Uncover Windows 10 Most Useful Features Today

Today let’s talk about the
best features for Windows 10. I’m going to cover 10 tips and tricks that will make your life a lot easier. I’m pretty sure you’re
going to find something new here ’cause some of
these are what I consider hidden features in Windows
10 and I have no clue about them for the longest
time, but they made a big difference for me once
I found out about them. (soft music) Before we get started a brief thanks to Skillshare for
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my tips for Windows 10. Number one, enjoy next level
pasting with clipboard history. Everyone knows about copying
and pasting with the shortcuts, control C and control V, right, but did you know that you
aren’t limited to pasting just the last thing you
copied to the clipboard? With clipboard history you
can save multiple copied items and use them anytime you want. So for example, I’m doing some research and I copied different parts of this text with Control C. Then I go back to my document, but instead of control
V which would only paste the last copied item,
I press the Windows key and V to access the clipboard history. There I can see all the entries
I copied and I can select which one I want to paste. Isn’t that great? No more flipping back and
forth between applications to copy and paste each bit separately and no more accidentally
losing some copied text because you forgot to paste
and copy something new over it. You can copy text HTML and bitmaps up to four megabytes per item. You may have to activate clipboard history in the settings first. To do that, just press the windows key and type in clipboard settings. Here, make sure clipboard
history is turned on. The other setting here, sync
across devices allows you to share copied text across
any of your windows devices as long as you’re signed in
to the same Microsoft account. So turn that one on if you’re
working on different devices. One more great feature, let’s say you have some
items on your clipboard that you use frequently
and you’d like to be able to reuse these even after
rebooting your computer. No problem for clipboard
history, you can pin these items. Just click the ellipsis and select pin. They’ll still be there
the next time you log in. The unpinned items on
your clipboard history are cleared every time
you restart your PC. Only those items you
pinned are going to remain on the clipboard. Number two, stay safe with Sandbox. Sandbox is another exciting new feature that was introduced
with an update in 2019. It offers a separate testing
environment to try out software or download apps from websites that you’re not so sure about. Sandbox is part of the
Pro and Enterprise edition of Windows 10 so unfortunately
it’s not available in Windows 10 Home. Sandbox is like a virtual PC that’s built right into
your Operating System. This way you can run
programs or access websites in a safe zone without
affecting your system. For example, let’s say
you received a utility that you’re not sure if it’s malware. With Sandbox, so you can try
it without risk of getting a virus or malware on your
computer because the wires will be contained in that Sandbox. Sandbox isn’t turned on by default, so you have to activate it first. To do that, type in windows
features in the search. Scroll down and check the
box next to Window Sandbox. Click okay and it’s
going to get activated. To start Sandbox, open the Start menu and type in Sandbox in the search. Then all you have to do is copy and paste the file that you want to run in Sandbox. You can safely open it and
check if everything is okay or use edge to check
out some dodgy website you’re not sure about
to make sure it’s safe. When you’re done just close
Sandbox and all the content there is going to be wiped out. So even if the Sandbox
is compromised next time you start it up again, it’s
going to give you a brand new box to play with,
but be aware that Sandbox only gives you an Operating
System with a browser, none of the other third party applications are going to be available in Sandbox. So you can’t copy an office
attachments that you received into the Sandbox and open it there because you won’t have
Office in the Sandbox. You can install apps, but
you’re going to have to install them again next time you
open up a new Sandbox. So keep that in mind. Number three, split your
world with virtual desktop. So let’s say you’re working on a project and you have several apps
open, then an appointment pops up reminding you that
you need to join a video conference to present a status update. When you share your screen,
you don’t want everyone to see all the other
files you’re working on. And you don’t want to
close them either because it’s going to take some
time to get it all set up again, once you’re done
with your phone call. The solution is to switch to another clean temporary workspace, which is also called a Virtual Desktop. Click on Task View under
task bar and then on the Plus New Desktop or use the
shortcut key Windows Control D. This way you get an empty workspace. You can create several
of these virtual desktops and to switch between
them, use a shortcut key Windows Control and the arrow keys. Another practical application for this is to have a desktop for
private or fun activities like games or research for vacation and another one for
professional applications. This way, one doesn’t
interfere with the other and in case the boss
drops play unexpectedly while you’re in your
private world at work, you can easily switch, but
you didn’t hear that from me. When you don’t need a
virtual desktop anymore, you can close it by clicking
on the task view again and closing it here. Alternatively, use the shortcut
key Windows Control and F4. Number four, hide desktop
icons with one click. This is a quick one. It’s a feature I use a lot. It’s to hide icons on my desktop. This is specially useful for
me when I do a screencast or give a presentation. To hide all your icons, right click under desktop and select view. You’ll see Show Desktop Icons. It’s owned by default,
but if you uncheck it, your icons under Desktop disappear. When you’re ready to bring them back just select it again to
put back the check mark. Number five, get in the
zone with Focus Assist. Okay, I admit it, I’m easily distracted. So when I work on something
and and a notification pops up, I’ll happily take a look. Next thing I know I’m moving
on to answering an email, checking my website or
answering some YouTube comment. And then an hour later I’m wondering where the time all went. So if I really must get something done, I use Focus Assist and I’ll do a sprint. To turn it on, just go
to the Action Center and select Focus Assist. If you click on it, you have
a choice of priority only, which will mute everything
except priority notifications. You can define what these are if you right click and go to Settings. You can customize your own priority list by adding certain people or apps. In the settings for Focus Assist, you can also up some automatic rules to turn on Focus Assist automatically. For instance, you may want
to turn it on automatically while you’re duplicating your display. This way, new notifications
are going to pop up while you’re giving a presentation
or sharing your screen. The other option in Focus Assist is the one I usually use is alarms only. This is going to hide all
notifications except alarms. This way I can eliminate all distractions. To turn Focus Assist off, just
click on it one more time. Number six, get remote
access with Quick Assist. Did you ever get a call from your parents and they were totally upset
because all of a sudden the computer screen on
their PC is upside down or their Task Bar for
some reason is now stuck on the side and they can’t get it back. Well instead of spending the next hour or so on the phone trying to navigate them to the solution, you
could use Quick Assist to create a remote connection to their PC. This way you can securely
take over their computer and fixed a problem for them a lot faster. All you have to do is
to start Quick Assist and then select assist another person. Give the six digit code to
the person you’re helping, so if it’s your parents either
with an email, with a text message or just tell it
to them over the phone. The other person needs to
open Quick Assist as well, select Get Assistance and type in the code that they just got from you. Then they need to select Share Screen and once the connection is established click Allow in the Windows that pops up. Then you’re in control
of the other computer and you can fix the problem. Number seven, minimize
quickly with Aero Shake. Aero Shake is a fun little feature to quickly minimize opened windows. Just grab the window you
want to keep by holding its title bar and starts
shaking it a little bit. It’s going to minimize
all other open windows. This way you can fully focus
on the one open window. If you did the shaking by mistake, just shake it again and
they’re all going to come back. If you’re like me and always
have countless windows open, this is much faster than minimizing each window individually. And I use it a lot when I want to clean up before a video conference. If you’re not a shaker and
you like to use shortcuts, you can also use the shortcut
Windows and the Home key. It does the same thing. Number eight, look at multiple
windows with split screen. I often need to look at several windows on the same screen at the same time. This is easily done with Snap Assists. So let’s say working in the VBA Editor, but I also want to see the changes that are made to the Excel
file as the code is running whereas I’m debugging. If I click on the worksheet
side that we be a Windows minimized, I’d like to fix it in place. To do that, I’ll drag the
VBA Window all the way to the right where it will snap in place. Then they’ll click on the Excel file so you can be on the left hand side. You can also use the shortcut windows and the left or right arrow keys for this. This works for any application
and you can even split the screen in four. Number nine, improve your
sleep with nightlight. You probably know this
already, but this is something that really made a difference for me. Research shows that the
blue light that’s emitted by the screens or displays can interfere with your natural sleeping patterns, mainly because it can
negatively affect the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep wake cycle. I’m a bit of a night owl, I prefer to work late in the evening. I used to have a lot of problems falling asleep afterwards. I’d often read for hours
before I could finally sleep. Since I activated nightlight, this improved a lot and
I get much better sleep. To set it up just right
click on the windows icon, select Settings, System and Display. Up here you can turn
nightlight on and off. You can use the settings
here to set a fixed time for it to automatically turn on and off. You can also adjust the
strength of the feature up here. Number 10 capture your
screen with Snip & Sketch. Another one you’re probably familiar with, but it’s just so useful that it has to be on my list Snip & Sketch it’s super handy screen capture tool. To open it, just click the Windows button and type in Snip & Sketch. You’ll see the application open up. You can also use this shortcut. To get a screen grab, click on New now you have four choices. You can get a screen
capture in rectangle form. You can also get it as a free
form area with around select. You can also just grab the active window or get a screen capture
of the entire screen with Fullscreen Snip. What’s even better is that
you can delay your capture by three or 10 seconds. During this time, you can click drop downs or arrange the screen or the content so it’s ready for the snip. After you took the snip,
you can add a notations or highlight some areas. When you’re done, you can
either save it as a file or copied to the
clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else. So these are my tips on how you can make better use of Windows 10. Do you have a favorite one or any other tips that work well for you? Please comment below and let me know. A big thanks to Skillshare
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