UCL Ro16 1st leg Atalanta-Valencia | Josip Iličić: “Non vedo l’ora di giocare”

We’ve been waiting for this match for long. It’s a beautiful and tough competition, but we earned it on the pitch. I personally can’t wait to play this game. How do you approach this fixture: it’s the history of Atalanta. Lately the level of play hasn’t been like our usual, but it was important to win. We overturned two very difficult matches that’s been our strength lately. Yet we know that if we want to get a result against a side like Valencia – that are a good team that open play – we need to play a great match. Make as little as possible mistakes. because these competitions give you no space. You won anyway in the last matches, although your head was a little set on this match against the Spanish side. I personally wasn’t thinking about this match because if we want to compete in the Champions League again, we must focus on the league as well. We also managed to win two really difficult matches being immediately a goal down. This means that we’re there, our head is working We manage to win and overturn also difficult matches hopefully we can put all of that on the pitch tomorrow as well. Josip, at the San Siro there will be 43000 people although this information is not definitive and we’ll have to wait until minutes before kick-off forty-three thousand people. It’s amazing. Honestly, even if we are not playing at home, we feel like we were after all the matches we have played here. This atmosphere is really nice, with all these people coming from Bergamo and perhaps from other parts of Italy. It’s satisfying to play these matches. Like I said, this competition is beautiful, difficult… against the strongest players out there. It will be a beautiful match for us as well and we earned it on the pitch.

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