UFO Hunters: US Navy Hides Area 51 Secrets (Season 2) | History

We’re in the Bahamas
now investigating a UFO connection around a real
American military installation called AUTEC. AUTEC stands for the
Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center. It was opened in 1967. It’s on Andros Island, a
remote location in the Bahamas. It sits on what’s called
the “tongue of the ocean.” This is a deep
ocean basin that’s roughly 110 nautical
miles long, 20 nautical miles wide, and
reaches depths of 6,000 feet. It’s a perfect spot for
testing new top secret weapons, submarines, and other
exotic underwater craft. How are you, Max? WILLIAM J. BIRNES:
Maximillien De Lafayette is a French ufologist
who’s written numerous encyclopedias about
UFOs, extraterrestrials, and time travel. You said you know the
secret from your sources of what AUTEC is and what
is going on at AUTEC. WILLIAM J. BIRNES:
President Eisenhower. When you say “they had
a meeting,” who is they? WILLIAM J. BIRNES: According
to Maximillien, back in 1958, US government officials
had a secret meeting with extraterrestrials. And the very next year, the
order to build AUTEC was given. The timing of both
events strikes me as more than coincidental. INVESTIGATOR:
Maximillien is telling us some pretty unbelievable
things, but I’m willing to bet that there’s
not a single scientist in the world that will go
on record and back him up. I need to know what your sources
are for this information. WILLIAM J. BIRNES: The US
military working on and perhaps working with alien technology. Where have we heard this before? Area 51. Is AUTEC something like
a portal, where there are doorways into other dimensions? A gateway. Wait, wait, wait. So the theory then is that
somehow Atlantis was part of a unicontinent, which
then separated when the tectonic plates shifted? Correct. INVESTIGATOR: This part
of what Maximillien says is based in science. There was a single continent
millions of years ago, Pangea. Everything else you have
to keep an open mind and just evaluate the proof. Who lived in Atlantis? I mean, isn’t it a bit much? Aren’t we, like,
are we reaching? Are we trying to, like,
roll every possible theory into one giant UFO burrito? The only thing it has to
do with AUTEC is location. It’s happening all
in the same area. Is there some
ulterior thing going on here that has to do
with extraterrestrials and AUTEC and the Navy? I can’t say that. Right now, I’m just
seeing coincidences. And then to top all these
coincidences or this location business off, there
is the likelihood of some kind of
interdimensional portal here. Yes, there are some very
unusual things going on around AUTEC, but it
doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s any kind of
extraterrestrial involvement. There’s no proof that
the government is working with aliens at AUTEC. All we have is testimony by
some very credible witnesses. But there are no
videos, no photos, and no tangible evidence. No matter how you slice
it, any which way you go, the Navy chose to put that test
center in that place, remote, guarded. Nobody can get there. Who else do we
know that did that? The Air Force, putting
it– their own test center at Area 51 in Nevada. Air Force Area 51, AUTEC
is the Navy’s Area 51.

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