UFO Hunters: Naval Pilots Shocking UFO Encounter (Season 1) | History

2004, Commander David Fravor and his wingman pilot
took off from the USS Nimitz, which was on
maneuvers south of San Diego. DAVID FRAVOR: I was
the commanding officer of Strike Fighter Squadron
41, the Black Aces. We were flying brand
new Super Hornets. It was an air defense
exercise, two good guys against two bad guys,
probably 70 miles, 60 miles off the
coast in the gap between San Diego and Ensenada. NARRATOR: Suddenly, the
pilots are contacted by radar operators on the Princeton. DAVID FRAVOR: The Princeton
control comes up and says, we’re going to suspend training. We have real world tasking. NARRATOR: The pilots
are re-vectored to a new destination
but aren’t told why. So we start heading
off to the west. The other airplane is
on my left-hand side. I was the junior
pilot, trying to keep up with the senior pilot
in the lead aircraft. DAVID FRAVOR: We’re looking. And we don’t see anything
on the radars at all. And we’re talking to each other,
trying to figure this out. NARRATOR: The Princeton’s
Aegis Spy 1 radar system is powerful enough to track an
object as small as a baseball at an altitude of 80,000 feet. But the jets are flying blind. We’re trying to see
what was out there, which is difficult when you
know what you’re looking for. It’s even harder when you don’t
know what you’re looking for. DAVID FRAVOR: So it goes
down, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20. It gets all the way down. They get to a point
where they can’t separate us from the blip. They call it merge plot, which
means you’re in the same space as whatever you’re
looking for, and you’ve got to start looking
outside because the radar can’t help you anymore. NARRATOR: And far
below in the water, they see what looks
like a plane crash or a submerging submarine. [RADIO CHATTER] But the weapons officer in
the rear seat of Fravor’s jet spots something else. I hear, hey,
Skipper, do you see? And as he’s saying that,
I noticed the Tic Tac. It’s white. It has no wings. It has no rotors. I go, holy, what is that? And he goes, I don’t know. NARRATOR: According to this
leaked summary of the incident, contact was made here,
30 miles off the coast, 70 miles south of
the US-Mexico border. At first, the strange craft
stays close to the surface, moving unlike anything
the pilots had ever seen. This thing would go
instantaneous from one way to another, similar to
if you threw a ping pong ball against a wall. And we start to kind of
orbit, because now we’re going to watch this thing. We start a right-hand turn, and
we’re going from a clock code. The object is in the
middle of the clock. And we’re at 6 o’clock. And we’re driving
around in circles. So we get to about 9 o’clock,
and it’s just still doing its little erratic thing,
kind of moving around this disturbance in the water. And I go, hey, I’m going
to go check it out. I’m going down there. As we’re coming down
nice easy, we reach about the 12 o’clock position. And all of a sudden, it goes,
brrp, then it kind of turns. And now it’s mirroring us,
and it starts coming up. We’re like, OK, now
it knows we’re here. It seemed to be aware. And it seems to recognize him. It goes from
basically just almost a hover into a pretty aggressive
climb up to our altitude. So then there’s a bit of
fear because now, you’re out there dealing with
something that you have no idea what it is. It’s actually reacting
to what we’re doing. I kind of pull a nose, you
know, to where he’s going to be. And he’s just coming up. He just rapidly
accelerates beyond anything that I’ve ever seen, crosses
my nose, and it’s gone. And I’m like, whoa. NARRATOR: The Tic Tac
appears to have vanished. But as the jets streak towards a
prearranged rendezvous location known as the CAP point, the
radio chatter becomes frantic. The controller
from the Princeton comes up right as we’re
doing all this and says, hey, sir, you’re not
going to believe this, he goes, but that thing
is at your CAP point. NARRATOR: According
to Fravor, the Tic Tac accelerated from a
standing position and flew approximately 60
miles in under a minute, as fast as 3,700 miles an hour. How did the Tic Tac know
the pilot’s CAP point? And how did it
accelerate so quickly? DAVID FRAVOR:
You’ve got something that can accelerate
and disappear and then show up 60 miles away. Kind of in awe a little
bit, because you go, whoa, we don’t have
that, you know. And I’m talking– we’re flying
one of the premier airplanes on the planet. What was this? There is a capability out there. Don’t know where it’s from. Not saying it’s from outer
space, but not saying it’s from here either. NARRATOR: Back on The
Nimitz, the pilots tell the rest of the
squadron what just happened. DAVID FRAVOR: The next
crew was getting ready. So we’re talking
to them about this. And they’re like, you’ve
got to be kidding. They took us seriously. And the WSO, the guy
in the back seat, said, I’m going to go find it. NARRATOR: The next jets
launch at a targeting pod with an infrared sensor and camera. DAVID FRAVOR: It jammed the
radar, but he got a lock on it. And that’s the
video that you see. If that doesn’t weird you out,
then I don’t know what does.

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  • This is exactly what I saw when I was working for California, In the desert one night I looked up and 3 bright white lights merge all together in one craft, then just after they merge they all split into different directions at light speeds it looks like something out of star wars they were gone in an instant streaking across the sky.

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  • Been over this ground. And over and over again

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  • I am from Pakistan. And I was on my roof when I saw same thing but not whit it looks like fire Yellowstone eag shape circle that move and hover so fast like faster than blink of an eye and was feel like heet and burning sensation when it passes over me and just wanished in thin air ..

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    Gov. 1947 : No it's not aliens and UFO's

    Gov. 2020 : It's UFO's and aliens.
    People 2020 : No its not.

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  • Mick West from Metabunk has suggested that these sightings may have involved seagulls.

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  • It is undeniable that alien forces are operating in the world. This has been well demonstrated over the last 80 years. They remain hidden; but we have been provided the critical Allies of Humanity Briefings (dot org – free online) that allow us to understand who is here, what they are doing, what their objectives are, and what we must do in response. From Book One, Third Briefing:

    "As has occurred in your world in your own history, the first to reach the new lands are the explorers and the conquerors. They do not come for altruistic reasons. They come seeking power, resources and dominion. This is the nature of life. If humanity were well versed in Greater Community affairs, you would resist any visitation to your world unless a mutual agreement had been established previously. You would know enough not to allow your world to be so vulnerable.
    At this time, there is more than one collective competing for advantage here. That places humanity in the middle of a very unusual and yet enlightening set of circumstances. That is why the messages of the visitors will often seem inconsistent. There has been conflict amongst them, yet they will negotiate with each other should mutual benefit be recognized. However, they are still in competition. To them, this is the frontier. To them, you are only valued as being useful. If you are no longer recognized as being useful, you will simply be discarded."

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