U.S. Open Classic Finishes: 2000

hi everyone alongside Mike Trostle I’m
Dave Giancola we’re back again for another US Open Classic finish the
hundredth US Open was played at one of the country’s most iconic courses the
incomparable Pebble Beach Golf Links it was Jack Nicklaus is forty fourth and
final US Open appearance one that represented a passing of the torch if
you will from the eighteen time major winner to the only player who seemingly
had a chance to catch him and that’s Tiger Woods yeah Dave the
2000 US Open with simply a display of dominance by Tiger he led from start to
finish and really the only drama was seeing how many scoring records he’d
break by the end of it it was domination and will join tiger on the 10th hole as
he looks to post a bogey-free final round and one of the most dominant
performances in golf history this is a great driving exhibition Jen well a US Open Championship clinic
continues for the number one player in the world
Tiger Woods seems it’s just a matter of time you son is out in full force along the
Monterey Peninsula now why wouldn’t it be Sunday in the hundredth US Open the
spotlight expected to be on Tiger Woods in a couple of hours from now to the
10th our putt for Padraig Harrington a lengthy birdie putt from up above the
hole left it well short and that will be a bogey 5 to 13 Nick Faldo for birdie on
13 we have not seen many of these Nick on the last hole missed a putt and
banged his head with his putter and then made like he had knocked himself out
he’s trying to have some fun and back to 12
Lee Westwood for birdie I should mention we’ve only seen one birdie all day and back to ten second shot
Ernie else this from 1:53 cutting right at the
flagstick oh what a beautiful shot that is easily the best shot we’ve seen today
front right hole location history at this hole it was here in 72 that
Nicklaus hit it in the hazard twice and the final round survived a double bogey
six on the way to his win and of course an 82
Watson hit it down in the hazard hacked it out on the green and made a 25 footer
for par Tigers second that’s from 125 just 150 15 to the front and just kind
of a flick of a wedge for him well after the whole toward the center
of the green what an advantage though to be able to play a wedge second shot to a
446 yard our phone and not much a one at that we talked about the history here at
the 10th that has certainly played a large part in determining the champions
in 72 and 82 Tom kite survived the hole with a par in his final round in 92 and
back then and that fateful day it was the most difficult hole on the golf
course the stroke average was four point eight nine and a nice message from his
own Beach at the Father’s Day and another message simply tiger
yesterday it was go tiger yes they feel like they don’t need to help him too
much today these beautiful aerial shots are
provided by MetLife what a spectacular sight looking down from above then let’s take a look at all the scores
in the field count your favorite player and see how he’s doing
scoring much better today conditions rather benign and ahead to the 12th olaf
a bow today the 12th hole playing 205 yards the wind left to right into the
player slightly it’s the hole location on the left center of the green all just will not stay on the green
lands just on the backside of the bunker you can appreciate how good a shot that
is 218 and a nice lockup for the local boy Bobby Clampett played with tears in his eyes and then
opening-round when he shot that 68 the hell it’s been a long time since people
were screaming Bob B Bob they must have had some problems out there because
they’re half an hour behind the group ahead of them back out to the tent tiger
woods taking a look at this putt for birdie Roger tell us about it
well downhill about 18 feet would be a quick putt we may try to move a little
right I don’t think there’s a lot of break in this putt from this angle
pretty much down the fall line of the green this looks good here sir Tiger Woods to
the 9 under par the bar string is broken well he’s now at 9-under as we look at
the lowest winning scores to par and a US Open
no one’s been lower in fact only Gil Morgan has reached double digits under
par and I came in the 92 championship staged here at Pebble Beach he got it
too high as 12 under before fading in that championship so will Tiger Woods
become just the second man in an open to reach double digits under par else now
with his for a birdie this putt can move
quickly to the left good stroke money else back-to-back
birdies but it’s perhaps a little too late with Tiger Woods making his first
to the day he moves to 9-under par has a ten stroke lead we’ll be right back with
more coverage in a moment the
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tour accuracy golf balls it’s time to James just sounds so strange to say it in a US
Open but a 10 shot lead for the leader as he stares down the fairway at the
par-4 11th and there’s no let-up but a youth acting like he’s level with Ernie
Els I mean you’d never know the difference there’s that little finger shot ray it’s
a rifle shot punch and again in good shape well if you just joined us
wondering what happened on the front nine of this final Sunday and the 100th
US Open Padraig Harrington got up to a good start the young man from Ireland
this was his second shot at the opening hole beautiful iron shot you can see here
going right at it beautiful shot he would birdie that to go to +2 so they
were scoring some birdies ahead of Tiger Woods in Venice this birdie to go to +2
also at the opening hole so it looked like there would be a pair of
international golfers putting a charge on Tiger Woods old athough bol his third
shot at the second bunch blading a sand wedge out of that rough goes to plus 3
and then Tiger Woods very sharp in the early going drove it down the fairway
second shot to this point on the opening hole hit a good putt a wiggle left
missed the birdie Tiger had a lot of birdie opportunities early at the 2nd
the long par 4 for birdie beautiful stroke here looks like it’s gonna turn
right into the center of the hole and it just flattened out also had a birdie
opportunity at the 3rd a hole where he tripled and yesterday little slower than
it looks his putt and he this right on line that one he thought he had then at
the par-5 6th we’ve seen just a variety of different shots played by Tiger was
this week after a nucular Drive watch what happens here carefully watch this
ball he’s pushed it to the right watch by the bunker and now it’s in stuff
that’s 12 inches deep which prompted him to see if he could do something Tiger
asked his fourth shot though now calmly got it there he would make par so 5 was
a very good score with the condition that Tiger was in at the 6th then he
laid it back in the fairway at the par-4 8th a little bit farther back there from
the cliffs that he would have liked in this second shot Johnny was 225 yards
it’s a 6-iron downhill he just kills it it’s going
right at the pin and it takes a very soft top that looked like it was gonna
be stiff buddy two putts that for a par he pars nine and then here on ten he
hits a good wedge in there to left of the hole safely and makes that putt for
birdie finally to break the par string and get
to 9-under and it’s not premature at all to start the coronation for Tiger Woods
with his huge lead Johnny on the back nine if he wins today of course he will
need only the British Open victory to complete a career grand slam Jack
Nicklaus was 26 years old when he accomplished that feat but at just 24
years old Tiger Woods is continued to go into unchartered territory by the time
this opens finished you’re gonna see a lot of records we’re gonna compile them
for you but it’s just amazing stuff there’s winning the four majors Jack at
age 22 and when he won the Open and then he won his second at age 23 the third
also the same age in the same year the PGA and then when he amassed the Grand
Slam was 26 years old and there is the comparative list for Tiger Woods and
it’s no secret that as a youngster Tiger Woods would put things in his room
clippings and numbers that Jack Nicklaus had achieved and when he talked about it
as a young teenager a lot of people thought he was crazy yeah now he’s out
there proving it yeah let’s shows what you can do if you really work at it and
you got the ability but in st. Andrews to be honest with you might be the
easiest course for his game of them all and so he could very well get the all
four legs of the Grand Slam by 24 okay yeah back out to the 11th and the second
shot Roger now we’ll check in with Roger in a
little while but we know that tiger hit another one right in the middle of the
fairway and you see the yardage left had a good position here you want to keep
the ball probably underneath the hole to the left just slightly full location is
just ten on and five from the right so left is definitely good don’t want to be
hitting the right and burying that lip took a real gouge a divot on that one
got another good hop off that bunker which he did in the first round so
perfectly underneath the hole oh-ho well let’s go to the 18th and Bobby Clampett
this is a birdie attempt very popular putting spot down the hill breaking
right going towards the hole top-left doesn’t go out of history here
for Clampett and he wanted that one he wanted to make that birdie make
everybody hoot and holler all the hometown fans and I think he’s probably
gonna put I mean mark this one no he doesn’t
two-time California State Amateur champion here that will tied for third
back in that 82 open of course the limelight all on the duel with Tom and
Jack second shot at 11:30 else from 133 you got to hand it to him he really
played poorly through six holes and then Jesus seven eight nine he played 100 in
birdie 10 and now got another remote chance for another birdie so it’s a good
comeback for Ellis he’s back to level for the day which is two over for the
championship but it’s gonna be too little too late it is but you know like
we said going in they almost had to have two trophies I have a Tigers trophy we
already engraved that one and then the rest of the guys are battling it out
there pretty good championship competitively if without mr. woods
sitting out there with a 10 shot lead well it’s been a more competitive NBA
Finals that’s for sure game 6 coming your way as this series continues to get
more interesting by the game Pacers and the Lakers Lakers trying to close it out
win their first NBA title since 1988 to the tee at 12 where Padraig Harrington
preparing to play club selection a 4-iron this one needs
to get up mirth if wind is sneaking back into them seen
a lot of balls in that front bunker there you see it the lie appears to be
pretty good slight on the upslope which helps you for that bunker shot over to
18 third shot for Justin Leonard just right at the bend there just close
to the hundred yard marker it’s his fourth shot he’s had problems he’s
hitting a good one there see if it spins it does not lose himself that downhill
slider so struggling a little bit here at 18 a long time since uh Justin
Leonard has won as well but he seems to be showing some signs of climbing out of
that slump he’s been in it’s been over two years since that 98 Players
Championship win I’ll tell you it doesn’t take much of a
hiccup in your game with her pudding or whatever any little slip-up and you’re
not going to be winning out there there’s only a few players in modern-day
golf that could actually play as Tiger Woods said with as be game or see game
and wind that shows that when you’re really really a gun that you don’t have
to have everything bouncing off the bunkers and making every pot inside a 15
feet and to win well I’m going to assume Johnny’s gonna consider this is a game
if it’s not that’s really scary but now from about 25 feet uphill a very slow
putt and will move a little bit to the right hardly gonna think that’s another putt
until we’ve seen all week Roger number eight and this green that guy’s just are
not getting it they’re just can’t hit it hard enough on the way up and you can’t
hit it easy enough yep help is this a makeable birdie Roger because
he would become only the second man in the history of the Open Championship to
reach double digits under par well I think he’s gonna make it down pretty
much on the same line cuz there any else he saw the putt I mean there’s no
guesswork here he knows how it breaks but how long is this putt Roger I mean
you you you you really feel he’s gonna make it I mean you’ve been feeling the
powers of Tiger Oh week haven’t you absolutely and I and I truly believe
he’s gonna hold this putt it’s about 12 foot a little over 12 feet but he can be
aggressive with look at how much he is into this putt Roger I think now I got
to I’ve got to believe you said it was present tense but I think right now he’s
trying to show that I’m gonna blow every record out of the books
thinking record book now maybe John as obviously the other part is a done deal
well all the great ones look for that edge I mean we saw it from Michael
Jordan I mean it’s not just enough to win but to take on a challenge and to
conquer it and to turn it into something that no one else is done did he hit it I’m surprised at that I
really am as slow as that but as John I’m surprised he left it short well
shows you does just what everybody else does sometimes sometimes over to the 12 where we have a menace preparing for
this birdie putt Mark Rolfing not an easy putt to judge
the pace Murph it’s about 40 feet across this 12th green there’s a double breaker
mark it’s gonna go a little bit right at first and then turn back left at the
hole and a chance I was a wonderful putt this 12th hole
only one birdie yesterday and again today one birdie Harrington earlier from
the bunker left it short I’m sure he was very
surprised that his bunker shot stopped short over to 18 and finish up with
Justin Leonard this for his par Dan we haven’t seen anybody make this putt yet
from any distance whether it’s 10 feet 15 feet 20 feet most of them have been
short Bobby Clampett hit a good putt he’s the only one I kept it high alleys
played the golf course more than any one out here in the field see if it stays up
I don’t think it is and that’s sort of like well short and right so an
unfortunate finish for Leonard bogey bogey bogey
after birdie at 15 72 for the former British Open champion
212 for Patrick Harrington’s putt for par now oh my Murph you’ll be interested to know there
is a large Irish contingent out here following Harrington and they have been
highly vocal I just can’t understand why it’s a good day for the Irish well that bunker shot no surprising
because he landed in fact on the slight downslope just over the bunker and then
you would guess would pitch right to the hole based on the shots the poor guys
have been hitting in there and bouncing over the green every time minutes now
for par maintains his hold on second place and
in this case runner-up is not bad and back up to the tee its 205 yards the the
wind is left to right into the players and I think in watching this hole as I
have bends Roger Maltbie the best place to get your direction on the wind is
back in 11th fairway well that’s true Bob back in this corner
a little secluded where the tee box its protected also by spectators to the left
so you don’t really feel that wind quite as accurately as you probably would down
in the 11th fairway and I think Johnny said it best yesterday to play this hole
really effectively this is a very common wind here a high draw you know the wind
fighting the wind will land the softest on the green this is a foreigner it’s a lot of club for him Roger
very high the center of the green I guess they threw it up really softly ah
yeah they really took a lot off of that you
218 moment ago second shot for Notah Begay the third you want to see a shot
that tiger to be impressed with check this out by note ah it’s an impossible
hole location it’s tough enough with the wedge he’s going with a 3-wood so but gay will have an eagle try from
above the hall that is some shot back to his former teammate at Stanford tiger
set to play Roger this is a 5-iron I think this might go hi ROG real I just a towering shot Johnny at the
center of the green what a beautiful looking golf shot advantage tiger or is
it wonderful when you can hit it that high and landed on that green that
softly and I think it’s very obvious that’s why mr. Woods is where he is you well as you look at the recent scoring
averages in the last six US Opens including this one at Pebble Beach you
see the scoring average through three rounds here at Pebble Beach it continues
the trend Johnny it’s getting that tougher and tougher to play in an open
you know it’s interesting I think the USGA has got this set up down to an art
form they’re doing it in a way that is fair but it’s it’s beguiling it’s it’s
really fair but it’s tough and the courses really are set up great they’re
just uniformly great miners had the shoulder e greens that were impossible
Pebble Beach course it was armed with whether a couple days and the bottom
line is each one brings its own little challenge there without Tiger Woods
everybody would be fighting just to get back to even par which I guess is the
real the real goal for the open you can’t Tiger proof anything right now but
shouldn’t maybe don’t have any holes out there didn’t make the hole smaller than
Falls about the only way this putt doesn’t break a lot to the left but it
does break all the way one of the very few to leave that putt
significantly short and not happy with himself now we’re gonna get a chance to see how
much local knowledge Tiger has because every putt today has been to the right
of the hole the pole is to the ocean Roger it is as is usually the case here
at Pebble and the first part of the putt certainly gives the impression that it
wants to move a little left but once in the area of the hole it’ll straighten up
and maybe even drift back to the right so it’s a real illusion here Bob you heard him skin left early
confirming with Steve that that’s what he’s seen Oh oh it’s interesting how a caddy like
Steve can can help a player of Tigers caliber usually it’s on the order of
confirmation of what the player is thinking what his first idea is and you
know Tigers have this putt many times here it’s a tough read isn’t a Roger for
anybody but really it’s a putt that has to be remembered
you get it outside the hole if I remember right that second half does not
move left correct oh my goodness
double digits are there any questions the tiger knew
exactly what that pug did the second birdie today the demand on his way to
win it all double figures gentlemen we see the most strokes under par at any
point in the US Open Gil Morgan here at Pebble in 92 and there’s Tiger only a
couple of shots behind that I certainly don’t doubt he can make a couple more
well in the next six holes five of them are birdie holes in this kind of weather
form Roger so he got really really through the stern test which was 8 9 10
11 12 Earnie now for his bar I had a good stroke there tell another
look at Tigers putt here the quizzical part is that it does break to the left
in the top of the putt you see that but now look straightens out and goes right
in the bottom wonderful wonderful touch from another
angle what’s the gallery what’s the crowds they love it largest winning margin in
the US Open Willie Smith Jim Barnes Willie Smith 11
that’s where Tiger is right now that’s back when there were there about 11 guys
in the field 18 Willie 99 8 of his buddies yeah so he could beat them all
there is the historic figure double digits under par for just the second
time in an Open as we pick up the action again at the
13th I think it’s time to start letting the big gun go want to avoid the bunkers
on the right you can play out of the bunker on the left that looks like it’s
left well we can see some golf ball and
that’s the first drive that I recollect these missed today get it right there in
round number one remember he muscled it out on the green ahead to the 13th him
and this for his birdie Mark Rolfing big sweeper to the right
this was a very poor second shot to play it back to hear from just 130 forward to 18 this on tape
you saw the beautiful 3-wood which bounced off the right rough to set up
Notah Begay for Eagle see if he can read a right everybody’s missing it right and
close to picking up a second eagle at 18 and open history here at pebble taps in
for his par actually for his birdie in the round of 73 today for big a pretty
consistent player right there well without Tiger on top of this leaderboard
here at the US Open it looks like the Volvo Masters Sutphin up the top nine
are not Americans with Tiger it looks like the douche Bank open amazing stuff
at Pebble you well this a moment ago a third shot for
Retief Goosen at the par-5 18th we talked about Eagle history an 18 just
watched it again in an open just the second eagle at 18 at Pebble Beach in
the national championship caps off a nice day for Retief Goosen finishes at
+8 round of 71 because he birdied the 17th as well 3-under in the last two
here Johnny not bad that’s great stuff he’s three over for the day going into
17 back over to 13 and Ernie else a wonderful Drive Roger split the center
of the fairway now from 117 yards 111 front I would imagine you haven’t seen a
lot of balls on the front of this green short of the hole either you’re short of
the green or long probably huh actually if the ball lands two or three yards
short of the surface Roger it does not get on the green that’s mini balls close of course
that’s a beauty that’s a beauty tiger missed it left but
he has the correct angle Roger he sure hasn’t he’s drawn a very good line in
this left rough that rough supporting the balls not bad at all 102 to the hole Santa Anas ball going all right at the
flagstick literally happening is this really
happening placing gob young man this is fun to watch Earnie else just has to smile and say
nice shot I finally hit one close to the hole and what does Tiger do knocks it
inside well inches closer to 11-under par you take a look at the lowest US
Open scores total 72 holes Jack and Lee Jansen with the record Tiger needs to
get to 12-under to tie this total and 13 under to break it so after he gets that
birdie in to get to 11-under he will be just one more score under par one more
birdie left to to tie it so we continue to try and keep pace with Tigers
record-breaking play it’s got our statisticians Gil Capps and John
Goldstein here working overtime we’re the only ones that can keep pace with
anything he’s doing the players are having real trouble with him well on the
way up the fairway Ernie else looked over at me with a smile and just kind of
threw his hands up in here and shrugged like what are you gonna do it’s not hard to believe that Ernie’s
not distracted either with the fact that he must know that open history is being
made he’s won a couple of these championships himself well the lead is now 12 as Tiger Woods
moves closer to being crowned the 100th the United States Open champion at
Pebble Beach Golf Course which he first came to as a young teenager 13 years old
to drive up from Southern California where he grew up
fell in love with it the minute he saw it and he has fallen in love with it
even more this week driving has been a big key for Tiger Woods today as we take
a look at the par-5 14th you can see this great par-5 is the longest fall on
the golf course 573 yards you can see from yesterday where he’s hit it of
course made birdie and that was round three knocked it on the green with an
iron knocked it on the green with an iron in round three two perfect shots Miguel on Helda Menace the closest
pursuer at +1 12 back for his second mark from the intermediate rough on the
right-hand side just laying it up these two players were on the 14th tee when
Tiger hit that shot and they knew exactly what had happened they didn’t
know he had played it from the left-hand rough but they obviously could tell he
hit it close everybody’s shaking their heads out here right now
well again reminiscent of the Masters run away in 97 he won by an even 12 can
he make this a bigger win at the US Open as we shift over to the 18th and pickup Freddie couples is third shot
to this par 5 chance for a birdie finish for Fred back
over to the par-5 14th Padraig Harrington going over the yardage he’s
been standing there holding his driver he’s got 290 yards to the hole not sure
what he was thinking I didn’t see any chance of getting the ball on the green
and anything just 20 or 30 yards short of this green is pretty much dead isn’t
it Johnny it is if especially if you’re not prepared to risk the chance of
dumping it in the bunker you know if you want to try that it’s not impossible to
hit that shot but it’s easier to hit a full wedge that’s that’s the point
it’s tempting though not an easy layup is it Marc now I
landed it in the right intermediate rough and it’s back in the center of the
fairway the ground is sloping so strongly from right to left you play a
draw you almost have to land it in the edge of the rough to keep it in the
fairway and back over to 18 see if couples can make it a birdie finish
pretty nice up-and-down for couples plus nine for the championship round of 73
today always a fan favorite but today in the
game of golf this is the favorite every time he tees it up those Tigers got a
couple good places he can line up here he could hit it at that crane hit a
towering fade he’s gonna play it straight he could sneak it by the tree
limbs but the the spot he wants to end up is over here so the big fade is good
if you if not you got to go right over this limb right there and I’ll say
that’s pretty scary Bailey’s teed up on the extreme left
hand portion of the tea John usually when a guy tries to cut it he’s on the
right side but here it’s such a dogleg as you say and that tree is such a
factor he’s all the way in the left but yesterday he elected to play the big
slider to the right and I would assume that’s what we’ll do today give it a
little room left of that tree and not flirt with it so much the wind as little
as it is going left to right yes we started this ball well left it is
cutting but I don’t know on that line if it’ll stay in the fairway with his like
yeah I didn’t even roll try it on the left center right here perfect good look
at this par 5 back up to the hill return here in a moment
now to 15 second shot for Jose Maria Olazabal 136 yards to this back-right
hole location we have seen very few shots close to
this hole it should drift back and filter down but
leave a very quick foot team anything else when he else good-looking tee shot they’ll almost get it out to tiger as
close as he’s been now third shot for Jimenez back out into the fairway mark
one of the toughest third shots I believe in golf on a par-5 Johnny 114
yards in the fairway but hole location right behind that bunker
well you can’t hit it here oops a little late there John
can’t hit at 12 feet left and you can’t really hit it more in about 14 feet
right it’s like a Pinehurst shot isn’t it it really is that’s how it’s a lot
easier calling shots for Harrington in Hindman is than it is for Woods because
back there you have to worry about saying it’s a tough shot he’ll make you
look bad this is short well it was the third option you don’t
want to do and that bunker can bury and it is so deep I mean the bunker must be
what mark eight nine ten feet deep it is and of course the USGA has softened up
the sand just a little bit in these bunkers that’s their theory now they
want to make it a little more of a penalty and his ball is sitting just
slightly down Harrington now has 89 yards perfect shots about three feet
right of the hole and it will kick left slightly and spin the left want to be
real technical about it this one a lot higher than the one him
and that’s shot but again a huge bounce all nose all night east and the green Padraig Harrington one of the few who
had hopes of catching Tiger Woods but that was a long time ago you the
100 US open is brought to you by lincoln american luxury by Titleist the
number-one ball in golf by mass Mutual Financial Group visit us on the web at what a pleasure it has been to be
situated next to some of the most picturesque real estate in the world yep
and it puts you in a good mood of appreciation for a lot of things back
over to the par-5 14th this is harrington coming up mark he’s
got the putter shot we saw a lot last year at Pinehurst it’s his fourth shot
rolling by so a lot of work left for Harrington to remain at +4 earlier also
at this par 5 from that big bunker Jimenez is fourth very good bunker
player this whole short game it’s just I tastes as good as anybody’s almost he
couldn’t cut and he’s good around the greens and he seems to be fairly
fearless it’s got the mentality to win a major someday
yeah US Open it could happen yeah you know maybe now entire game but 15 that’s
the birdie putt for Phil Mickelson and yes finally first one of the day six now for the championship back to 14
this little green the co-designers of Pebble Beach for Jack Neville and
Douglas grant but the man that designed this green at 14 were that two-tiered
green as you take a look at it was a well-known artist by the name of Francis
McComas he made some other changes along the Pebble Beach Golf Links but this was
really the most notable that huge slope going back down toward the front of the
green only an artist could come up with that version tell you Dan the Sun is
really starting to bake this 14th green out – it’s got a different tint than the
other ones very firm up here on top of them see
that strong left-hand grip with that palm up now this was a little left nice par save by Harrington plus one on
his round today did you take a look at some of the other scores in this 100th
US Open by the way as the scores roll by it’s
probably worth noting that for the second year in a row
vijay singh shoots the low final round at a US Open is 68 today for the Masters
champion to finish +7 final around 69 last year at Pinehurst also propelled
him up the leaderboard into a tie for third tyke tiger might grab it away from
here true nice sandy good far and the 14th green
cleared for the final group of the day dirty house now 286 yards to the hole
268 yards to the front edge and I Drive around off the deck now that Miss birdy in the last hole did
not help us cause he’s too behind a menace Seagal out there and front of Ernie to
playing a cut shot Roger that’s not cutting though Johnny it is
headed at that bunker front left he hopes that gets in now he’s okay I don’t
know if he can hit the green from there Roger well Tiger now 281 to the hole 263
to the front edge he’s got an iron but I can’t believe he’s trying to knock it on
the green from here with an iron this is got to be somewhat of a layup it is just putting the ball down the
fairway on the left-hand side it’ll be validated when he hits his shot then
walks up and sees what else has left himself with that part of Tiger Woods
game which just seems to get better the mental side more specifically the
managing of the golf course I mean there was a time in his career we just get out
and rip it as high as far and as long as he possibly could but Johnny as he
matures and again he’s only 24 years old he just seems to work on and get better
at just every single phase of the game well let’s update our Tiger record board
golfers to win three different USGA championships and he’s already won the
ammeter he’s already won the junior so now he’s trying for a third different
one Tiger would become the first player to win the US Junior the US Amateur and
the US Open I guess he does have to wait Johnny until he’s a fifty to win the
Senior Open I would think so yeah no special exemptions there we’ll be
waiting for that once again special thanks to the folks
at MetLife and the blip looking down through just some scattered high clouds
in the Pebble Beach area placid conditions here very calm it was a
scoring day if Tiger was going to get that record he needed a day different
than yesterday I’m not saying he couldn’t have done it yesterday but it
would have been really special then but this is a great day for the galleries
everybody’s enjoying it my sunshine sure weather shirtsleeves
weather and pebble is showing off again with a 12 shot lead you see the huge
galleries as you take a look at Tigers scorecard today powering the front nine
out in 35 and then he began to light it up I really believe that this is almost
according to game plan I think the front nine was supposed to be very
conservative so to see where he’s at he needed to do something he had put it
down a little bit and as soon as he cleared the first nine holes it was like
get the good Drive at 10 and let’s go to it 21 holes without a bogey and now set
up for his third touch 84 yards left to the hole I’m sure this would just be his
lob wedge John little close to get to the green to really get a lot of spin on
it from here you can do it just play it forward you can just be a little lazy on
this one keep it just right of the hole I need to get it all no
maybe just a shade no this is real good perfectly right underneath the hole so
chance for his fourth Kruti on this front and IR this back nine check-in at
16 second shot for a Jose Maria Olazabal left-hand rough we can see a little bit
little ball which it’s not always the case there 167 yards down the hill the screen has been varied from
laughs shots from the rough hard to hold and I know it’s the deep rough on the
right hits I didn’t tell by his reaction he knows that is not good
update een and another player in the rough everybody working out of the thick
stuff everybody except tiger it seems yeah in
this group also many many minutes behind Duval and Faldo which is not overly
surprising it seemed like a long long time ago at Nick Faldo was the best in
the world especially with the way Tiger Woods has taken the globe by storm
aldo was a was literally his game was groomed to win majors and he did just
that didn’t win a lot of other tournaments at 136 yards I’m not
positive he wasn’t in the hazard but I think he might have been a right
he said he’s played pretty well today Johnny it looked like he has through the
first three rounds he’s hit a lot of greens really hasn’t made many putts he
said he got a flyer there yes he did at the 17th that beautiful par-3 back right
out into the bay Lee Westwood with a big to iron a lot of right
shoulder in that see if it comes back might be right the way finish but you’ll
see trying to get a little more into it 15 min as a second shot on the way 126
yards he’s pulled it just left of the flag good distance back to 14 and Ernie
else is third let’s see how he does out of this with no spin see if you can keep
it on the green I said no yeah pretty I will call it a time Tiger Woods so accurate not only long
but so accurate with his driver this earlier today is tee shot at the par-4
2nd a hole that you just have to get into the fairway that’s a 484 yard
conferred at the par 5 to 4 notice on these swings how he synchronizes his
fast body move with a fast arm move also all synchronized so it works that torque
at the par-5 6th and that’s where he gets a speed by the way it’s that fast
torso movement just notice how much quicker he is with his body wound and at
the 9th it’s just amazing that that much
leverage that much torque that much clubhead speed remains control
didn’t always used to be as controlled as it is today but it’s good this is a
10 it’s 75% of the Faroes this weekend as we said at the top of the show
averaging number one off the tee in length 300 yard average and today might
even be more yard lethal par-5 14th now the swings looked identical and they all
produce the same result long deep in the middle well a chance
for sabor history here birdie attempt Roger at 14 here chance to match Gil
Morgan as the only man to get 12 under in a US Open this certainly very makable
as Johnny said on the proper side of the hole
fighting uphill slightly shouldn’t leave odors right Ernie else is already too
putted and made his par 5 here but you say inside the cup on the left
should try to speak a little bit to the right maybe left edge
I think it’s a good read I played it inside the hole it’s a it’s a putt that
he gets it flush it’s not going to do a lot till the last six inches this has going down also right you’d
have to think yet in request history by Tiger Woods
12-under and an open what a back nine he’s Avenue Roger just every shot is
just right where you want it John four birdies and five holes on this back nine
at Pebble Beach and the US Open let’s check in with our record tote board
it matches Gil Morgan most most strokes under par at any point and of course
Morgan finished it plus five that year let’s take a look at that firm stroke
did he hit keep it from breaking this ball really didn’t do hardly anything
look at how it comes off rolling he said earlier in the week he didn’t like the
way the ball was coming off the clubface and he hit that so solidly hit it played
it inside left like Roger read it and that thing just went in right inside
left it just dominated the break and this really I think is the easiest hole
in the back nine it’s just a beat without those trees that were lost on
the left Roger this this is sort of for the plucking so to speak and he’s he
could hit a driver but he’s gonna go with that
two iron that you like to call what was that again the stinger stinger and once
that tree came down it took out the fear factor and the drive in this hole yeah I
was through three rounds it has ranked as the third easiest hole on the golf
course let’s do it anymore I’ll Gary no it
really isn’t John the only thing you cannot see the actual fairway from the
tee so you have to just pick out a point that you want to try to aim at but
certainly you can take it down the left side now where you could not before it’s going right a shot is going a
little to the right give me a lot he thinks it’s gonna be in the rough it is
and it is sitting up everything seems to be going right I’ll tell you Gary’s
walking off this 14th green he looked more focused than he has all day to me
18 and that’s a man with a 13 shot lead now at the par 5 fouled over par where
do you think this would go Danny after watching it all day well it’s
gonna go short Johnny and it’s gonna go right there you go you’ve been listening but here’s the best putter in the
championship we’ll see if he can overcome that wait a minute
wait a minute somebody got it they’ll never know who was putting best this
week on as
at a top ten in a major for years since the British Open in 96
but he’ll finish in the top 15 and this open and sharing a return next year at
Southern Hills so the grind continues for Nick Faldo to get it all the way
back and tonight for eight he had to take that unusual putter to bed with him
I can tell you that at 17 we saw the tee shot of Lee Westwood to the par-3 17th
is his second let it go nice little bump perfect sound this would save his par to
remain at plus 5 and 18 Duvall for par so one by one some of the top players in
the world finish their open at Pebble Beach long way away from
your words have all tied for 10th it’s the third straight top ten just posted the historic 12-under for
Tiger Woods and the appreciative crowd here at 18 recognizing another birdie
they have been waiting for Tiger a long time they’re about to get them as the
100th US Open champion there’s the scene at historic 18 well Tiger is definitely
not put the drive where you want it with this hole location Nigeria no not at all
John virtually impossible for him to go right at the hole at least I would think
it would be the course there’s been some other things that I thought were
impossible for him to do but this back-right hole location you really do
ideally want to be on the left side or even the left rough it makes birdie from
there that might be one of those best birdies of the week I do believe Tiger
right now it does know about the 272 what do you think Gary oh I don’t think
there’s any question John he’s talked to us before about the history of the game
and how much he follows it and knows about it and you better believe that he
knows what the lowest score ever shot in an Open Championship is it’s amazing
Gary the detail of the statistics and the historical information that he
stores in that 24 year old mind I mean this is a guy that’s been reading the
history books for years and years and years not only practicing and practicing
but just seeing where the real measuring bars are well it’s interesting Dan I’ve
heard that he has a lot of old footage of old major championships and it
actually goes and watches those just to see what the great players used to do
and how they used to do it that’s a pretty nice lie dead down grain sitting
up Roger is it as good as it looks
it is a pretty good lie of course now it’s a bit of a flier so I would think
he’d be looking just trying to get this ball into the center of the green maybe
landing a little short and trundle it on biggest worry here would be of course
knocking into law but I agree with you fellas I think you know he’s gotten
business done he’s handle himself and right now he’s playing against himself I
think there’s a different look on his face since he birdied 13 and now it’s
like the the game is on and I really think that he’s got his eyes firmly set
on the all-time records and just waiting as the players clear
the 16th tee and walk directly behind 15 this was the hole that Tiger Woods made
an eagle earlier this year the 80 with the way that’s probably one thing this down from 150 yards it’s a pitching
wedge it’s going just left of the hole they
say the green if it’ll hold it should come back a little bit
that’s I really have very good shot Gary that’s right where he had to try to put
the ball in the correct a level of the green a lengthy putt but position very
acceptable the holes would be next apply under 15 yards pretty good angle he can
try to get this close but is that green taking one hop and stopping or is it
spinning back in that back reg well it just depends where exactly the ball
lands Roger if it lands just short it will catch that Ridge and come back most
would have carried up on top I’ve had a hard time holding it there I’ll spin back Tiger Woods 12-under par
in the final round of the hundredth US Open how many records will he said back to the Tiger Woods show here at the
15th green with yet another putt for a birdie Roger I know this one certainly
from the proper side of the hole about 25 feet uphill will turn hard to the
right at the end of its course those players from this position a have not
hit the putt firmly enough and B have not played enough break it was tracking I tell you you knows
exactly what that score is he needs to break because he is really grinding
really focused head to 18 where Tiger will be headed in
a little while now the third shot for John Huston who is currently tied for
fourth in the race behind tiger that was let it go and now I have to
leave Westwood not to lie you want to this front right hole location if you
want to stop it quickly I think it almost can’t stop the hole hi listen
just barely clears the bunker back to 15
birdie putt for Ernie else up the hill big swing left another slow putt it’s not been his day heading off the 30
or 40 yards to the 16th tee 403 yard dog leg right powerful put the green at 16
third shot for Padraig Harrington difficult one out of the bunker front
right all that it’s really well done see cuts on this hole might get that close Tiger Woods
Roger ideally you just want to get the ball down there about 230 yards keep it
up on top of the plateau absolutely right there’s no three here in for tiger
I think it’s the right club that’s where the fair we really has had its widest
certainly the safest shot to play a little bit of an awkward tee shot for a
lot of players today I guess what when there has been a err was coming across a
little bit to the right players have only been able to hit this fairway fifty
six percent of the time quite surprising on a hole where most are using irons or
fairway woods now this now going just slightly to the
right in the intermediate cut of rod but it will leave a very good angle to
attack this back left hole location administered shot I played back on the tee or anything
else and this gonna be a good shot on the
right center of the fairway beautiful scene here at the Pebble Beach Golf
Links at will Beach California Tiger Woods is putting on a clinic or under
par in the final round and how about that sorry dad I had to see Tiger well I
don’t blame you we’re all glad we’re here to see it too
it’s something to watch beautiful shots from above down at
Pebble Beach at the 16th Tiger Woods getting ready
for a second shot roger has 172 to the hole 153 from the edge and that’s got to
be the yardage he’s looking at because this ball although in the intermediate
cut has settled down a little bit this move is gonna be a little tougher to
spin I think be interesting to see if he can control the distance coming out of
that intermediate cut that ik that the ball carries landed in the front third
of the green it’s got a chance to chase right back to the hole by this ball jump big-time big-time this
is out of here perfect live once again it appears of
the ball sitting up while we were away this was him
innocence par putt here at 16 main it won’t over and in second place
that’s a great up-and-down now back there anything else in the
fairway listen uh 171 yards in that ball Tigers
I’m sure you landed on the front of the green so he carried the ball a good 30
yards further he caught one or two and lucky didn’t hit hard I thought it was
gonna take one bounce and go right over at the photographers and back of the
green get up looks like the winds holding back
a little now it does pitch forward Roger and just trickles off the green but
actually a pretty good position to putt further up the hill up to 18 in Houston
for par and a round of 74 John tied for 4th
currently at the +4 position tied with Padraig Harrington for the moment the
best US Open finish in the career at Houston March down the hill to the 16th green which will be left with another
challenging up-and-down opportunity it appears as though the ball is sitting
pretty well he’s not going to have a lot of green to work with we’ll be running
away from him it’s been a remarkable performance done
Johnny everything you could imagine driven the ball well good iron shots
great putting tremendous short game I totally agree it’s just it’s been a
clinic in perfection in almost every category of the game including his short
irons which a lot of people including myself have critiqued a little bit but
he’s had good distance control except for this shot we just saw and composers
been pretty darn good a couple little hiccups but very good I think the fun thing about watching
Tiger and you guys have mentioned is that when we get to see X number of
shots per day that nobody else can hit that’s what makes it a treat if you’re
really a golf nut is to see a guy play shots that you know no one else can do Tigers mother Tita anxiously from the
gallery and according to people who know her
maybe more driven than tiger I’m sure she’s been there for a long time for him
and like most moms probably transported him all over the place when he was
playing golf as a youngster Roger you close by yes I am and it’s not a very
good live this the area where everybody walks off the green he’s looking left
all sitting down John the grass is kind of twisted it’s not real deep but the
ball is sitting down very tough to control here bunker shot
that’s what I’m looking at right now dead hands one of the few times you really just
kind of hit it in the spotty couldn’t do much with it was he trying to throw away
left Gary I think solve it dead and then trickle right trying to get it to
utilize the slope in the green John I think the other thing at least by going
that far left he makes sure he kind of leaves himself an uphill putt well else’s got sort of a tournament
championship within a championship with Jimenez – behind Jimenez right now he
needs his birdie putt he looks will go to 17 the second shot
from the Bucer marquis in second place got a good lie in the bunker plenty of
green to work with shouldn’t be much of a problem a moment a 2-shot lead over Ernie else
it occupies the third spot by himself back to 16
he’ll birdie putt for Ernie else about 18 feet uphill putt should do a lot my
try go a little left Roger he has just not had the speed very
figured out very well today has he yes not most of them have come up short just
there’s been the alternative like yes or he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in
their stroke right now well you got to know Gary how badly he wants this buck
don’t you yeah I I’m sure he will grind on it see him they’re trying to just
picture the line feel the speed and that would be what I would call this putt a
speed puttan it definitely will move left
how much depend on how firmly had struck we talked about the scoring record the
lowest score ever shot in the open to 72 he has a little pace to tie that right
now if he were to par in first he does have the 18th hole the par 5 which he
can certainly reach in two so this a huge foot might be noted that this golf course
especially with two windy days is an awful lot tougher than ball of straw
ever thought up being so it just doesn’t show on paper oh goodness you see that a look of
determination when that ball Tiger Woods moves to the 17th he’s got
the record in his sights this is for every father who knows the
joy of seeing his child follow in his spike marks the finest golfers in the world have
gathered at the storied Pebble Beach Golf Links for the 100th US Open now you
too can own a piece of golf history call 1-800 – 9 8 2200 and order the USGS
official highlight video a collector’s item that golfers will treasure forever beguiling hell mementos for par at 17 second
good luck shot so now his lead over Ernie else for second just one he’s been very impressive he really has
all week long he’s just such a tough competitor this minute by the way Tigers
lead just was up to 14 shots Tiger getting ready to hit at the par-3
17th here’s another look at the focused eyes of Tiger Woods so heared into that
cave at 16 look at this wow cool this one look right now is a great look like
look at that boy now on the tee at the storied 17th where we’ve been champions
before him 72 82 didn’t have near the cushion that
this young man has 215 yards all locations way over here it’s hard to see
it that’s why I’m marking it Roger this is a 4-iron John he’s pulled
this ball it’s going just slightly left for the green not a bad spot a minute
was right there and that could be an uphill little bunker shot and he
honestly they shouldn’t be much trouble for him but not where he wanted it he’s
starting to sort of yeah I didn’t go in the ocean I’m okay club selection at 17 the only man to hit
a four iron wanting a club also Roger it would have been well into the green
really kept fighting it down he just got started a little too far left pretty big
shot for Ernie definitely take a knee mat the whole
Roger he’s not even right 300 here John and this is a good-looking
shot well this is now turning just slightly left at the left edge of the
green and that comes up short as well it might be literally touching wooden ball
look like from when it entered the bunker can’t see it look at that bicep
on his left arm I mean Tiger Woods has proved to us that this game is more of
just about talent and mind I mean he pretty much got everybody all the top
players in the world working out it was Tiger Johnny that would get up at 6:00
in the morning still does and prove that you could get up lift weights the day
you played a round of golf today you played a very important of golf he’s the
guy that was proving to us that I may have the talent you have the mind but
I’m gonna make myself better this guy bench presses 300 plus pounds with his strength around the board has
been in full view at Pebble Beach this week not a lot of fear in this guy it’s been rumoured that the only theory
has–is marriage and kids if the feeling this wasn’t an open as
you look at voltina who he draws a lot of that mental strength from she still
takes Tiger to a Buddhist temple once a year and Tiger says he uses those Far
East philosophies a lot on the golf course and has been using them since he
was a very young child so his father Earl got him going with the golf clubs
got him going with the physical portion of the game and his mother just as
instrumental with the way he’s able to focus in all those mental powers which
are already legendary in twenty four there’s no doubt about it that the
shaping of parents good parents on children is the difference between great
citizens great champions and those that struggle so I give a lot of credit to
Earl Woods for his positiveness Tiger the affirmations of greatness the
putting him in position to really achieve and grooming him and doesn’t
always get all the credit he deserves but Earl has been a tremendous force
along with his mother look at the graphic tiger at the par
threes are forest par fives similar story 24 consecutive holes by the way
without a bogey as you look at his position in the bunker at 17 this is not
a good break right here he’s just got enough where it went slightly on the
downslope by Roger and he’s gonna be tough to stop it it did it’s a little
below his feet as well so this will make it a little tougher to stop it he’s
altitude on it he almost like playa an on purpose push he look where he’s
aiming his body and everything’s at the left edge of the green and then he’ll
sort of just push it over to the right cut that awfully good John not you were
gonna see another great drama at 17 moments passed
Wow that even pleased him Rogers thankless Watson it almost turned out to
be another I thought it was going well he set himself up perfect now watch the
birdie 18 and break all the records at the record got a look at how close this
came there’s a shot not many people could pull off Roger you can see how he
stays down on it holds that Club with that left hand flips it up and for a
minute it was looking mighty good and this is also a important shot for Ernie
it’s one behind much easier bunker shot of the two
rather hard he’ll have a good four and a half five feet left you know every once
in a while I pause Johnny in this championship and say to myself is this
really happening it’s that amazing I mean you try to think back to a single
dominant performant performance in the past and of course you can look back to
the Wayne Gretzky and hockey or Michael Jordan basketball but those are team
sports and even then emphasize it more I mean he’s just not winning these
championships he’s just destroying the rest of the people in the field it’s
gonna be a lot of stepping up that needs to be done to keep this real exciting
otherwise it’s going to be the next 10 years the Gulf War and Gulf Wars and
golfed and that you got tiger and then the rest of the golfing world trying to
beat him this wasn’t an open it was closed the second Tiger teed off but this righteous moves left off so you
can put some pace on it it’s just like you said been very tentative all day
just sort of cozying it up their putts they looked like they might go and just
have lost steam right in front of the hole break right across the guy he is
one over for the day three over for the championship just a formality the car at 17 and that
sets up the drama at the par-5 18th needs a birdie to set the all-time
scoring record in a US Open he already holds the Masters scoring record of 270
18 under par when he won that championship by 12 shots his lead now is
14 shots well Johnny does he hit driver yeah I
think for sure I you know he’s at 4-under par for the day looking at 67
he gets the driver in the fairway it’s just about a done deal that it’s gonna
be a birdie that’s something weird happens so looking at 66 today so it
would be 65 sixty nine times the 66 well wants to try to do this another way I
guess once he drove this ball here in the water please thank you the other day
that he’s just gone with the iron sense maybe once in the ocean a week is enough rip it though anyway good-looking play tiger
positioned in the fairway at 18 and while we have a moment let’s go to Jimmy
Roberts Dan thanks very much and what a week this has been the history of the
100th open the beauty of Pebble Beach there was no way it could have possibly
lived up to the expectation now maybe we wish in retrospect that the competition
had been just a little bit closer but here’s one thing you can count on years
from now if you were here or you watched it on television these will have been a
handful of days in June we won’t soon forget not well that takes some
discipline there Roger Maltbie to stand on this G looking at a record saying I’m
gonna take my power away from myself just because I want to put myself in
position to show them I can do it maybe with my wedge game and II just might his way to his third major championship
in a gallery which is since the moment for quite some time has waited a long
time for this early question will it be a new US Open scoring record and total
again needs a birdie to break the mark yeah it’s not an easy layup visit ROG it
never is well no it depends just how far you want to try to get it up the neck
and the further you try to get it up the neck the narrower it becomes and the
worse angle on that hole location absolutely if you leave it further back
and further left you’ll have a much better angle at this hole 280 yards to
the hole I’m sure he’s going to try to leave himself a shot of oh in the area
of a hundred yards and that’s just fine right in the center of the fairway up ahead here the green fourth shot 40
minutes buried this is almost impossible this is going to be an expensive whole
for him Johnny if he doesn’t get this putt down perhaps only had 77 yards for
his third shot trying to stay in second place second would be the best finish
ever by a Spaniard in the US Open something study biased arrows never did
in his prime well I might get to the point now with a small lead he has that
he can check out the water in the scenery in the wildlife he said that traditional Sunday read
victory shirt on all day long now it’s just a matter of time before he gets
crowned an open champion for the first time pay what it might have just hit him
Roger and Dan just might have just hit him well but of what he’s just about to
accomplish if they can hit you standing outside thereby along the cliffs of
Pebble Beach is as beautiful as spot as you can imagine there’s nothing more
treasure than the US Open when it’s the hardest to wind it’s a grind mentally it
when you do it you’ve heard from the other champions what it feels like and I
think right now it’s finally sinking in up ahead Roderick Harrington for birdie to get to +4 to get into a tie for fourth the moment that’s to come on some of the
photographers hustling to try to get position for the tiger coronation now
he’ll be back next year in the open with his finish here never in history of so many people from
Great Britain in the Europe played so well in this championship it’s almost a
signal say to him that the European tour is closing ranks with the US tour I
think really yes I believe that for a time the all the talk was about about
all the young talented Americans the Justin Leonard’s the David Duval’s of
course to Tiger Woods you just got to be impressed and this is gonna give more
sort of opening in their mind that hey we can do this championship also Johnny
I’m impressed at this stage and how tough some of these European players are
particularly a guy like him and is really doesn’t seem to fear any shot and
can shake off a bad shot or a bad hole they are grinders and for years they
were very comfortable at the Masters thanks to seve and the boys but in Faldo
they are tough but not the best today no I mean we’re not taking it away hi tiger got quite a bit of breaks if you hit it
hard enough looks pretty good the few that even looked like it had a chance
but disappointing bogey bogey finished for Jimenez 71 Tigers the
fifteen shots Darington for par so the green at 18 is finally cleared and everything else now tied for second
is gonna give it a go out there Raj from 246 yards 235 to the fine edge no question he can get it there definitely even added Roger he’s not
even right look come off they came off a little bit
Janet’s headed at the bunker the right side of the bunker in front catches the
tree and drops back in in front of that bunker if not a lot of green to work
with and you can see where that ball went in is a real lush patch very thick
well we’ve been digging up the records in this championship but perhaps the
most impressive is going to be the record margin of victory for any major
championship before today it was 13 shot victory in the British Open back in 1862
by Old Tom Morris a hundred and thirty-eight years ago in just the third
British Open played but it even further perspective golf
hadn’t even begun in this country back then well for years they said it never
be that another dominant player like the likes of even Watson of course Nicklaus
and the players great players of the past but he’s here and it’s now well
Roger where we have 123 yards left to the hole John and this is well not a
full pitching wedge for him just a nice it’s just butter feeling it’s not a bad wind direction for this
whole location it’s blowing a little into and to the right getting it right
at the pin and come down softly shot a little left of the hole needs to
get down a little bit looks like they’ll have a crack at another record I let the tiger woods’ coronation begin
officially in front of the fans at 18 36-hole scoring record tied earlier
54-hole score to par record 36-hole lead biggest ever 54-hole lead that biggest
ever 72-hole lead the best 72 ol score to par ties other champions as being a
wire-to-wire finisher there’s still one record left at 18 be
interesting to see this live Ernie ELLs a ricocheted off the tree and came in
backwards the accordingly the way the shot is going to be played sometimes
those are the worst lies Roger can you see that lie by for the l’s ball well
it’s really thick Jim that’s kind of gone over it but it is running a little
bit with him so not all not all that bad but for this shot obviously it’s just
not going to give him a whole lot I think you’d have much rather been in
the bunker now the gallery is pretty excited right now I’ll Roger yeah it’s
at that stage I think the one who forgot her to finish this off maybe set a
record what’s Ernie doing heard me that’s Ernie
doing he’s looking for a ruling maybe he’s
truancy instead thinking senator may have
stepped on his Hall the nearest to place David day okay
I just heard Trey say we’re going to recreate which means the following that
somebody must have stepped on his ball and altered his lie and what Trey is
walking him through now is recreating as nearly as possible the original lie well now I’m on the other side of the
green Johnny so I have no idea how good is lie is now it’s not good you know
like I said when you hit something I don’t ricochets backwards you know a lot
of times it’ll enter burrow itself sort of under the direction it’s the opposite
way and then now you got to hit it from out out of that and then it looked like
it probably did get stepped on because it was really pressed down guys got to
play that little either a lazy sort of flop shot or possibly that lazy bunker
shot he’s gonna dump it in the bunker though is that gonna be outside Tiger Roger
well it looks like it might be John yes I’m sure he’ll probably play and clear
the way for Tiger there is a look at the ninth ranked player in the world Ernie
else with a top ranked player in the world and the final group at the US Open
and he didn’t even look like he was in the same league like I said in the
beginning of the show it just appeared to me that Tiger played unbelievably
well but the rest of the field nobody played well you know we talked about
maybe Clampett for a while and but the rest of the guys if you ask any of them
maybe menís played well but Houston had a good championship but really the guns
the Col Montgomery’s of the world the Vols of the world just played so so
so big fight for Ernie else trying to finish second by himself and I think
this putt at Ronnies Johnny will give Tiger a lot of information here as a
rule this putt seems to break much more to the right than most people think it
does yeah we’ve been watching it all day Roger and it’s the big thing is that
people are leaving it basically shortened right not just right here’s to be quicker than it is whereas Ernie’s been leaving them for
too short all day else than a second in the masters and
now he’s going to finish tied for second on the US Open 72 well only one guy’s gonna break par this
year question is is he gonna be 12 under or
13 under and that championship trophy awaits the only player we saw all day
make this putt was Nick Faldo who was leading and putting going into the day does pretty much I think what tiger
figures a will go right about what a foot Roger yes John maybe even just a
shade more than that well he made the great par save at 16
Roger and the unbelievably good bunker shot at 17 so we might as well do 18 is
equally well is there one more record left his magic putter it just carried a little too much speed
otherwise it would have gone in you can see now it’s actually behind the hole
and a little to the right they had the right line Roger a little too hard so in
the eights this for the 272 scoring total which would tie the record record shared by Jack Nicklaus and Lee
Jansen that’s inside right edge and solid and Tiger Woods is the 100 US Open
champion in history a will

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