Upload on YouTube on your Android phone or tablet

In this video, we’ll show you how to upload to YouTube
on your Android phone or tablet. If you have any questions about
uploading after watching this video please let us know in the
comments, so we can help you. To get started, open the YouTube app and tap the Camera
icon at the top of the screen.>From here, you can choose videos
that are already on your phone or tablet or you can tap the
Camera icon to film a new video. Once you’re set, tap here. After recording a video,
or selecting an existing one you’ll be able to do some
editing before you upload. You can choose to trim the clip
by moving the blue bars at the bottom. You can also add a filter to
give the video a different look by tapping this Magic Wand icon. Finally, you can also add background
music by tapping the Music icon here. You can hear a preview
by tapping the Play icon and, when you find some
music you like, tap the Plus icon. When you add in background
music, you can adjust the volume levels to balance out the background
music and original audio of the clip. You can also move the audio clip around if you’d like the song
to start at a certain point. Once you’re done editing, swipe up here to enter a title,
description, and set the privacy. Once you’re set, tap this
icon at the top to start uploading. Once the upload is finished, you can go
back anytime to edit your video’s details. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for
more YouTube tips and tricks. If you have a question, we’re
here to help in the comments below.

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