Use Google App to search images, voice and quick searches, as well as search Incognito.

Hi everyone this is Brad today we’re taking a
look at the Google app on your iPhone if you press and hold a 3d touch you can
see the options that come up you can see you can do an image search right away so
if we just type in dog it will come up instantly with images if we go ahead
back in you can search incognito when you search incognito Reiss activity and
search history aren’t available you could also turn it off by just selecting
turn off if we go head back in you can do a voice search what is today’s date it is Sunday the 10th of March 2019 ok
if we go in one more you can just see a quick search right here where you can
instantly go ahead in and search so there you go that is the Google app and
using 3d touch to bring up those options if you have any questions let me know
thanks for watching take care bye-bye

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