Unidentified: Naval Pilots Witness UFOs (Season 1) | History

NARRATOR: Lieutenant
Ryan Graves has spent a decade
training Navy pilots and flying bombing missions. As a combat section
lead, he twice deployed to the Middle East
and holds a degree in aerospace engineering. Go ahead. Let’s– let’s start
from the beginning. Well, simply
put, I don’t really know where the beginning is. NARRATOR: In the summer
of 2014, Lieutenant Graves was based out of
Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. [MUSIC PLAYING] Lieutenant Graves says his
squadron, the Red Rippers, was running training
exercises up and down the East Coast when
they started to pick up mysterious radar tracks. We didn’t really think a lot
of them other than the fact that maybe they were just– just a part of the radar
itself, not necessarily natural physical object. Was there any difference
between the aircraft you were flying in 2015 versus
what he was flying in 2004? Any– RYAN GRAVES: We had upgraded
electronics, radar systems. It’s a generational difference. It’s a big deal, yeah. Huge, huge increase
in capabilities. OK. NARRATOR: The pilots wondered
if their new radar system was malfunctioning until they saw
one of the unidentified objects up close. Walk me through that. Now, were you there, or was
it one of your colleagues? It was one of my
colleagues, so I didn’t hear about it until they landed. Did he give you
size, color, texture? It was basically a
cube inside of a sphere, where the points
of the cube were touching outside of the sphere. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ve got now two
different things. You guys got cubes with balls. Or on the West Coast,
we got flying Tic Tacs. [WHOOSHING] RYAN GRAVES: You
will sometimes get phantom tracks,
where it’s seeing something that’s not there. That’s what we thought
they were 100% of the time until we would see
them physically, being tally with them
with their eyeballs. It’s not that I’m seeing
a bright physical object. I’m literally just seeing
a flash shine out there. And wherever we were,
they were there. So that could mean two things. That could mean they
were already there, or they were following
the strike group. NARRATOR: By 2015,
Lieutenant Graves claims his pilots were
encountering bizarre craft almost every time they flew. RYAN GRAVES: You know, it’s
one thing if one person sees one of these objects. We’re like, OK, that’s crazy. When you go out there
every day and you see them and your brothers and
sisters and other squadrons are seeing them, then, you
know, it’s like, OK, well, this is probably some type of
maybe drone thing or something that they’re testing out. It wasn’t until someone
actually saw one go in between two aircraft at a
close range by within 150 feet that it was starting
to get worrisome. NARRATOR: Lieutenant Graves says
when one of the objects nearly caused a terrifying
mid-air collision, [ENGINES WHINING]
[WHOOSH] the senior pilots in his squadron decided to act. At this point, we’re like,
something needs to be done. We submit a safety report
to the Navy Safety Center. They’ve been seeing these
things for two months. Multiple people have seen them. Multiple people
have tracked them. You get one that
splits a section enough to send out your mishap
report to the Safety Center. Did anyone contact you
and say, what is going on? RYAN GRAVES: No. No investigation, no nothing? No. We have video I’d
like you to see. Without telling you
anything about it, I’m going to be
curious your thoughts, and you can tell
me what you see. NARRATOR: These three UFO videos
were released by the Pentagon. The one on the left
has already been identified as the 2004 incident
involving David Fravor. The source of the other
two had remained a mystery. This video has come
to be known as Go Fast and shows an object speeding
just above the water. The other is known as Gimbal. The sensor is
on a– on a Gimbal underneath the–
the aircraft, and it can rotate to maintain a track. You never forget those voices. You know those voices? I know those guys, yeah. NARRATOR: It’s a breakthrough
in the investigation. For the first time,
a pilot has confirmed that the two unidentified
videos, Gimbal and Go Fast, were taken by Navy jets
from the Theodore Roosevelt. We’re getting ready for a
deployment, so we do work-ups along the Eastern seaboard. And these objects
kind of came with us. NARRATOR: Lieutenant Graves says
both Gimbal and Go Fast were filmed within weeks of each
other over the Atlantic off Jacksonville, Florida. And as Lieutenant Graves’s
squadron was preparing to deploy to the Middle East,
they were seeing so many mysterious objects, they
started sharing the videos when they got back on ship. They were also very
excited about what happened, and then they were
heading down to watch the full video in its entirety. There’s parts of
this video that we can talk about that aren’t here. Let’s walk through that. So this object was
significantly larger than the one you’re used to seeing. NARRATOR: Lieutenant Graves
says the Gimbal video is just part of a longer
higher resolution video he was shown on the ship. It included several
smaller craft, the kind he was more familiar with. They were essentially flying
themselves in a formation. And then behind those was
the object that you see here. And I’m not the world’s
greatest drawer, but as you can see
here, it almost looks like a gyroscope, right,
the way it moves, the points coming out of the top
of the bottom of what appears to be a disk
or– or at least a central mass on the object. So these objects were
seen in one direction. The five at some point basically
just turn themselves around with some type of radius,
a turn, as a unit, and started flying
another direction. At this time is pretty
much where you see this video, where these
are now out of the picture and it’s just this
guy that’s stationary. Is that why they
refer to them as there’s a whole fleet of them?
– Yep. OK. So there wasn’t a
whole fleet of these. There was just all
these little guys. And there’s the one object
which we had never seen before, which was significantly larger. NARRATOR: Lieutenant Graves
says the way the larger craft suddenly rotates at 90
degrees is unlike anything he had ever seen. It’s just basic
airplane physics. When your wings are underneath
you and you’re flying along, you have 100% of your lift. And if you turn yourself all
the way like this, kind of knife blading, you have
none of the lift that your wings
will provide you. So the fact that he would just
get himself on his wing tip with no turn and by staying
at the exact same point isn’t how aircraft work. LUIS ELIZONDO: Ryan Graves
is an aerospace engineer when he’s not a pilot. So when Ryan is telling
you that there is something up there that he
doesn’t know how it works and it is not
one of our aircraft, you need to listen. What’s fascinating and
interesting about these objects is that they’re up
there when we take off, they’re doing their thing for
our hour, hour and a half, maybe two hour flight,
and then we land. And my buddy that
takes off an hour later is seeing the same things. This is important. Now we’re looking
at something that can stay stationary
over a geographic point in 120 knots of wind– –can rotate around and then
can accelerate, go supersonic. As a Top Gun guy, have you seen
something like that before? [LAUGHS] No. No, I’m– I’m– I’m pretty baffled right now. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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