Using Revision History in Sitefinity

If, while you are editing a page in Sitefinity,
something goes wrong and the page gets messed up somehow, you can always revert the page
to a previous working version using Sitefinity’s Revision History tool. To access the revision history for a page,
first, you must log in to Sitefinity and open a page in editing mode. You can see that the
formatting on this sample page has gone somewhat wrong. Instead of trying to fix the page manually,
which would take a log of time and could result in more errors, we can simply revert the page
to a previous working version. Start by clicking on the “Revision History”
button in the upper-right corner of the screen. On the next screen you will see a list of
all the previous versions of the page. Every time you save a page, either by saving it
as a draft or by publishing it, Sitefinity saves a backup of the page. Each time you save a draft, Sitefinity increments
the number on the right side of the decimal point. Each time you publish a page, Sitefinity
increments the number on the left. To view a previous version of the page, click
on one of the numbers. Sitefinity will open a preview of this past version. Once you identify the version of the page
to which you would like to revert, click the “Revert to this version” button in the upper-left
corner of the screen. Then, either save the page as a draft or publish it.

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