Universal Travel ESSENTIALS Internet, Transportation, Money (Visit Bali)

Hello &welcome to Bali. Congratulations for
considering the destination but let’s say you had your flight arranged good
price let’s say you have your hotel arranged good price by the way there is
a video coming about the hotels you should definitely check it out. there are
three main things you need to consider when you’re here or when you’re coming
here. number one internet now if you’ll come in here to disconnect from the
surroundings to disconnect from the world and you just want to tell you may
not need it otherwise check this out you’re gonna have two options number one
speak with your mobile operator check the feel at home countries and if your
destination is there that means you’ll be able to use your data just like
you’re in your home country option two you can do what I do which is take the
local SIM card as you can see here you can get nine giggles for seventy five
thousand rupiah’s which is about four pounds but we need nine gigabytes I took
four good one remember the price though number two transportation if you come
here just for the beach you might not need it well actually you might still
need it from the airport but if you like me and you like to explore five CPC in
seventeen eighty base you gonna need transport and you have two options you
can do it yourself or you can hire a tow brother hiring if you’re hired
let’s say a taxi that’s a bit different situation here
because what I understood that there are taxes that look like the actual taxes
but they actually charge you more after that certificate recognizing there are
applications like Huber and grab but the local people don’t like them very much
and they can actually be to the driver are you gonna be fine because you don’t
understand you’re a tourist but the worst thing that can happen to you is
that the locals gonna send that you were away and I’m gonna have a car or option
free when you have somebody you can get a try one like Lucy
this is Lucy that’s driving now take watch the road watch the other one
because look so wild like Lucy has a small car and a big car as well so if
you have a big group it’s no problem so she can drive you one day or how they
shouldn’t go around with you no problem now if you wanna do the transport
yourself we have few options you can hire a car you can yeah whatever
okay whatever difficult exercise do it but anyway if you look for in the car
just ask maybe you’ll find something but it’s a bit difficult because roads are
narrow and parking and sister laughing parking busy areas might be difficult
the other option as you can see there lots of motorbikes you can hire a
motorbike for yourself a day is about 50,000 rupees a month is about 600,000
if you run out of gas no problem you don’t need to look even
for a gas station they sell gasoline in even small shops one bit is 10,000
rupees which is not that much this is the one what’s up funny I find it I’m very funny you can find this here
here or on Instagram you must you know you must going to
Hollywood bring us bring me pick up pick up I’m gonna take in the states and drive
me around there yeah you want to want that yes okay why he keep laughing she’s crying is
that funny it’s like a comedy club let’s finish this can we
let’s try Italy if you get a motorbike be careful I mean if you get a motorbike and if you’re in
the rainy season here from October till April prepare yourself what thanks for
helping with a motor but you can easily leave them somewhere it’s easy but we
can go if you’re driving on a road that it’s not that busy and if you’re playing
with your phone I heard there’s some people that they
drive around you and they can grab your phone and some may even try to push you
from the bike and then when you wake up on the roads or in the hospital you will
be dropped what’s the funny I’m not taking this can’t believe this finally
probably the most important when you go in another country particularly in this
one there few important things that you need to consider so important that I
actually wrote it on a paper let’s forget it firstly exchange rate check
the exchange rate firstly on Google or Donna the second step is where to
exchange now when you know the exchange rate check if it’s better to change in
your country or is the country where you’re going for me better was to change
it in Indonesia but there is that in England and when you come here don’t
exchange at the airport no none of the airport is a good idea so what you do
take some pounds dollars euros whatever you have
exchange few of them a small amount just to have in your country come here
pay for the transport from the airport and then when you go walk around the
streets and find the better rates one pound was 18 thousand rupees were coming
here when we were walking around we found from 16,000 to 17,000 500 so just
walk around and find the best rate for you now let’s go to the local money have
some coins which you cannot find anything with them most of the times and
then you have 2,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 50,000 and 100,000 here it is yeah this
one think of a way that you can more or less get familiar with the money when
you come here or when you change your money just look at them and as I said
one pound was 18,000 so put one pound more or less for 20,000 and then you can
be much easier to the map so 100,000 will be more or less five pounds what
you can buy here chicken and rice would be from forty to sixty thousand I choose
twenty twenty-five thousand smoke here thirty five big forty and you can get a
fresh coconut for about thirty thousand big tip here we have the coconut and
when you drink it cut it aside after that ask them to cut it for you so you
can eat it here in Indonesia they have Indonesian Rupiah to here the free
important things internet transport money hope this video helped you if
that’s the case then hit the like button that’s it for this one thanks for
watching and I will see you in the next one money

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  • I've learnt one new thing… if you want to have an enjoyable time when you are on a car journey, you need to take Pavel along with you so you have something to amuse you! 🤣 I must remember to take you on my next 26 hour flight from New Zealand, CP… I won't need to watch any movies to keep me entertained! The time will fly by!

    I liked Lucy… I would definitely want her to be my driver if I was in Bali. Cheers, Pavel… really helpful video.

  • "You should be in Hollywood." Helpful video 🙂

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