Unboxing Mosin Nagant 44 BO Manufacture

Hello everyone and welcome to this new unboxing video. Yes, one more! So it’s a package that comes from BO Manufacture. So, before going further, I have a history with BO Manufacture, which started with a clash, on one of my videos and then on Facebook. I was able to discuss with the representative of BO, who didn’t understand why I was clashing him like that and so I explained to him my reasons, we explained between civilized people. I was told “if you want to help us there is no problem”, and I say YES to the idea of ​​being able to help. I don’t care about any financial counterparts, the idea is that everyone can move in the same direction, in the right direction. Panzer, stop playing with my package! He is there, playing with the plastics… Well, yes, but here you disturb me. Well yes it’s funny that. And after we’ll say that I’m doing the wh0reclick, it’s not even my fault! He comes alone! And so, we discussed, I proposed to them improvements to their objects, since there were some points that were crumpled historically. In the end, it’s that, that makes me feel bad. After, the price I don’t care, it’s the commercial side, and I’m not a commercial. What really bothered me was having fanciful markings, not realistic, and possibly badly done, as on the MP40, on the image that I could see on Facebook. The work was poorly done, it must be said, I talked about it, it certainly, not pleasure to criticize the work of someone else who tries to do a good job. But then, it was worth telling so they said to me “if you want to help us, there is no problem, if you even want to discover our guns, well you tell us and we arrange.” So indeed, we arranged. My M44 from Wingun was rotten anyway, so that’s why I accepted the partnership proposal, hoping that it’s better than the other. We will see what it gives quality level, I will make a complete review, a detailed review. In any case, all that to say, and after I go to the opening of the package, only from the moment when the criticism is constructive, dialogue is possible, at that moment no one is rotten. Certainly, at the beginning, it started very badly with BO Manufacture, but they are known to catch up and that is why I finally accepted that we can exchange. So little spoil, the next 2 replicas that will be proposed by BO will be the Mauser 98K at PPS with their own markings, not those of the factory. And the Mosin Nagant, not the sniper version, the infantry version, in Spring and it will also have its own markings, I will even be tempted to say with MY own markings, for once it’s me who sent the good ones. We don’t put a Chatellerault marking as we have here for example on a version M1891/30 with a round chamber. Octagonal chamber it can pass, but not the round, appeared from 1930. So here, that’s the kind of little details that can make the difference and thus be able to use this kind of replicas in reenactment. So from the moment when, as I said, people listen to me, listen to me, then there’s no reason we don’t work together. Did you hear that, Cybergun? This cat makes me trouble. Well, they are staples, how to blow them? So I will make a video for me, for my channel, which will be shorter than the one on the Wingun, since I already said a lot of things. And there will be another one that will be in the form of a trailer and will be posted on my channel, but will also be posted on the BO Manufacture website. So it’s a two-way partnership. It changes me from habit, but in any case, you will be the first informed of the release of the review! Cardboard… I know one who will be happy. Here, play! And a box, which isn’t the same as the original one. It’s empty; that, it moves. Cats will play with. So the box has changed compared to the Wingun. And the baby, here it is. It’s better packed than the original one, I admit. So here it is, I will show it in detail later. The work isn’t badly done, I must admit, but you know me, I will touch a little! No it’s not bad, it’s not bad I still prefer this one to the one I had before, I’ll see what I’m going to do. Here, I leave you on this conclusion, I feel that I will have red thumbs because yes, I am someone who has values ​​and values, it starts with historical fidelity. So from the moment someone wants to make an effort to be historically faithful, to know that here we are on a 1944 marking, so already, that’s a good point that has been taken into account. It’s always Chatellerault, but I didn’t participate in the development of this replica, unlike the next two, I will bring my little stone to the building. After, it won’t be a Neo035 edition, eh, I just bring my little technical advice. The idea being that everyone can move forward for more realism in airsoft. On these good words, I see you soon!

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  • Un pouce bleu pour Panzerkat

  • ooooooh ce chat est teeeellement mignon ! du coup vu qu'il y a un chat dans la vidéo c'est le million de vues assuré^^

  • Reste fidèle a toi 👌 je te suis depuis un moment et c est agréable que tu reste toi même .

  • Agréable de voir un fabriquant prêt à se remettre en question. Ils ne peuvent que s'améliorer avec cette bonne mentalité.
    Cette réplique à l'air pas trop mal, l'ensemble mobile et canon à un aspect qui me plaît vu comme ça.
    A voir de plus près et après ton expertise.

    Une kar de PPS revue serait pas mal, elles commencent à être un peu difficiles à trouver avec Tanaka, à moins que mes sources soient mauvaises.

  • Elle a l'air de tuer la réplique, franchement elle fait pas du tout jouet au premier abord comme le wingun, le bois est assez réaliste et fait pas plastique, et le métal cette effet blanc/noir est franchement ouf ! Pour 300 euros sur leur site, quelle beauté à ce prix !

  • Bonjour

    Sympa la réplique à première vue je vais attendre avec impatience la revue complète
    Mignon le petit Panzerkat

  • Bravo pour le partenariat, c'est bien une marque qui écoute les critiques pour s'améliorer

  • Je trouve sympa que BO Manufacture est parler avec une pointure comme toi au moins ils apprennent de leurs erreurs, c'est plutôt rare les fabriquant qui sont à l'écoute des passionnés GG.

  • J'ai vraiment tenté de résister à la blague du jour…
    Du coup, après le mosin des plages normandes avec marquage "retour vers le futur" , nous avons ici le mosin édition Guadalcanal.

  • Thank you for the English subtitles!

  • Panzer c mignon comme nom 🐱😉

  • Super initiative ! Merci à toi Neo035 🙂 J'ai hâte de voir cette review.

  • Espérons qu'ils changent le marquage sur les prochaines séries

  • En tout cas c'est biens qu'ils prennent ce chemin là en même temps avec ce qu'on leur a mis sur FB entre toi, moi avec Airsoft France Trolleurs et les autres fallait qu. Ils réagissent.

  • Trop bien continue comme ça!!!!!!!

  • Vivement la review

  • J aime beaucoup tes anecdote comme celle ci… et encore plus dans un unboxing ! Pourquoi ne pas nous raconter quelque chose dans tout les unboxing, anecdote historique, personnelle, de reconstitution… un truc rapide de 4-5 minute qui te prend peu de temps et qui nous intéresse…

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