USA Coronavirus Pandemic and Federal Reserve Global Monopoly

My dearest friend welcome to the kingdom of Atlantis decentralized sovereign state the pandemic expansion of the Coronavirus is the signal that the majority of humanity can be exterminated in a few months Without any doubt the corona virus pandemic has officially been started on the 1st of march 2020 then one month later the official statistics show a terrifying situation today the 3rd of April 2020 there is more than 1 million registered cases and 52 thousand 400 deaths in 207 territories or the entire world? The big point here is the 207 territories How could a virus in fact by itself the entire world in 30 days? how could a virus be so intelligent or does it get its intelligence from the criminals that have created it and That are sending infected persons on purpose in the countries where there was no cases yet, of course The corona virus is the distraction that keeps humanity and terror and under control While the Federal Reserve refines the economic crash it needs to reset the global economy in my words global economy means all the economies of the entire world Thus the reason why the corona virus must be condemning I let you brainstorm on this one the kingdom of Atlantis decentralized sovereign state is delivering the online Atlanta metaphysics course to its members a Course that teaches in full details the truth about this society The result of this course is to create the Great Awakening that will save humanity and planet Earth for its own destruction Become a member of the kingdom of Atlantis decentralized sovereign state now it WWWE condemned of Atlantis come Coming next a video about the coroner virus pandemic in the Federal Reserve global monopoly as the economic Activity has come to a near standstill in March. The recession choir is growing louder three of the top banks Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan all predicting a depression-era crash including Expectations that second quarter GDP would drop as much as 30 percent the four big banks see the economy dropping double digits while Bank of America sees a 12 percent drop in GDP Morgan stanley sees a dramatic 30% plunge in the second quarter San Luis Fed President James Bullard has the most pessimistic call He predicts a whopping 50% drop in u.s. GDP and this is just the beginning of the crisis Not only are we going through? Unprecedented times in every other aspect of our lives but economically we are going through completely uncharted territory in the history of humanity Never have the markets been blown so big and been completely shut down in such a short amount of time The economic ramifications of this are going to be catastrophic This is going to be the biggest economic collapse event in human history This is the economic collapse of 2020 in this chaotic economic environment where we are only beginning to see the beginning thin edge of the wedge of the economic effects of what is playing out throughout The global economy we clearly can see an economic Inferno coming to us The financial markets have tumbled. They are all down significantly for the year Economic disruptions are being felt across the globe Markets around the world are sinking fast We are not even in the midst of this crisis yet We could start to see empty shelves in some US stores by mid-april the time to start worrying about the supply chain risk is here Inflation is already here food prices are skyrocketing and this is just getting started all of those people that had less than $400 saved for an emergency are quickly going to become the problem of everyone who did save more than $400 there’s coming a time that people will do anything even to their friends and neighbors to get food and water a Hungry, man is a dangerous man Negative interest rates are already being proposed The saver is the problem now according to the banks They want to transfer money out of the savers bank accounts to the borrowers through negative interest rates Borrowers will get a loan at minus 2 percent, but the bank will deduct 5 percent from the savers accounts to pay for it It’s not collapsed. It’s a controlled demolition Welcome to the new Dark Ages. They keep us in cages send us into rages They are taking our wages in the final stages of the very pages Babylon is falling down Everybody’s lost control People use and abuse this world Now they’re out taking a stroll These times have changed Nothing will save you from what is coming. No one will be able to buy anything after the dust settles Company after company is going to collapse like a domino ripple effect. Get ready for soup lines in crime It’s the greatest tribulation that the world has ever seen Bankers are trying to take over the world in real time They can only do it with our consent from the Great Depression to the great deception The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence Clamorous to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins all of them imaginary The globalists are getting ready for the endgame Absolute control of everything on everybody. That’s all they want. This economy has been a house of cards They knew that when they started it back in reagan’s time. They figured their bunkers would keep them safe though I think they underestimated the determination of millions of angry people They fucked trying to get to them to give them their due If the bank own political whores in DC had shown some spine back in 2008 and regulated the financial parasites with agencies that actually did their job we wouldn’t be in this complete shitstorm But no They kick the can down the road like the despicable prostitutes they are but they don’t care they don’t give a damn about you and now just like 2008 millions will again lose their jobs businesses and houses and When they first learned about the coming shitstorm, they were busy dumping their own stocks to feather their own filthy nests Did I mention they don’t give a damn about you? The virus is a hoax creating medical martial law which they need for the global currency reset This has been in the planning for years and is now being implemented by the controllers of the matrix It will be the death of all world currencies in the death of the dollar It will stop the anger and riots in the street and attacks on the bank’s This is all about the global currency reset in the death of the dollar Nothing can be fixed Every new attempt at fixing things exponentially worsens the situation The USA is sleepwalking into hell trillions for the banksters and $1200 for every American unless you earn too much the Fed has a singular mission to milk the host country in much of the world for every penny they can get Everything they do is meant to further that one single mission The Fed is the tool of the elite This supposedly independent body shafts the working man every day with taxes then prints money and gives it to billionaires Printing hundreds of trillions of dollars in building a totalitarian monopolistic system and government around it They steal trillions and nobody goes to jail But if you so much as steal five dollars from a bank, you’ll go to prison for years The government goes out of its way to enable the finance ears and bankster parasites They have rules and regulations for everybody except the highest criminals in the food chain Beyond hope in my opinion. The population is hopelessly dumbed down and by design Nothing can be done now. It is too late Collapse is inevitable Kind of like the board it is systematic at this point nine hundred trillion in liabilities the host USA has lost the Fed sounds social division and mistrust Nobody can even imagine the social destruction that will be happening soon And that is exactly what the Fed is doing and has been doing since 2006 What it is doing is designed to hide the problems not to fix the problems. It’s long past the point of no return The argument is no longer about the good of the economy Everyone with a brain knows that ten times the Fed balance sheet over 2007 as we’ll soon see and more promised is going to create huge imbalances of money versus goods It’s being done because back in September government deficits crossed into territory We’re continuing operations require endless money printing to finance at all. The next phase is also well known Total destruction of the currency system. This tells me they already know what they want to foist on us Once it reaches that point and the public faces express shock that it came to this and something urgent is needed to combat the problem Central banks have set the entire world economy on a one-way trip down the circular hole of debt The only objective one can have at this point is to attempt to push oneself up through the swirling to delay one’s inevitable entry into the hole the Fed is a private corporation made up of member banks and would never sit out an Opportunity to bail out its members for taking the wrong side of a bet while gambling with your money The Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the US government It is privately owned the owners include Rothschild Bank of London Warburg Bank of Hamburg Rothschild Bank of Berlin Lehman Brothers of New York Lazard Brothers of Paris Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York Israel Moses safe banks of Italy Goldman Sachs of New York Warburg Bank of Amsterdam Chase Bank of New York The US Treasury prints money and gives it to the Fed interest fee the Fed loans this money back to us through banks charging interest The Fed also buys government and corporate debt Thus the feds policies are used to maximize profits for large banks And as we have seen bailout these same banks when they make bad investment decisions the unelected empowered by the biggest Beneficiaries of their policies deciding by committee behind closed doors policies that drastically affect us But they themselves are insulated from any negative effects Which may arise due to the fact they have inflation protected pensions awaiting them This is backdoor socialism economic decision-making by the unelected and globalism If a butterfly flaps its wings in Europe the Fed must act the Fed is ever more powerful and getting more powerful every day because there is no one watching as they self author and expand our Powers as they ignore the mandates under which they previously agreed to and from which their special powers are derived The Fed is a big wide band of duct tape on top of thousands of band-aids That’s what the entire system is a mess of poorly conceived measures that has a purpose very different from what was sold to you The purpose is to take everything you have and will have and to enslave you forever period the result of the feds mass printing debasement of the currency will be an extremely small wedge of society living well indeed with Private jets disgustingly luxurious homes and all the fuel and resources life demands while the rest of us learn the meaning of the word foraging fed can create thousands of quadrillions of electronic Fiat phony dollars with a push of a button and That $100 bill you rat hold in your wallet won’t buy you a bus ride home debt is slavery Saving is sovereignty they want slaves not sovereigns. This is the whole problem Monetizing the debt and destroying the savings pensions of the prudent and it can be done by stealth Every dollar the Fed prints is going to cost you at least 10 The bottom line is that the American people are getting pretty tired of the Fed picking winners and losers by twisting the rules Especially when the winners are always the Cabal the world will be a much better place without the Fed it is like a ravenous parasite in the body of the American people and The Fed before the Fed ends us all what we are now witnessing is entirely unprecedented 300 million Americans are locked down as their country gets raped total economic freeze 32 percent unemployment and 47 million out of work Hundreds of millions of workers are sitting at home not working about half the country is currently under some sort of a shelter-in-place order The Fed estimated that nearly 67 million Americans work in occupations that are at high risk of layoffs because of social distancing measures a Record 3.3 millions Americans filed initial jobless claims for the week ended March 21st And economists expect another 2.6 5 millions or more to join them this week and this is just the beginning this is a unique shock that is unlike any other experienced by the US economy in the last 100 years the US unemployment rate in February was 3.5% If it surged to 30% in the second quarter, it would top the highest rate on record of nearly 25% during the Great Depression We are in for a shit storm as the pandemic winds down then hits phase 2 and we end up in a greater depression This virus was simply a catalyst to shock a broken economy into terminal velocity the u.s Dollar is going to be tested like no tomorrow all this stimulus and QE is doomed to fail and we will see hyperinflation combined with asset depreciation go long food and lean 3.3 million unemployed in a single week and this is just the beginning of the crisis Lock and Load because this is about to get post apocalyptic real fast Chaos is coming by design the pace at which Americans are losing their jobs is absolutely breathtaking The US Department of Labor reports a stunning increase of 3.3 million people sought initial jobless claims last week alone The unemployment rate in the second quarter of 2020 is at thirty two point one percent in Recent days so many newly unemployed Americans have been trying to file for unemployment benefits that it has been crashing websites all over the country about 67 million people work in jobs with high risks of layoffs including sales production and food preparation in addition 27 million people work in businesses that require close physical contact such as barbers and restaurant waitstaff and As the American public sits at home watching their disaster slowly unfold day after day and ruminates on where all this money Suddenly comes from they begin to realize that the whole structure of our society is rotten to the core based on a lie that says money or value comes from the productive industry in Other words if you work hard then you will make more money than someone who doesn’t work hard the scales of justice Ensure your rewards your prosperity is equal to your industry The Epiphany slowly arises and the general populace sees it they feel it it expands with a wave of mounting and seething anger Money doesn’t come from productivity or industriousness. It’s printed out of nothing by unelected unidentified criminals hiding in the shadows What gives them this right? Why is our government complicit in this perversion of morality? Who is going to stop it? Is there any sense in even going along with this corrupt charade any longer? these are the questions that will begin to run through the populace as collective minds as they sit at home and await their $1200 checks watching billions and trillions go somewhere else Never to be seen by them the vast majority more than 75% of the two trillion dollars in taxpayer money’s will go to the already filthy rich corporate CEOs major shareholders The little people will get a few crumbs thrown their way and will be expected to be extremely grateful for it lots of businesses will be letting go of people and claiming poverty so they can get free taxpayer money a reasonable estimate of losses from large government programs as 10% Expect 200 billion dollars of taxpayer money to disappear into some very deep pockets There is no going back to where we were before the Fed can make up all the non-existent credit Imagination can imagine but confidence lost won’t be replaced The corporation’s outsource our jobs and used debt to buy back stocks to increase the executives Compensation while the Fed lowers interest rates to 0% to rob the savers and gives unlimited money to the banksters only caring about stock markets with no concern of inflation the People have record unemployment and they are trying to pay bills to take care of their families This is World War 3 people versus the banksters Hey fellow American. You are not going back to work next month or next year. The Second Great Depression has arrived Trump won’t tell you but I will you won’t have rent credit or car payments America has hit an iceberg and your Beach bucket is too small to bail you out If you don’t believe me call your boss and ask him when you can come back to work money has stopped Drive around your town What’s open? Two weeks of paychecks have already been missed Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck Eighty percent of all Americans have less than $1,000 Americans have massive student loans credit cards home and auto debt that $1,000 is already gone Try buying food with a maxed credit card and no savings life has already turned desperate for many I am weeping for my fellow man for many many Americans life is going to be hell in the coming months possibly years Something like three out of four Americans live paycheck to paycheck How in the world are they going to make ends meet the courts will be jammed for years with bankruptcies? Corporations are not paying rent Landlords are being told they can’t kick paying renters out. And this is when the government introduces the universal basic income They are already doing it in Italy as there seems to be no end to this lockdown anytime soon Many companies and jobs will be gone forever As the Fed floods the market with fake paper money. This was a planned takedown They have continually orchestrated these events since December 23 1913 It is socialism for the rich and powerful For the rest of us. It is survival of the fittest a violent psychopath Tells you there is an invisible enemy that’s going to kill you and your family and the only way to fight it is to give That psychopath absolute control over your life and you do it without question That’s why violent Psychopaths will always rise to power Allah the war on terror war on drugs the new war on pandemics because you know, we have to be on or footing and It is always the war on us Do not pay your mortgage do not pay your credit card bill Do not pay your loans Take your money out of the banks. Take care of yourself. The government will take care of the banks and corporations You are on your own. This is New World Order full speed ahead approximately one third of the entire population Of the globe is currently under some sort of a lockdown Order and that means that hundreds of millions of workers are sitting at home not working in the United States So many people are already absolutely sick and tired of being idle at home But the truth is that it looks like this pandemic is just getting started People are going to go bankrupt We are going to see suicide rates increase We are going to see crime escalate and people OD’ing on drugs because of depression Our leaders are totally closing down the economy again. This has never been done before It’s not only Wall Street going down Main Street went down simultaneously This is unprecedented Usually the markets go down and then the ripple effects start hitting Main Street this time boom. They are both down It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression It’s going to be the greatest depression 3.3 million Americans just filed for unemployment benefits in the Dow up 4% Are we living in a simulation? the Fed has been responsible for 93% of the entire stock market movement since 2008 it is a con 3.3 million Americans lose their jobs in their livelihoods at the fastest clip in American history and The stock market lasts all the way to the bank Yes That’s a sick bunch of deluded delusional on Wall Street. The Dow is a total line Check out what all is doing today after a move up with the lift in the stock market’s? Oil is telling us we are looking at a major worldwide economic collapse The Fed can’t manipulate everything Cheap oil but yet, no jobs will drive demand down. The feds. Toolbox is already empty Their final trick is so obvious to everyone at this point that it’s laughable Everyone here knows that a tired trick is called buy stocks their solution to every problem that exists buy stocks Get the hook and yank these assholes off the stage before they cause more destruction So broke, we can’t afford a gallon of gas and can’t find a gallon of milk Thus America formerly regarded as the bastion of capitalism and economic prosperity completes the transformation to fascism Not with a protest and an existential struggle But by decree and by debt and circuses that will be paid for by the indentured servitude of our children and grandchildren the markets if we can call them at Because let’s face it when the centrally planned fed printing presses are used to buy everything that’s not nailed down There’s no longer a free market our all rigged There are no markets the Fed prints dead and uses it to buy bad credits in the debt markets and bad stocks in the stock markets creating the illusion of supply and demand the illusion of capitalist resilience and wealth It’s all just a facade, of course since in actuality the US economy is a centrally planned charade that Mao and Stalin would have been proud of Markets are not allowed to go down and price reality and all that’s missing at this point are the five-year plenums the engine of capital allocation and Christ’s discovery Which has made America the envy of the rest of the world and the beacon that everyone wanted to follow has been willfully and intentionally destroyed in a week where millions have filed for unemployment In the US and world the economy has physically shut down The Dow is rallying by thousands of points Even though the situation in the real world from just a week or two ago has gotten significantly worse the fake resilience that we’re witnessing in the stock markets ladies and gentlemen is the only Symptoms of the economic flu that’s engineered to transfer the wealth of the American middle class to the money changers You’ll see no other signs or warnings that you’ve lost your freedoms and prosperity This is it This is not a rescue package but wealth redistribution On a grand scale from those that saved and those that toiled and paid taxes to those that did and will do neither Thus the land of the free and the home of the brave has been replaced with something entirely different Something that now lives on borrowed time and that looks like quacks like and smells like a communist fascist utopia What is next in the centrally planned demolition of America? Oh dear leaders Electronic money where the individual has no privacy and where you can control and monitor 24/7 the compliant population of indentured slaves chip implants so that no one may get out of line lest their access to Electronic money and their ability to buy food gets turned off Re-education camps where you brainwash those that still believe in the Constitution and those that refuse to submit to your totalitarian utopia at a time like this the words of an unknown sage from 1933 ring is specially true if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation Then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children Wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs Think about what is happening here without the Fed the dead would would be cleared out on a regular basis Good businesses would survive and thrive bad businesses would fail Nothing to prop them up Instead what we have is a system in place that will ensure big businesses with can actions will survive Regardless of how well they are run. It makes sure that everyone with connections is bulletproof They cannot fail they can take whatever outrageous risks They want and know that the Fed will be there to make them whole they are already wealthy But they get fabulously more so in each successive crash They love crashes because it allows them to feast at the Fed trough each time. There is hysteria This is how our financial system now works You work hard to make money The rich get their money made out of thin air. Why play a game that’s rigged against you It’s one thing if it’s like it is in Vegas where you know, the odds are against you But it’s an entirely different thing when the other side is telling you all the rules are there to ensure a level playing field When in fact they’re there to make sure you get skimmed extracted and screwed until you finally die This is the greatest depression ever the biggest economic crash of our lifetime This system is collapsing around us. There is no fixing it. No chance this could be fixed It’ll fall to the point of total officials desperation The bottom is when they admit they’ve lost and have nothing to do The last time around the banksters and other CEOs were in trouble because they were gambling with other people’s money on Wall Street They were losing very badly the US government bailed most of them out but they didn’t learn a damn thing and spent the bailout funds on bonuses for themselves and kept on Gambling that is partly why we are now headed for the greatest depression ever America is also in debt up to its eyebrows, which certainly doesn’t help the end result is central bankers created the biggest most egregious bubble in financial history a 250 trillion dollars debt bomb with another $500 plus trillion in derivatives trading based on its yields To put this into perspective the tech bubble was about 15 trillion dollars in size The housing bubble which triggered the 2008 crisis was about 30 trillion dollars in size The bond bubble is over 250 trillion dollars in size Some 50 trillion dollars of this is in sovereign debt with the rest coming from corporate debt mortgages auto loans credit Cards like the 2.5 trillion dollars stimulus money is only going to go to the gangsters the bankers just like last time The bankers are laughing because they already stole tens of trillions post-2008 with all the politicians on top of the trillions they stole pre-2008 Tens of trillions hidden in offshore Cayman accounts the money spent on keeping this prompt while trillions are funneled to insiders So they can buy assets for pennies on the dollar works what you will see in any stimulus Interestingly no politicians are objecting to the wall street 10 trillion dollar bailout but stamping their feet over every other element and As we continue to shovel trillions at this turgid massive puss-filled fraud We are at once tossing away our chance at Vitality on the way back up if there’s going to be a way back up at all Give a man a gun. He will rob the bank Give a man a bank he will rob the world as the government rushed to create financial panic with the virus catalyst it will cause numerous unintended consequences which will feed more fuel to the fire as The Fed falters in its attempt to save the economy It will be swallowed by the Treasury and become history while a new monetary system is born The virus will then have accomplished one of its intended purposes. This is called operation control They want to see how much of the population cowers in fear and believes the government Meanwhile, the Americans are told to shut up set at home Quit your job and close down all the gun doors while they’re letting all the prisoners out who’s most likely to get sick and die the people outside in the fresh air and sunlight getting Exercise or the people cooped up at home breathing recycled air and sitting on the couch watching endless mind-bending TV This thing is here to stay No, too weak sporadic quarantines are going to stop it plus the slower It spreads the more it mutates before eventually infecting you with an even stronger version of itself by that time You’ll be so out of shape from not going outside a cold would probably kill you get healthy people It’s a war for the bankster World Order and they are using citizens as hostages with house imprisonment under false pretenses COV 19 as the man-made designer planted emic which will usher in the brave new world It is the dark vessel that has already transferred trillions of dollars from the people to the corrupt banks and corporations I Don’t buy the narrative that this is all about fighting a virus. And therefore we need to give up our freedoms of movement and assembly Yes, there are some legitimate concerns Mostly exaggerated prompting draconian measures. I also believe the threat of the virus is being used as a power grab a permanent ever-expanding power grab over the American people Just as the fear of climate change was is an excuse by elites in and out of government to try and control us The people behind this virus threat aren’t going to willingly give you your freedoms back the Fed to start buying stocks through ETFs The capitalism has been dead for a while But the Fed is now going to make sure it is dead by pumping lead into a corpse Former Fed slackers Yellen and Bernanke are calling for the Fed to buy stocks and bonds, which is illegal The Fed is monetizing everything else including corporate junk bonds. The Fed has no more bullets But hey if we knew that as the government has been buying up all the ammo the US sociopaths in charge are using one credit card to pay down another with all the progeny of their tax slaves holding the liability The national debt clock shows tax revenues retreating across all levels government with one third of the population now in financial survival mode This will accelerate the longer at home quarantine Ian continues. The only thing keeping the ponzi alive at this point is more Ponzi Goodluck peeps Time to end the Fed and seize their assets in gold and let them keep the debt Start exchanging US Treasury notes for the Federal Reserve notes This crash was coming no matter what the stock market was ridiculously overvalued by Definition debt is unserviceable The money you need to cover the interests needs to be taken from the other loan There is a solution here and it involves people in the streets revolting at the notion of the Fed Inflating its balance sheet to buy stocks Short of that nothing will change and the party will go on It is up to the people to end this super cycle of debt the majority of government budgets come from taxing businesses Businesses that are currently shut down it is kind of hard to tax sales when there are no sales The absolute decimation of business because of being locked down as far worse than losing two employees to cold for two weeks Not only will the virus be good for taking away more of our civil liberties, but it’s also a great excuse for austerity measures Everyone will be bailed out with printed currency Everyone will be paid the problem your cheque will buy a bag of peanuts The only reason why the dollar doesn’t become like the currency in Zimbabwe is that the US has the world staring down the barrel of its gun without that Fiat threat There are probably as many grains of sand in the ocean as there are dollar bills in circulation The least bad option is debt repudiation and a deflationary depression. That would be the honorable approach since our leaders do not have any honor they’ll go with the total destruction of the currency and a Hyperinflationary depression either way a lot of people are going to see their standard of living destroyed now perhaps you people who are gullible enough to invest in a paper stock market with no tangible backing will understand the risks you take besides the stock market was really living in a different world from the rest of the economy the economy never really recovered since 2008 and had been sluggish at best with 93 thousand businesses shutting down in 2019 alone There were signs all along the economy was in the tank and it took the virus to expose just how fragile it really was Communist Chinese told us time and time again. They had a 100-year plan and we’re going to knock our block off Yet even now with everything basically shut down the economy outside of food and medical grinding to a halt People are sitting there hoping that they’re fake free virus lifestyle of complete BS can come back like with a flick of a switch See how easy it was to use fear to control and manipulate the malleable mushed minds of the masses Who would have ever believed that a hyped up fabricated story in conjunction with your average flu epidemic could have pulled off this global scam This virus is a cover for the collapse of the US dollar When we wake up from this there will be Costco Walmart and a handful of other businesses open All the own private companies will be bankrupted We will have to get our stuff from Amazon delivered You will be unemployed And have a limited amount of time before you have to report to your free condo where they will provide food and a task All your private property will be taken from you and you will be given a uniform to wear Everything will be guaranteed for you vaccines food and shelter You will start feeling ill soon after don’t worry. You will have free health care to make you feel better until you die Something had to be done soon Something in which multiple stakeholders among ruling elites would benefit that something was is a financial reset offload toxic assets and stocks to Uncle Sam forgive debt in return for inflated asset prices Borrow from Uncle Sam speculate keep the profits and ask Uncle Sam to pay for the losses The problem of course was contriving a sufficiently scary global crisis to pull off such a scam Not much will be left to reopen at the end of April most restaurants Especially the mom and pops are never going to reopen one third road of this country will be unemployed Savings will be wiped out and people will be behind in rent and mortgages Anyone who doesn’t think this corona beer virus was here by December or even November as dumb We are connected to China with non-stop flights and huge amounts of Chinese Americans going back and forth all the time This was here all winter but was just thought to be the flu Yes, it’s not pleasant to get sick and died and we should do everything to help people at risk But putting trillions of dollars on our kids backs and shutting down everything is very stupid huge differences between now and 1929 for one most of the home mortgages on residential real estate were seven year term a High percentage of these homes were paid off by the time the Depression hit Aside from farmers ordinary people did not have any debt People genuinely cared for one another and would often reach out to complete strangers in order to offer help Compared to today crime was virtually non-existent Violent crime was so rare that when did occur it made headlines Drug use was confined to a very small percentage of the population Being a drug addict was considered to be the lowest of lows. The family unit was traditional and strong Mothers did not work outside the home and divorce was rare Children feared their father and respected their mother Schools still taught moral values and honored the history of our nation including our founding fathers Etc, etc, etc Does everyone know why this crash isn’t as painful as 1929? The answer the welfare system There was no welfare cushion to be exploited in 1929 by the freebees army who makes up over 40% of the population today in the u.s Crash the welfare system and just see what happens. This is where the Second Amendment becomes very important in 1929 a lot of people still had skills and knew how to be thrifty today that’s not the case and Supply chains are crazy long in comparison We are the polar opposite of virtually every point listed above and more. This is just a quick list that came to mind My dearest friend. I hope that you have enjoyed this video presentation and that you are ready to join the kingdom of Atlantis Decentralized sovereign state individuals are handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy So monstrous they cannot believe it exists Ninety-eight percent are still sleeping and the ones who are aware feel powerless, but why our fate is not sealed? I strongly believe that once awareness has hit a critical mess it will spread exponentially like a virus the kingdom of Atlantis decentralized sovereign state as The technology to create the greatest awakening in human history We can stop this monstrous conspiracy against humanity become a member of the kingdom of Atlantis decentralized Sovereign state and enroll on the online, uh, planting metaphysics course right now For more information, please. Contact us by the contact form at Calm thank you for your understanding

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  • The Pandemic expansion of the Coronavirus, is the signal that the majority of Humanity can be exterminated in a few months, without any doubt. The Coronavirus Pandemic has officially been started on the 1st of March 2020, and one month later the official statistics show a terrifying situation. Today, the 3rd of April 2020, there is more than 1 million registered cases, and 52400 deaths, in 207 territories, or the entire World. The big out point here is the 207 Territories. How could a virus infect, by itself, the entire world in 30 days? How Could a Virus be so intelligent? Or does it get its “intelligence” from the Criminals that have created it, and that are sending infected persons on purpose in the countries where there was no cases yet? Of course, the CoronaVirus is the distraction that keeps Humanity in terror and under control, while the Federal Reserve refines the Economic Crash it needs to reset the Global Economy.

  • Corona = crown? makes me think queen lizard breath might know something we don't

  • Hi Michele, i didn't know that the Federal Reserve was Private. Are they controlling all the Government on Planet Earth? Are they part of the New World Order?

  • Thanks for sharing this vital information with the General Public. We must absolutely get as many people as we can on the Atlantean Metaphysics Course. We must create the Greatest Awakening ever seen in History and stop this recurring situation at once. This is the only way to resolve this situation. The Qanon are talking about it but i do not know if they have the correct technology. The Kingdom of Atlantis for sure has it. ???

  • Hi people,

    Here in France, the situation is also insane, and media lies eve' worse, we are slowly heading to the same chaos, but more and more people wake up their consciousness at the same time, hope there will be a revolution before it's to late.
    Be safe, bye.

  • It's fake, numbers provided for our consumption. There are 4 hospitals in my area that look deserted, they've postponed all but emergency surgeries. It's all a hoax used to collapse the world economy. The deaths are normal seasonal flu pneumonia numbers. Can you not see through the lies.

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