Using Gale World Scholar – Search Results

Gale World Scholar Latin America and the
Caribbean serves the needs of students and researchers by bringing together a rich collection
of primary source documents about Latin America and the Caribbean
academic journals and news feeds covering the region reference articles and commentary maps
in statistics audio and video and more when a topic pages available your search
takes you directly to that topic page when no topic pages available your
search take you to a search results page where results are organized by content
type up to three items are displayed for each
content-type: the number of items in each category is displayed you can collapse and expand content categories as well as a range categories on
the page as you like you can also bookmark the results page click view all to see the complete list of results from here you can sort your results depending on
the content type by date document title or relevance you can also subscribe RSS feed to content delivered directly to
you both page you can further research from
within your results you can filter your results by the language in which the document was
written subject document type: publication title or
collection titled depending on the content type you’re searching the number of items found in each
category is displayed click Save to save items from a result
list to access later when you wanna view items you’ve saved
click Saved items at the top of the page when historical documents occur in your
search results you’re presented with a
thumbnail image in addition to document details you can enlarge the thumbnail as well as
flip through thumbnail images of pages click keywords in context to see
exactly where your search term appears in a document for image also view the full document citation and information about the document
collection and you can click search history at the top of the page to view or recreate an earlier

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