power. That’s how. And you and I both know this particular Jedi wields a great deal of it. I will finish what we started, Master. Will you? I wonder. Eliminate this Jedi. Pledge yourself to the Dark Side fully, Lord Vader. Relish in the gifts it bestows upon you. Only then will you be able to cast off the chains that bind you. And achieve a power as never before. Only then will you be able to destroy the rival before you. Then I will not fail… Master. EMPEROR:
Commander. Prepare my personal shuttle. I seem to be afflicted by a sudden touch of nostalgia to visit my beloved Naboo. CLONE TROOPER:
Omega, watch over there. Yes, Sir! Attention! COMMANDER FOX:
Welcome Lord Vader. The Jedi’s barricaded himself in the catacombs and sealed off all of the entrances. So we had to blow our way in. But now of all the troopers we sent in… None have returned. Lost troopers do not concern me, Commander. I want that Jedi. I will use the 501st. As you wish, sir. COMMANDER FOX:
Make way for the boys in blue. CLONE TROOPER:
Right away sir! PADMÉ’S VOICE:
Go, go, go, go! Blast him! Brother! Behind you! WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS! HELP US!

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