BILL BIRNES: We have been
inundated over the past year with so many reports of USOs. What exactly is a USO? You’ve heard of Unidentified
Flying Object, UFO. USO is submerged. It’s an Unidentified
Submerged Object. I mean, I’m telling you the
email traffic has been huge. Finally, here we are on
the Royal Indulgence. We are sailing into Gulf Breeze,
a hot spot of USO activity. A lot of people have
seen objects here. But it’s not just here. It’s also throughout
the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the
Caribbean area. The whole Ed Walters
sighting of Gulf Breeze in the late
1980s was heavily documented with photographs. Ed was sitting in his
office, which was over there. And he happened to notice out
in the sky in this direction a glowing object coming along. He took his first
picture, and the object had not quite cleared the tree. The left-hand side of the
object was blocked by some of the branches of the tree. And then he took four more
pictures that was in the clear. And this telephone transformer,
this power transformer and the lights there, that
all shows up in the picture that he took. [MUSIC PLAYING] I have to admit that the
craft in Ed Walters’ photos and the craft that was hand
drawn by one of the witnesses in Cuba, they look a lot alike. Both have a basic acorn shape,
lights surrounding them. And both have a light
that appears to be coming from the bottom of the craft. This acorn shape is very similar
to what was seen in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, in 1965. As time went on over
the next few weeks, he had sightings which he
didn’t tell anybody about. But other people had
sightings as well, and they did publicize
in the newspaper. Ed, over the years, he was
called all sorts of bad name, shall we say, by the
debunkers, and basically told that he was a big hoaxer. PAT USKERT: Ed Walters
believed in his case. And he never let the
skeptics get the best of him. He wrote a book about
the whole ordeal where he says, “I am
an average family man. The debunkers describe me as
‘not prominent or outstanding in any perceptible way.’ When I passed two
lie detector tests, when I passed eight hours
of psychological tests that proved my sanity,
they said nothing. The overwhelming
events that rocked my family and our
small town will not be hidden away by a few debunkers. Questions will be
asked and the answers will one day be discovered. Who are they, and
what do they want?” On what basis did
people claim that Ed Walters’ story might be a hoax? You have to understand
that virtually any photo could be faked. With a model 600
Polaroid camera, you press the button and the
film come shooting right out, right? Well, we found out that it is
possible to double expose that. But we had to call up
the Polaroid people to find out how to do it. And the guy said, you
have to stop the motor. Now, Ed took his first
picture with that– his first UFO picture
with that camera the day after he bought it. Are we supposed to assume
that Ed knew more about it than the Polaroid guy did? A double exposure involves
taking a frame of film and exposing it not only
to the original image, but also to a second image. The outcome is the images in
the picture appear as if they’re together in the photo,
when in reality, they were captured at
two separate times but on the same piece of film. A lot of UFO hoaxers use this
double exposure technique to make it seem
like they’ve taken a photograph of a genuine UFO. But the first
photo was the one that said, you can’t just
pass this off completely as a double expose hoax. Because the first
one shows the tree blocking part of this object. And you can’t do that in
a simple double exposure. You could do with the so-called
masked double exposure, where you make a
mask that blocks out the background light. But it would be impossible
to do that with one of these hand-held cameras. You have to get very accurate
registration between, say, the edge of the tree and
where the edge of the object is being blocked by the tree. In the mythology of the
Gulf Breeze sightings, it was only Ed Walters
that saw the craft, only Ed Walters that
took the pictures. So in reality, there were
a whole bunch of witnesses before Ed Walters,
before he even saw the craft, and a
whole bunch of witnesses concurrent with Ed Walters
while he was seeing the craft on repeated occasions. There were a
dozen other people who said they saw
exactly the same thing, several hundred people
who saw something that could have been related. And so you have to
ask yourself, does it make any sense to say Ed
Walters’ photos were a hoax, but everybody else’s
sightings were real? Do you think this
could possibly be a hoax? No. BILL BIRNES: This is only
the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of
UFO and USO sightings here in Gulf Breeze. There could be
something in the water, something out there
in the ocean that they could be attracted to. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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