U.S. to Impose Additional Sanctions on North Korea 미, 다각적인 대북 별도 제재 추진

The United States is drawing up its own, unilateral
sanctions against North Korea that will work in tandem with the actions taken by the UN
Security Council. Officials in Washington want to disrupt Pyongyang’s
nuclear ambitions and tighten financial sanctions on the regime. Kim Hyun-bin reportsLawmakers in Congress
tried to figure out new ways to tighten sanctions on North Korea at an open hearing in Washington
Wednesday. Commander of the U.S. Central Command, James
Mattis, confirmed North Korea and Iran were, to some degree, working together to develop
nuclear weapons. “There’s a connection. And the degree to which
that connection provides real progress for ran I cannot say in open hearing.” A proposal from Democratic Senator Robert
Menendez to ban North Korea’s nuclear expansion has already passed the Senate and has been
submitted to House of Representatives for approval. The House discussed ways to hit Pyongyang
where it hurts the most, in their pocketbook, by increasing financial sanctions on the regime. “initiative identifying and targeting the
Kim regime’s financial lifelines including its illicit sources of revenue and overseas
financial nest egg bank accounts, especially in China.” The Senate also plans to hold an additional
open hearing to tweak the Obama administration’s current North-Korea policy. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is open
to the possibility of holding talks with North Korea which has raised hopes inter-Korean
issues could be handled diplomatically. Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News

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