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We told the story of this quasi-state in the previous episode today we will take you to the abandoned brick factory, thanks to which Transnistria was built this place was suggested to us by Roman Fan Polszy we pass a still operating power plant over which the leader still watches we move along the border, passing the watchtower luckily no one is there, but who would want to stand in the cold and watch the border of a non-existent state We reach the gate and start the expedition Hey! Welcome on the next exploration! Continuing our journey in Transnistria, …. ..we came across the abandoned factory thanks to which this country was built -Today Roman Fan Polszy is with us – who will be our guide we invite you for an expedition 🙂 there is usually a security guard inside the bodyguard is one of the homeless people nearby sometimes he’s inside, sometimes not In case I bought gifts for him – it’s Russian vodka – universal currency, works worldwide 🙂 – opens the keys to the heart – in addition to vodka, we have other things -here is the door? – -yes.. I thought we were jumping through the gate 🙂 is that bodyguard somewhere here? we may meet the security guard in a moment, but not necessarily -is this whole bodyguard sitting here of his own free will? – the government appointed him and gives him about $ 100 a month I was just wondering if this was some local sheriff -no, but he had dogs here, luckily they are gone we’ll leave it to him anyway, I don’t need it 🙂 people are stealing this place slowly, sometimes you can come across some cars once I came across such a team, they told me that they are from protection even though I knew they were stealing scrap – they steal and take away – it’s the same in Poland -how do you like it? -you want some asbestos? – I’ll go to Chicago to pick up Asbestos – now you can go to Transnistria very impresive.. another example of what happened in post-soviet countries I’m not surprised by old people who say that it used to be better – everything worked then the last time I was traveling to Poland with my girlfriend, she was looking through the window non-stop and nudging me when she saw a factory working it looks the same as with us. But it works! : D she saw the factory for the first time because they look like this in our country.. -it was a shock for her – and can we get in there? yes you can go there – see there is a star the last time I was here, there were machines but they are gone have already been useful to someone – we did it the way we always do – I don’t want to say anything, but we had to take the radio but it stayed in the car we will scream so that you won’t be surprised except for the four of us there are 7 people in general, because our friends and family are also with us – from time to time someone may appear in the frame – there is an orange hood we go upstairs I will enter as soon as you cross the other ladder – the camera on the head has its advantages – I’d rather stick with both hands you can carry the camera in your teeth yes i can – I used to be braver, I think a man starts … – Come on …start thinking about life over the years go on the side reinforcement, it is more stable minus 5 degrees, the battery consumes like crazy Somewhere there is Kuba with Roman, and see how high this chimney is now we are on some 30 meters and behind this water is Ukraine – look – behind green Ukraine “Sorry, sorry for the girl
For the green Ukraine
Sorry, sorry, one’s heart is weeping” (Polish Folk) as you can see it’s not very stable it’s broken – go to the side – why am I going first? – because you broke forward walking around such places, I feel alive Everything is old, post-Soviet, but it works ladies and gentlemen, we’re upstairs oh how good it is concrete look at this tank, probably for some fuels -Roman, watch your feet this is what we were looking for – I’m going inside with Roman – There’s nothing here okay then we go from this side similar here we can get to the other side I have never had the opportunity to thoroughly explore this factory, because with western tourists we only did a walk around the area – they are a little afraid – and they are probably not interested in them? they are interested, but they are afraid – today you are with those who are not afraid – yes today I have a good opportunity what did you find -what’s written here? – do not switch on do not switch on – I’m shocked at how well you speak Polish – thank you very much 🙂 -There may be some documents here – they look like Soviet propaganda but these are just ordinary documents there is an interesting inscription, you can only smoke in places where it is allowed places covered by fire protection – What is this? – a sheet of materials, but show it closer i can’t translate this, it is some of these factories – here are some insulators – many of these factories were self-sufficient they made parts for the factory themselves they needed such things many factories, they were able to change their production and started making weapons – it was like that in Poland too – that was how it was throughout the Soviet Union It was also the case with us, e.g. if a company produced pots, it could easily change to the production of helmets or tank parts all the countries of the former Warsaw Pact did so therefore the quality of these products was good it was necessary because it was not known when the war could break out after all, rocks will not shoot: D -show how you take a picture wearing gloves – already presents 🙂 but it works 🙂 if something is stupid but works, it means it’s not stupid 🙂 be glad that I didn’t take the tongue of these photos we both have 3 percent batteries each, but because it’s very cold watch your legs, there are holes everywhere it’s only 30 meters down – it’s probably cement chutes it looks identical to our grain elevator videos cement or other building material was kept here and grain was kept on grain elevators let’s go inside and replace the batteries we are going to replace the battery in a moment, we turn around on the roof, we go down to the bowels of post-communism what could it be upside down in a language I don’t know it’s a nameplate, so it could be a date somewhere here -b4 type – it was made in Germany – really in German – it was made in East Germany here’s the date, but I can’t read it – but we’ll take a picture – and we’ll zoom it in 🙂 I thought it was a date but rather a type 85 kg interesting, it wasn’t written when it was done it’s strange that they usually write everything in German who is on this path, reach pielmieni 🙂 there is nothing to stand in place, batteries replaced in its heyday it had to be a huge plant but… but these glory days are like the Soviet Union, only the oldest remember it they were all corrugated metal rooms you can feel like in one of the African cities where everything is made of corrugated metal I’ve always wanted to see a country that nobody really recognizes we are in a city where people feel their national identity but nevertheless, if they want to go abroad they must have a Moldovan passport because it is officially Moldova despite having Transnistria. And those ants below are our team -very popular energy – 9% to have energy to loot scrap metal -how do we get upstairs and find the documents? – at least they were lately be careful here I trust this steel – are we going straight? – we’ll find it soon – I think there is something – I remember there was a room there in a moment I will show you a nice place namely, this window you will see why soon on the other side of the lake is Ukraine Transnistria is on this side we are on the border of both countries from the other side you can see the watchtowers on the left will be Ukraine or further Transnistria? it is still Transnistria this headland turns left here, and then there is Ukraine on the other side is a small village I won’t read it, but look at these inscriptions captions made in Cyrillic here are the numbers and here the inscriptions – I’ll go first because I have a flashlight – and I’ll shine in the face I will tell you that when I go down and I can’t see the height I’m afraid much less my face froze and it’s hard for me to speak we can compare all post-soviet countries, and see how all countries managed but there is one common element in all these huge factories giving people jobs for a long time even Roman mentioned that thanks to this factory Transnistria was built everything turned into rubble everything started raining after 89, not everything was profitable big brother was holding his paw … I can’t judge it, and it’s hard to compare capitalism and communism some car went there I wanted to compare capitalism to the planned economy everything was centralized and focused on a particular industry when the free market emerged, it couldn’t stand it all we can’t judge if it’s better or worse – Recently Roman was here a year ago –one and a half year ago then there were machines all over the hall, but they are gone now somebody made money thanks to it and thanks to that someone made money on vodka arrived, threw everything into the car and drove away as soon as possible here our factory trip ends, thanks to which Transnistria was built Thank you Roman who was our guide I hope you will come to Transnistria I hope you enjoyed it, watch our other videos, give it a thumbs up, instagram and bell and? See you on the next exploration! 🙂

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