Using the Internet Archive to save and share audio podcasts

Everybody wanted to take a look at a way to upload an … archive and share or they save copies of audio clips that … you might want to save online and make accessible for … others yes you can do this through Google drive or … Dropbox or some online storage space you might be … able to upload it to your own web hosting but if there’s … something that you want to leave it openly online and … make it accessible to others to use one option is the … internet archive so. If I go in and I search for the internet archive I’ll come … across this link this is a place that you’ve probably used in … the past you might have used it for the Wayback machine so … if you want to look at links pages that are long gone or … changes in pages over time that’s always an option you … can also use you know the the internet archive will also share … other open only accessible contents of his audio this … video is a lot of other great resources out there. I want attention I’ll do is I will have students as her learn to … Video Edit go in and grab some Community video or … audio in and download that and use that to remix new content. But I really like to use the internet archive as a way to … share audio clips so I can do is lately I’ve been using it to … share out podcast but then also there are opportunities to … go in and share You Know audio recordings and a … meetings or audio recordings of performances or speeches … I’m going to start investigating the use of the internet archive … to share route researcher notes and lectures from class. So what you going to do is you’re going to first go in and … you’re going to sign in I already have an account I’ve … uploaded a lot of content and like I said I’ve been using the … internet archive lately to host my podcast and I haven’t … seen good resources lately on how to do this summer I go to … upload I’m going to hit upload files this is pretty standard … dialogue one of the things I like to point out at this point is. I downloaded a couple copies of my latest podcast and you’ll … notice that some of the podcast as some of the file … names they’re all MP3s some of the file names are you … know I have a lot of dots and dashes and underscores and … random characters in them. I learned through trial and error mostly error that you … want to eliminate all that so it works a lot easier if you go in … and you just will this thing down to a simple thing so … episode 1 or you know a date with the other day and even … messes it up so. After making love steaks I went back and change this … we’re basically going to go in your going to select. A audio clip when you go in you’re going to name it give it … a page title I you’re going to give you a page URL so this … will be where people go to to access this content you’re … going to give it a brief description so you could say a … podcast about technology. Then you’re going to go in and give this thing tags or … keywords so I could say Tech I could say education I could … say podcast if I could spell podcast correctly the creator … of the content that would be me in the past I’ve messed … around with naming it after my Twitter handle or my … username or my website. Saudis you just use my name there I’m going to give this … thing a date that I uploaded it so I’m going to say that this … was shared today. I’m also going to leave this as Community audio I can … change this if I want I’m going to not include this is a test … item I’m ready to leave it so that it doesn’t automatically … delete after 30 days so if you wanted make this thing … disappear after a while indicate the chosen language … of this I’m going to add a Creative Commons license … because that’s important for me so I’m going to leave this … as a Creative Commons license and allow remix that’s … basically the CC attribution license that I use for most of … my stuff you could also if you want I’ve done this in the past … require the share like you can make this public domain audio … or no rights reserved the cc0 license. If you want you can add additional metadata I do not I … pretty much leave it like it is you can see over here I can … add more files to this and then I can see my my file getting … ready to upload so if I hit upload and create the item it … will go in and it will upload it for me I’m going to skip over … so that we don’t the watch that thing upload. What I’m going to do is look at other content that I’ve already … uploaded so if I go to my library I can go in and see … episodes that I’ve already uploaded so this podcast that … I’ve already uploaded I can go here. Now I’m loading the MP3 file I’m seeing the the waveform … of this I can play this in the browser I can share this link … out to others and play it I can change the volume here I can … share this to a Chromecast or device in my classroom or in … my home and there’s a lot of other tools that I can use I … can change the playback speed here. You can see down here I’ve already added a lot of details … to this the nice thing is. Here’s the title that I gave it here is my name that I added … before you can see my license that I gave it my topics … and my keywords the language that I gave it and … then all of this is descriptive information that I added as I uploaded. Couple of the nice things that are here what I really value is. Over here I can start this our favorite or other people can … start if they like it they can share this out so I can go in I … can embed this on my website I can embed this on my … WordPress site I can share this out through my other … social networks I Can Go remix this elsewhere in like … popcorn and other spaces if you see stuff that’s a little bit … questionable you can flag it but one of the nice things is … that when I upload it all I did was I uploaded the MP3 file … and you can see that the internet archive went already … and they basically converted a lot of my thought they … converted my file into other formats then they can also … share as a torrent and other materials to the nice thing is … that they basically did all this on its own. Now here is a lot of the behind-the-scenes that I … figure it out as I was to sort of problem solving this past … week so if I go into edit. How many have two choices one as I can change the … information the metadata about the file or I can change … the actual files so if I go to change the metadata. I’m going to go back to all of the resources that I had when … I first uploaded this thing and if I want to I can go to the … item manager and see more details but most of the stuff … you need to change you’ll be able to change here tell me to … change the title my name I can’t change any of the open … source of the audio and get change my data or the … description that I have for the file. I can add a date to upload I chose not to add the date of … upload I’m going to leave that over on my website because … this is part of my podcast I can have my key words again … I can change to remove my CC license and the only other … thing that I would change in here is you know who … uploaded this who taped it stuff like that but most of the … stuff I’ve loved. Alone and I basically just let. The internet archive do its thing you could see the … derivations of the file. And all of the other information in metadata left … behind and you can change do I want lossy versions of … these files are not so I can basically submit this. If I go to the item manager you have more options I can … edit the metadata behind it and some of the other you … know search histories and keywords for. Summer back out so that’s the change the information piece. What are things I notice is if I go to change the files this is … where you have a little bit more power so where I … messed up previously is I uploaded the file and I had all … of the dates and times in the file name that severely … messed me up when I try to share out the MP3 share link … for my podcast and I’ll show this in another video but in … here you’ll notice that I have the original names and and … the the filenames there but then I also have the MP3 here. I have the link for the tour and everything else so what I … figure it out through trial-and-error is if you go in … and you click on one of these if I click and I right click or … control click on a Mac I can go in and I can. Delete these files which is terribly important if you want … to upload a newer version or a better version I can add … folders I would leave that alone but I can rename. And so this was very helpful for me and this was a huge … aha moment as I was trying to figure out how to fix the share … link so that I can use it to share the MP3 as a podcast … out on my WordPress site and I’ll cover this in another video. I can go in and I can change it and then if I hit done editing … what it will do is it will put your tasks in a Q and it’s some … point pretty quickly internet archive is going to make that … change for you and so what I did was I changed all the file … names and within I would say 30 seconds minute maximum … they went in and they changed the file name and so … what you would see is I think it was in here or here they had … a little notice that things have been changed behind the … scenes or being changed by the scenes so the nice thing now is. I have audio This MP3 file uploaded is 32 minutes long … I’m not paying anything I’m making this openly accessible … to others online I can as I should you before I can share … this so I can embed this in my in a site I can embed this in … my WordPress site I can share it out online. But then the other Killer part of this is what I can do as I … can right click on this MP3 file and I can copy that link … address and then the nice thing is if I paste it you can … see that it’s giving me the the download an … MP3 file so if I hit return on this what it’s going to do is … open up that file and this is the MP3 share or the media … URL that you need for podcasting if you’re going to … use internet archive to podcast if you’re going to … share audio clips on your WordPress site or other sites … you need that MP3 media URL and so that’s how you get it. The way that I messed up is that file name so the way to … change that file name is either before you upload things make sure. I’m going to go this one more time because this was a huge … paint for me so when you upload the file make sure that … it doesn’t have all of this stuff in here clean it up make it … look a little bit like this keep it simple so that you can … understand it and you can differentiate but once you … upload it if you make a mistake like I did you can go … in and you can edit this thing. Go to change the files and what you’re going to do is go … in and you’re going to rename that to something more like … this and less like that last thing we’ll take a look at what … we’re here as I can go in to manage. And this brings us back to that item manager that we looked … at before so hopefully that helps you out internet archive … is a great place to upload an archive and save and share … all sorts of media I think it’s a powerful place to share audio … clips so this could be a podcast could be meeting … notes could be recordings a different things that you know … a lot of times audio and video Hogs up space in our storage … it could be Dropbox or Google Drive. Video Mikey use for video as always been YouTube I’m … going to start to think about sharing my my videos out … through internet archive as well but for audio it really is for … me it makes sense to upload audio clips to the internet … archive and share those out because you can upload it for … free you can create your own little library in the internet … archive and you can share that content out with other … people online they can take your content they can remix it … they can like it and do other stuff with it so hopefully that … was a value to you please leave me comments and … questions and subscribe if you haven’t already and hopefully … you have a great remainder of your day.

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  • Would also advocate using to archive bundles of stuff and then put them on internet archive:

  • I Excellent video. I did all the steps, and use blogspot and feedburner to create an RSS feed, and be able to take it to other platforms (spotify, google podcast, etc.).
    Spotify said he found my podcast, but I do not charge the chapters, any ideas or suggestions?

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