Using Gale’s Archives Unbound – Searching

On the home page you can perform basic
searches as well as access the Advanced Search
feature. To perform a basic search, enter a term in the basic search box. You can choose to search collections held by your institution, or search all of the collections
available through Archives Unbound including collections not held by your
institution. You can also limit your search to
specific collections, or to subject categories. Collections that will be searched are displayed. Click clear to clear your list. If no collection or category is specified, all of your institution’s collections are searched. This basic search searches the entire
text of documents. When searching the free index, which
includes all collections available through Archives Unbound, if your results list includes a
collection not held by your institution, you will not be able to access its documents. Use advanced search to construct complex search queries. For example, you would use advanced
search if you wanted to find documents on a particular topic that are also associated with a
particular place. Begin by entering a search term and then
select a field to search. You can also use advanced search to search by author, document title, or document number, or to incorporate a previous search. To search multiple fields as in the example
I just described, select one of the operators, and, or, or not. You can also add as many rows as you like by clicking Add a Row. If you need to, you can specify the Fuzzy Search level. Fuzzy search accommodates for spelling
variations by returning near matches. Notice that you can limit your search to a particular collection, to a particular category, by publication year: including documents
with no known publication date, or by language. On your search results page, the number of results on the page as well as the total number of documents found is displayed. For each result you’re provided with: document source, author, document details, including date, number of pages, and the collection name. From this page you can: view the document, view the full citation for the document, or view details about the collection. You can sort your results by relevance,
date, collection name, document title, or author. To bookmark this page, click on the
bookmark icon to copy and paste the bookmark URL, save the bookmark to your browser, or email the bookmark URL to yourself or
others. From the search results page, you can further search from within your results as well as revise your search. Check the box next to the document title to save the document Check the Mark All box to save all documents on the
page. Click Marked Items to access your list of
saved documents. Note: in order to access items again after
your session has ended, you will need to bookmark the results page on your marked items list. Click search history to view a list of
previous searches. From here you can re-execute a
search, or revise a previous search.

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