Unidentified: Former Defense Official Says UFOs are Real | History

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  • I love mysterious

  • Don’t you know? Look at our times. It is us from the future. To take us on a track that is better for us and the future.

  • a young boy died came back to lve and said that th e next attack on human mankind if not th e whoke world would be from the UFO'S.

  • Space force ain't for nothing folks.

  • They’re not aliens. They’re aircrafts that are already in the hands of the technological elite not released to the general public. Cause you can use that classified information to your advantage.

  • We do know where there from..Either you don't want to say or your clearance wasn't high enough.

  • I saw one years ago

  • Interesting I due to my Navy engineer Grandfather who worked for NASA know they exist.

  • Well if these things really aren't made by us, I guess everyone better start stocking up on weapons and ammo and pray that they are dumb enough to actually park those things and get out of them, because that is the only way we will have a chance against them.

  • I live in Delhi and I saw last week something in the sky like the star and it vanished after a minute and it was moving….

  • LOL.. "THe UFO THREAT…" are you F#%$ serious? Really??.. please stop with this fear mongering BS.. if aliens are going to do something, don't you think they would of done it by now??? and if their SUPERIOR technology is waaay ahead of our.. why would they wait?? what are they waiting for?? again this is just entertainment folks … nothing to see here move along, let try and help the homeless children around the world instead of this fear mongering BS show and future shows. we are on to you!

  • I'm a believer in life outside our planet. This show is garbage! Same BS over and over again. I'm about done with it.

  • U can show all the e evidence you want, but some will never be convinced. Just like all the evidence against the traitor Trump.

  • Smart people already know this basic information now.

  • Anyone has a free full links on this?😁🙏

  • Every link takes you to the history channel… this is NOT AVAILABLE ON HISTORY [angry red face]

  • and yet no one has captured any soild proof on video, its always bad video footage, and with todays cgi special effects, no ones gonna believe it anyways

  • Well at least there not a threat as theyre not shooting down planes

  • It's not aliens. It's Huawei! 🙄

  • 2:30 — "But now we have the proof." SO WHERE IS THE PROOF??????????????????????
    Before we can process it, we have to see the proof!!

  • The time has come, this is the start of disclosure.

  • When technology is so far advanced it’s indistinguishable from magic…

    the return of the gods from ancient times..

  • People don't need the regime to make up their minds for them.

  • I have actually seen ufo.

  • It's a missile

  • How is it a threat

  • I wanna believe in ET but it makes more sense if it’s the USA.. think about all the things they learnt from Nikola Tesla an John Hutchison

  • I literally watched a ufo in new Philadelphia Ohio fly down hwy 250 and pulled my truck over right in front of the 21st SE overpass when I realized it stopped over this home on top of the hill. The craft was bigger then the house and when it stopped it was motionless, the lights on the craft were crystal clean clear. I felt like I was in a Star Wars movie. I could not believe what I was seeing and questioned what had just happened as I got back on the hwy to go to work that morning. I know what I saw wasn’t from this planet and can only speculate as to why that ufo decided to hover over that persons home about 30 feet in the air for about 8 seconds. I’ve always wondered if the residents know way more then I do about what i saw.

  • believe in aliens but no the New York crimes

  • This soft disclosure is nothing more than us gov realising it's back engineered alien tech isn't at full potential hidden away! So blame everything on little green men and deny they own any anti gravity craft.

  • Someone tell this military man Chris mellon he saw a weather balloon.

  • There definitely real!. From so much experience seeing and witnessing for myself, but they call you crazy til they witness one themselves. Smh

  • They are the Watchers!

  • Your blind.

  • I've seen one

  • Hi my name is Chris Mellon. Yes disclosure is happening and I as a representative of the Rockefeller / Rothschild/ Illuminati am here to make sure we maintain control of all of the material as it makes its way into the mainstream.

  • the false flag begins…………..

  • I'm yet to see anything that even comes close to proof.. the vids in this are shite with nothing remarkable about any of it

  • Nope, not until giant ships appear in the sky and start shooting our jets out of the sky

  • theres no alien thats just zionist made up to cover up satan by word of alien of outer space.

  • Lol threat.. Who says everyone is like we are.. Fearfull and aggressive..

  • The truth is they have jad this technology for decades and Aten ow only slowly releasing it to the public. Watch Bob Lazar interview about roswell. In a gigantic universe with billions of galaxies which all contain billions of Sun's and planets can it be that we are the only ones
    That is seriously stupid to think that.
    Ofcourse we not alone.

  • Answer me this though? Where are they comming from?

  • The threat is only a threat perceived by humans, who kill each other … Who are still stuck on skin colour difference..and social statuses. The beings are most likely thinking we still aren't worth saying Hello to..

  • You have to do better than this. You can still smell a rat…

  • If they where hostile you would not be reading this now

  • Where can you watch the full episodes?

  • Thank you History, for bringing attention to this reality.  That foreign intelligences are flying in our skies is really undeniable, if one looks at the body of evidence objectively.  This has been occurring with increasing intensity for over 80 years.  There are reasons why these forces do not disclose themselves, their activities nor their intentions to humanity.  To understand why, read The Allies of Humanity Briefings (dot org) free online.  Many questions are answered.


  • What if it is the Chinese or the Russians dont they even care about defense

  • Not only are UFO's real but USA & China(likely the whole security council of the UN – France, UK & Russia incl.) have already backward engineered most of the technology not to mention certain groups of extraterrestrials have supplied certain elements/minerals needed to run & manufacture these craft until we can develop them ourselves.  Like the certain isotope of element 115 that Bob Lazar spoke of.  Unlimited energy is also available but can't be released due to global economic infrastructure.  The people in power are not here to save us or lead us into a better life but rather keep the people with money and power happy.  Only the elite will get to be on the new earth and only the best genes will get to breed or more likely a genetic modification, the elite of the elite so to speak.  Here on earth we will remain ignorant and tax slaves to fuel them into the future until we rise up and take it back, or they simply f off when the earth is in the critical stage of decay i.e. ozone gone, greenhouse, unsustainable food supply etc etc.

  • The Caretakers are here……
    …those are not UFOs, they are inter-dimensional "Probes".
    It explains how they can have the 5 observable's
    👽👽👽 👽👽👽 👽👽👽 👽👽👽 👽👽👽 👽👽👽 👽👽👽 👽👽👽

  • There are aliens here in earth!! Yeah its true..!! They are here and sneaking around for sure!! I have seen it through my eyes..!!

  • You showed the same UFO footage like 14 times.

  • We know its real… get on with the real disclosure.

  • How very Arty, dramatic and TV like. Whatever.

  • A UFO flew into me the other day while I was taking a walk outside. I think it might have been a black fly but it could have been some other type of insect. Idk. I can assure you, THEY ARE REAL!!!!!


  • I really think we should be cautious in calling it a threat. If these things truly are from an advanced civilization I am quite certain we would not stand a chance. So threat might not be the best choice of words.

  • @History Channel, When can I access the Unidentified TV episodes on Apple iTunes?

  • There we go again… 'its a threat'
    Viva mankind..

  • Problem make a fake alien Invasion, Reaction to make people live in fear and want the army to help them, meaning humanity becomes reliant in them, Solution, depopulate the world with technology humans are yet to see, and blame it on a alien race that does exist but is really the humans mimicking them to wipe out half the planet, A-LIE-N

  • Soft disclosure!!!

  • Amazing! Keep up the disclosure! We ve all seen them now more than ever 🛸

  • Threat???????? What threat?.. They are here and have never brought us to any harm … We are the ones that are the threat..

  • Just a thought. Could this UFO activity just be a rehearsal for the Biblical second coming ?

  • Three Stage of truth

  • Why should it be a threat,when you don't know enough!!

  • UFOs have been around longer than mankind. Why are they a threat now???

  • Please take Trump back to Venus.

  • If u guys are so concerned make public and start working with smart people… We r intelligence species too…. Oh wait I know why it can't be done …. Ultimately it's all about power, control and money …!!

  • Public already aware basic UFO evidences..!! They are well prepared .. !! Govt control us over oil and currency. It's all end up on one thing .. control.. and power …!! There is this big disclosure and some people hardly reacted on it….!! Unless until they find alternative for oil and link to that to dollar they don't even care to disclose UFO. But public is ready..!!

  • I remember the gov here in Australia released secret documents several years ago about something that happened near Sydney back in 1983. The air force scrambled 2 fighter jets to try intercept ufos – they code named it 'Operation Close Encounter'

  • Slowly introduce to public

  • It's time.

  • The fake alien threat is coming prepare your wallets folks

  • The ufo "threat" hahaha

  • The look on white people's faces when it's revealed ufo
    pilots are black men… Priceless! So God is black after all!

  • Read Charles Halls books if you want to know what is going on, the depth of the betrayal by USAF Generals.

  • I don't give a hoot about disclosure in the States. Everywhere else on the planet don't care because we can't do a thing to stop them. They are not affected by earths physical environment where as it's we who are controlled by it. We're the ones inside the bubble. They're on the outside looking down, they can leave the atmosphere at any point and re-enter it at any point in the flash of an instant.

    We are the ones controlled by gravity, gravity locks us firmly on the ground. Sheut we can't survive for long periods of time in space without it. These things own the atmosphere and space, we don't. We never did. We're ants looking up stuck on a ball. Miniscule.

  • Why do we have to characterize AAVs as 'threats'? This fear-mongering is unnecessary.

  • We are the threat not them ,,we are a threat to ourselves & them ..


  • Beware the next alien 9ll false flag.

  • It's ignorant to think we are the only "life" out there. The term alien doesn't mean little green men that Hollywood has portrayed to us, that's why aliens and ufos get such a bad reputation and face value. There are most definitely other life forms out there and most likely more advanced than us and some life out there much less advanced maybe thinking the same thing you are "there's no such thing as aliens"…but of course in their own terminology as "aliens" is what we labeled as such. Just because we don't have all the answers or confirmations to something unknown doesn't mean it doesn't exist altogether.

  • I feel that the reason why ufos are sighted near Area 51 so often is because they know it’s such a secret forbidden from the human race 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof". Leslie Kean said: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary investigations". We can't have the "proof" until we conduct the "investigations". Scientists have no right to claim ufos are bunk no more than researchers have had the scientific opportunity to investigate the multitude of sightings. Until the multitude has been fully investigated, nobody has a right to come to a scientific conclusion, either way. This means both sides must conduct a scientific investigation with substantial facts before a real scientific conclusion can be considered. So far, the scientific community has not made any real scientific investigation into the subject matter. Thus, the scientific community has no greater right to debunk the claims of those who claim they have seen real UFOs. The Scientific community can take the easy way out and say " we don't need to investigate bunk". But when you have high-level people like Commander David Fravor, one of the top 20 people in the Nimitz carrier group back in 2004 tell us he saw a craft with his "own two eyes" do things that human aircraft can no do even today, we must give high credit to people like Cmdr. David Fravor and allow scientists to investigate sightings such as these.

    If we do not, then whom will we rely upon for proof? Cmdr. David Fravor, the 20th highest-ranking member of the Nimitz Air Carrier Group about to deploy to the Middle East Afghanistan region back in 2004 is the best evidence we have. The U.S. rules of evidence require the "best evidence" to be submitted to our courts. Let our Courts evaluate the "Best Evidence Rule". Yeah, Right.

  • Maybe there from Antarctica and Operation Highjump is a fact

  • Operation "wizard of Oz" is almost ready to be launched

  • When i was younger i used to aee flashing lights that were green and red the one thing that makes it not a plane is the distance of the lights. They were to close fo it to be a plane now i saw it because of my fascination for shiny things and love for anything that seems unusual and on other occasions i see what look like stars moving around rly fast tl;dr i have seen ufo's and believe that were not alone in this universe.

  • I bet 3 days after disclosure people would focus back to protesting lgbt bathroom rights watching honey booboo child

  • Geat stuff, thanks. perhaps pedantically I'd like to advance the opinion that claims, extraordianry or otherwise, require evidence. Just because the claims are extraordinary doen't somehow diminish what evidence we have, which is quite a lot IMO. People have been hung for less.

  • Straight up scary, that they're displaying this all as a "threat"! They're showing themselves to us and here comes the CIA calling them a threat? Hmm, project Blue Beam anyone???

  • Good work History Producers and Directors
    Finally a real defined Proven Statement

    from SENATORS McCain and REid pushing on USN chiefs
    with other Power brokers in Agencies

  • Let's pretend the government confirms there existence…
    Who are they? We don't know… Why are they here? We don't know…
    Where are they from? We don't know… Are they hostile? We don't know…
    Are they coming back? We don't know… How do they fly? We don't know…

  • So dumb. Ufos have technology way beyond ours and could have destroyed us long ago. We are the threat to the universe, not other beings.

  • And nobody put their career on the line everybody that talked about this is not active in the military right now they are retired so nice try again

  • Sorry, You lost me at "UFO Threat". I don't care what you label them as a someone working at the Pentagon, I want to know the real reason they are here and if they are truly a threat, we would have seen it happen already decades ago! So STFU with your twisted word play!

  • Why is everything a threat for you Americans…….???

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