U.S. to impose “major” additional sanctions on Iran on Monday: Trump

the United States plans to impose major
additional sanctions of an Iran to prevent the regime from developing
nuclear weapons that’s according to president Donald
Trump on Saturday speaking to reporters outside the White House Trump said the
extra sanctions will go into effect on Monday saying that Iran cannot have a
nuclear weapon he said once the Iranian government agrees to that they’ll be
wealthy and happy and that she would be their best friend this comes after the
u.s. leader reportedly ordered then canceled a strike on the Middle Eastern
country in retaliation for the downing of an American drone meanwhile Tehran
says it will begin the second phase of measures to scale down its commitments
under a 2015 nuclear deal it is also threatened to breach limits on uranium
enrichment if you governments do not make efforts
to salvage the agreement

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  • You're stupid. Sanctions maniac America. Look in the fucking mirror dude. Iran is powerful and strongest nation in the middle east.

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