Twista Reacts To New Fast Rappers (Ski Mask, JID, Quadeca) | The Cosign

What up, what up? It’s your boy Twista right here. Now I’m up here at Genius and I’m gonna give
y’all my take on who I think can spit that fast flow the best these days. It wasn’t a conscious thing to rap fast. I think it was a conscious thing to be different. It’s one thing to be able to rap fast, then
it’s another thing to be able to rap fast and do it clearly. It adds on to it when you got a dope cadence
and rhythm and a little flow that go to it. Then it adds onto it even more when you talking
about something, when your subject matter is dope and you got some punchlines or meaning
to what you saying, so it’s definitely not just about the fast flow. It’s a combination of all of them. See it’s dope. I’m already in tune, you know what I’m saying? And I already know that they in tune with
my flow. When I heard they flow, I was in tune with
they flow. I actually feel like this cat is one of the
dopest rappers when it comes to doing a Twista type of style, or something that’s unique. This is one of the guys that comes the closest. Video is dope, but I’m so into the verses
and the lyrics. His fit off the chain, you know what I’m saying? Honestly, it was funny that you pulled that
one out. That’s one of the guys that I feel like the
guys that do it right. You know what I mean? I would’ve put him number one or two and be
like, “Okay, lemme see one of you niggas outdo this one.” Uh oh. Aight we gotta try to deal with the white
girl with the fast flow. Aw shit. Yeah. I’m checking out her flow, listening to it. I see she got the look and everything. And she’s switching it up, you know what I’m
saying? She know how to come with the fast flow, and
then she got other ways of doing it I hear that new swag, the new style to it
with the cadence and flow and it’s meshed in with the fast flow. And then she got a good performance, you know
what I’m saying? So, this is dope. I fucks with it. I think she fits in in rap in a place where
it’s not so focused on her looks, even though she looks good. That right there is like a breath of fresh
air as far as hearing a female spit a flow and do her thing, and it’s not focused on
her race or her gender, you know what I mean? She just killing it and she want you to see
that she dope. Y’all gotta pick some people I don’t know
or something. See, this Slump God, he killing it. I love Slump God. It ain’t fair! I like when rappers are able to take … okay,
you rap fast, but who’s gonna do it in a unique or different way. You know, [imitates Ski Mask’s Flow] he
dope as hell. That’s the homie. Rapping fast, by itself, okay, that’s one
talent, but then, now what can you do with it? Certain artists, like Ski Mask, J, with them,
I can pick up things from them. I like to hear artists that can do what I
do, but at the same time, they might hit a phrase or two that makes me be able to pick
up something and go off in the zone. You know? So, that’s dope. Okay, I’ma listen for a second, but right
off the top, I just flat out don’t like it. Now, I’ma listen for a little bit. I’ma listen now to try to give him a chance,
just right off top though, soon as I heard it … bam! I just didn’t like the shit. I don’t like how that sweater fit on his body
neither. It’s too loose off the neck and it’s hanging
around the edge a little too much. Now see, I don’t want the shorty to blow up
and then not like me, like a month or two and shit, and this is the little popping motherfucker,
I be like, “Damn!” You know what I mean? I could clearly hear that he can rap. But … nah. It’s just so corny to me. I just don’t like the shit, nah. And he fucked it up real bad with that sweater. It’s too big. I’m telling you … that’s the first thing
… I didn’t like the big ass sweater. Then the next thing I didn’t like about it
was … his raps. The next thing I didn’t like about it was
the way his body was moving when he was trying to spit his verse. He couldn’t … his shit was … he just was
… I don’t know what he was doing, so … And then last, the Oil Can Harry beat. A beat that sound like it was put together
with a few kitchen utensils, some shit out of Sanford and Son’s yard? You know what I’m
saying? Some oil can … some shit that … you grabbed
some shit to try to make a beat. I like Denzel Curry. You know what I’m saying? I’m already in tune. The first sight is a person who doesn’t care
and who’s crazy, but then when you hear and listen, you hear the genius of it. That’s dope. He got the best of both worlds, being able
to put music together the way he puts it together, but then when you see him, his visuals and
the way he comes off as a artist, it’s like, real poppin’ to me. Yeah, but Denzel just killing it. He just wild with it, spittin’ it, doing
his thing. I like his whole vibe, image, the way he come
off and his especially his music. I gotta fuck with him. And then I liked that one song, what was it?
[imitates Denzel] Yeah, that’s my shit. This is a person I will probably reach out
to to help keep the OG in the game, you know what I’m saying? “Yo, D! Come hit ya boy with one of them verses,”
you know what I’m saying? He dope. I know it when I hear it, you know what I’m
saying? He dope. I don’t know him. I have no idea who this is. I like the way he able to lay there with them
dogs barking in his fucking face like that. He really, really showing some courage right
there. Yeah, if you a rapper, you would be vibing
with this. Low budget video. And it’s pulling the energy strictly from
how he able to spit it. And see, nothing is wrong with his hoodie. What makes me like a person with this tone
is when they know how to use it. So, you can clearly tell, I think I’m listening
to a white guy rapping, but it helps to spit they flow so good, like Eminem is one of the
best at it ever. You know what I mean? So I think it’s a place and a lane for everybody
in music. And I think it constantly grows. And I think the minute that you start feeling
like somebody from the younger generation is doing something that’s wrong or this is
incorrect hip hop or incorrect … Once you get to that level, then to me, you are starting
to lose touch. Denzel Curry was my favorite one. The most lyrical one was the JID one. And the most funky one, when it come to just
that … spitting that fast flow funk to me, was the Ski Mask The Slump God video. After watching all these videos, the rapper
that gets my cosign is J.I.D. JID, I gotta give it to him. He get my co-sign. I hear a lot of rappers that do the fast rap. This is the one that sounds the dopest to
me. People got they hands full trying to fuck
with him on that. Yeah. He killing em. That’s the thing, it evens itself out. Back in the day, you didn’t have access to
the technology, but it wasn’t a lot of competition. Today, you got all the access to all the technology,
but everybody and they mama and uncles and aunties doing it. The thing I didn’t like about it was his
big ass sweater.

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